SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 34)


Swaragini entered the house with a huge smile and it was time for dinner.

Sumi : why u both girls are late.

Swaragini : Maa vo actually..

Sumi : let it be u both will give ur old excuses.come for the dinner.

Ragini : Maa actually I and sanskar had a pani puri competition so my stomach is full.

Swara coughed and ragini stamped on swara’s feet. And said in swara’s ears : tujhe badi khasi aa rahi hai. Swara said in low voice : ouch.

Sumi : ok then u come shona.

Swara smiled : Maa I am not hungry

Sumi : why, now what happened to u??

Swara : nothing Maa, just don’t want to eat.

Suddenly swara started having hiccups.

Sumi : who is missing u

Ragini : of course lucky hoga.

Swara gave an angry look to ragini and sumi gave a shockingly look.

Ragini : I mean that person might be very lucky (she stressed the word) that he got a chance to miss shona, right shona

Swara relaxed : ha right.

Its midnight, swaragini’s bedroom.

Swaragini were lying on the bed and were blushing but were not facing each other and thinking about sanlak proposal. As they turned around they saw each other blushing and they both said together : u were thinking about sanskar / laksh na.

And they both sat and laughed.

Swara : today was so important day in our life lado.

Ragini : yes shona. I never thought we would get our love in two brothers.

Swara : I am dying to meet lucky.

Ragini : me too.

Swara gave a look: y do u want to meet lucky.

Ragini : are dumbo I want to meet sanky.

Swara : oh

Ragini : let’s sleep otherwise we will get dark circles and those idiots will definately tease us.

Swara : ok my lado

And they both lied on bed as well as closed their eyes. Suddenly someone said in ragini’s ears : I love u lado.

Ragini’s eyes were still closed and she said : shona stop removing sanky’s voice.

Swara eyes were still closed : lado I am not removing sanskar s voice.

Ragini : might be I am having an halucination.

Swara : ya.

Sanskar : I love u lado.

Swara : but y I am hearing sanky’s voice.

And they both got up in hurry.

Ragini shouted : sanky tum, what are u doing here.

Sanskar : shhh, I was missing u so I came.

Ragini was checking is someone coming or not : I will come to college na tommorow , then what was the need to come here.

Sanskar : ya but it to wait for twelve hours it was not possible for me.

Ragini : u go from here.

Sanskar : see sali sahiba ur sister is so bad, her boyfriend has come to meet her taking so much risk and she has no care for him.

Swara made big eyes and said : ur punishment, u love her.

Ragini : ab tum saali jiju ka hogaya ho toh chalo sanky mere saath nahi toh Maa dekh legi.

And she was forcefully taking sanskar somewhere.

Swara thinks : wow sanky came to meet lado and see my lucky he did not even have miss me

Sanskar ( while going with ragini) : shona.

Swara : yes jiju.

Sanskar : actually lucky is trying to climb on the pipe so u go help him.

Swara smiles and goes to the balcony and sees him struggling to come up. Seeing him struggling she started laughing loudly.

Laksh saw her laughing and said : bahut hasi aa rahi hai na tumhe., ek toh bhai mujhe aise chod kar chala gaya

Swara she was still laughing.

Laksh : very funny but now plzz take me up.

Swara was still laughing. Laksh : will u stop laughing.

Swara stopped : ok baba I will pull u up.

And then she pulled him. As she was pulling him up. She got imbalance and she fall on bed. Laksh was over her and they both had an eyelock. And a near by vase falls.

Ragsan went to terrase.and their handa were in each others hands. Sanskar : why do u brought me up.

Ragini : u are such a big idiot.

Sanskar : woh toh hai bcoz I Do Ishq Only    Tumse.

Ragini : what.

Sanskar : are duffer I for I, d for do, I for Ishq, o for only and t for tumse.

Ragini : waah waah, kya baat hai.

Sanskar : thank u thank u thank u, btw why I am an idiot.

Ragini : are baba I wanted to spend time with u alone.

Sanskar : hmm it means someone was missing me.

Ragini angrily : no I was missing someone else, obviously I was missing u

And she hit his head with her hand. Sanskar : ouch, okay but why are u beating me.

Ragini : u do such works only.

Sanskar : ya that’s correct, I do such works that I should be get beaten( he says in low voice) thats y I love u.

Ragini angrily : acha, okay fine I am going. And then she starts leaving

Sanskar : are wait. I am sorry.

Ragini smiled : okay.

And then they both sat in a corner and were discussing something.

Screen shifts to swalak. Laksh got up and then swara was blushing. Laksh was also blushing. Suddenly sumi shouts from outside : shona open the door, is anyone their.

Swalak gets tensed. Swalak : oh na. And then swara was trying to hide in cupboard or behind the curtains, but then finally told him in place of ragini bcoz she was not there. He put blanket all over him.
Swara opened the door. Sumi : why u took so much time to open the door.

Swara : Maa.. vo.. I was sleeping na, what happened maa, why do u came so late.

Sumi : I heard the voice of something fallen down

Swara : haa Maa actually I was going to washroom so it fall.

Sumi : but just now u said that u were sleeping..

Swara : Maa I was sleepy thats why going to washroom that vase fall.

Sumi : okay. Gd nt then.

Swara : gd nt maa.

As sumi went swara : haash. She then went to laksh and saw him sleeping with a big smile. She too smiled and gave a kiss at his cheeks. And as she had started to go laksh holds her hand and says : what about another cheek.

Swara : u were not sleeping.

Laksh pulls swara towards him : are u mad, how can I sleep when I am with my beautiful gf.

Swara : ishh so filmy.

Laksh : ur love made me like this.

Swara : hogaya tumhara.

Laksh : btw my another cheek is desperate to feel ur lips touch.

Swara : tell him to wait till marriage.

Laksh behaved like he was talking to his cheeks and said : u heard what my shona is saying wait till marriage okay… What u can’t wait till marraige. Then he looks at swara and says : I am sorry shona this is stubborn he is not listening me.

Swara : okay fine.

Then she kissed on another cheeks and he started dancing. She started laughing and he got mesmerized seeing her.

Laksh : shona now this forehead want to touch ur lips.

Swara : no ways first cheeks then forehead then u will tell me to kiss on it lips

Laksh came close to her : I don’t mind.

She said angrily : luckyy..

Laksh : relax baba come lets play rapid fire.

Swara : okay.

And then she came and sat beside him and her hand was intertwined with his hand. Her head was relaxing on his shoulders and they talked. After sometimes they both slept.

It’s morning.ragini was sleeping on sanskar shoulder. He wakes up and gets mesmerized seeing her smiling face. He then kiss on her forehead. She wakes up and says : sanky go Maa will be coming.

Sanskar : but.

Ragini : no but and all. Plzz go.

Sanskar : but lucky.

She pushed him to go and said : I will send him.

Sanskar: okay fine I am going.

As he went ragini smiles and says : pagal

Sanskar from back : but this pagal loves u.

Ragini angrily : sankyyy

Sanskar : okay I am sorry.

Sanskar finally went and she said : I love u too my pagal.

Precap : sanlak uttara and Raj come to GH for dinner.

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