SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 4)


Thank guys for commenting and also to silent readers for liking it.  I know this part is little bit boring but next one would be full of masti.

Sanlak and Uttara were in flight, two girls saw laksh and was taking with each other about him

1st girl ( to 2nd girl) : he is so hot yaar

2nd girl : ya, I think he would enjoy our company let’s go to him.

Sanskar was sitting on the same row but was not with laksh and Uttara

And they both went to him

1st girl( to laksh) : hey can we sit with u.

Laksh : y, am I looking like ur boyfriend, no na so plzz go.

2nd girl: how rude

And starts going from there

Sanskar saw both the girls and said : y u r going, actually he is little bit crack you can sit next to me

And both the girls sat near to him. And he flirted with the girls, during the flight. Their plane landed after five hours.

Uttara : finally we landed, now I can sleep.

Sanskar: how much do u want to sleep, during the whole flight u slept & I was able to hear it snooring till there.

And they started fighting on the road.

Laksh: now stop both of u, Uttaradont go to hostel I will drop u tommorow, let’s go to our old house, you know we all are born here in Kolkata, and after so many years it is necessary for us to bossier famous places

Uttara : really bhaiya, then we should definately go to our house .

And then sanskar calls taxi.

Screen shifts to a place where dadu goes for morning walk and time is 6: 30

Dadu ( in mind): how are the light on of this house, might be ahem hat know about I will ask him.

Screen shifts to GH at 8:00( from now onwards I will write gadodia house as gh)

Dadu had came back from morning walk. Where as shekhar had just taken bath and was getting ready. Dadi had gone to mandir, where as sumi was working in the kitchen. And swaragini were sleeping.

Shekhar: what happen bauji how u came so early everyday u come by 8:30 na

Dadu : like this only, shekhar i want to ask u something,

Shekhar: plzz say bauji

Dadu: today the lights of there was open might be they have returned.

Shekhar : y u talk about him, u know ma that I hate him, bcoz of him I lost my son and sumi’ s mother. So now it would be better that we don’t discuss about it in front of familyy

Shekhar leaves from there

Dadu : but shekhar listen to me

And dadu gets upset.

After an hour, sumi wakes up swaragini and says : plzz wake up my kids you have to go for shopping na

Swaragini: plzz 5 minutes Maa

Sumi: no beta u have to make up or else I won’t allow u to go.

Swaragini( in stress wakes up and says) : no maa, see we got up.

Swaragini gets ready and ragini starts for going by car just then

swara says : lado where are u going, we are not going by car

Ragini: no shonano we won’t go by bike.

Swara: lado plzz na, see we will not go to college by bike so plzz na

And swara drags ragini towards bike

Ragini : I don’t no y I agree what u say.

Swara: bcoz I am ur Jaan

Swara drove the bike with the high speed and ragini got scared on the other side sanlak and uttara were in car and going to mall and then they would leave for other famous places.

Ragini hold swara tightly& said : plzzz shona slow down, I m getting scared.

Swara: don’t worry when shona is here then no fear.

And they reached the same mall where sanlak also went.

Swaragini had completed their shopping and were roaming in the mall and sanlak were going to game zone.

Suddenly sanskar sees ragini and mesmerized by her beauty( I am not telling about the pairs for that u have bcoz it is triangle)and says in the mind “wow she is so different from other girls so simple, I really like her” and then laksh sees sanskar & says bhai “where are u lost”.

Sanskar gain his senses back and thinks that if he will tell him about that girl then he would not like it bcoz he would not be in favour it and says : nothing bhai lets go to game zone and uttara plzzz come fast.

After that sanlak and uttara go to other places whereas swaragini go to there house.  but it took evening to reach them their house.


Swaragini entered the house but were still fighting and then dadi asked : how much do u girls take to bring clothes and accessories and y u both always fight.

Ragini : dadi sorry, we got late bcoz of this madam.

Swara: how much do u lie, I didn’t did anything.

Ragini: ur a lier, I never lie

Swara: u r

Dadi : shona I know that ragini don’t so plzz tell me what happened

Swara: nothing dadi actually I forgot about the shortcut so we got late

Ragini: and shona…

Swara: & my bike stopped so we had to come walking

Shekhar: oh ho my darling daughters then might have got tired na.

Swaragini: yes papa.

Ragini : swara u don’t sell this bike and get a new one.

Swara: lado how can u say that u know this was gifted by all including u , so how can I through this one and get a new one, u don’t have emotions

Ragini: emotions ki bachi, I want spare u

Screen shifts to sanlak, they had dropped uttara to hostel and reached their Kolkata’ a house..

It was sanlak’s bed time where sanskar was thinking about ragini but didn’t know her name and laksh was crying and feeling ditched by his friend.screen freezes.

Precap: swaragini and sanlak meet.

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Credit to: Anjali

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