SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 33)

Swara wiped her tears and came to ragini and said : lado don’t listen to him, he does not love me, he is all urs.

Sanlak and ragini are shocked

Ragini : what are u saying shona

Swara : I am sorry lado, if I knew that I like him, I would never got close to him.

Ragini shockingly : who told u I like him shona.

Swara : I read ur diary

Ragini : very bad shona u should not have read my diary.

Swara : sorry lado but I swear I will not come in middle of u and laksh.

Sanlak are just looking at their conversation. Ragini : shona are u mad, I don’t like laksh.

Swara : but in diary..

Ragini : how many pages u read.

Swara : I was shocked by reading the first page so I did not guts to read more

Ragini :dumbo, it was just a misunderstanding shona, I thought that lucky is my soulmate but then I realised that my better half is sanky. That song that air it was all for sanskar

Sanskar was shocked and amazed with her words and was smiling. However ragini didn’t thought what she said.

Swara : that means u  don’t love lucky

Ragini : no ways shona, how can I love lucky when I love sanky. ( sanky was continuously staring at her)

Swara : are u sure lado

Ragini : yes of course shona, I love sanskar.

Swaragini have hug. Swara now has smile on face. As they break their hug. They have each others hand in hand.

Ragini : pagal, next time don’t read my diary

Swara smiled : pakka.

Ragini : and if u read make u sure u read it full.

Swara : done.

Laksh once again bent on his knees and now he has a rose in his hands and said : so my jungli billi if ur misunderstandings are clear then now I am proposing u once again to become my partner in my happiness.

Swara smiled but she had happiness tears in her eyes and took rose from his hands : mr sadu I not only want to become ur partner in happiness but also in ur sarrows, I want to share each and everything with u but except gulabjamun, chalega na.??

Laksh smiled and said : chalega.

Swara : and ya I will fight with u like siblings and will always be there for u, but to care about u will be difficult, is it okay???.

Laksh : ha baba haa, but know plzz say yes, my knees are paining very badly.

Swara gave a small laugh and said : yes I love u too

Laksh : sorry I can’t hear u.

Swara said a little louder : I love u too.

Laksh : pardon.

Swara shouted loudly : IIIIII loveeeeeeeee youuuuuu.

And he gets up and they both hug each other tightly and they said while hugging each other. As well as the screen was moving in circle. ( janam janam plays)

Laksh : I love u swara, I love u.

Swara : I love u too laksh.

Ragini who is watching this had also tears in her eyes and then she wiped out, she was expecting sanskar to be nearby her but then couldn’t find him there and then she sees him going. She goes towards him and holds his hand.

Ragini : where are u going today is so good, my shona is so much happy.

Sanskar : ragini what was that.

Ragini : what are u talking about.

Sanskar angrily : u said that u love me, is it true.

Ragini smiling : vo sanskar.. Actually I was going to tell u but..

Sanskar change shit’s expression to smiling : y didn’t u told me be4 about it.

Ragini smiled : tum ne bhi toh nahi kaha.

Sanskar was trying to hide his blushing : so why I should say first.

Ragini hits him on his hand and says : why I should say first, u are boy na u should propose me.

Sanskar : u are not less than a boy okay my jhansi ki rani.

Ragini angrily : uuuu.

Sanskar : what happened say na.

Ragini : no I don’t want to say anything.

Sanskar : ok then there are so many girls in park, I will go to them.

Ragini : sanskar how disgusting!!

And then she starts beating him. He was laughing and took her in his arms and said : but this bandar love u my jungli billi, I love u larger than life.

Ragini rested in sanskar chest and said : I love u too my sweet bandar.

Sanskar : but I have a condition.

Ragini : what.

Sanskar : u will allow me to flirt with the girls

Ragini broke their hug and said : pagal ho kya?? U are just mine and u dare if u tried to flirt with anyone.

Sanskar : ok sorry

And they once again hug each other. Swalak broke their hug and saw ragsan hugging each other and intertwined their hands and came to them. Ragsan broke their hug. Sanlak were looking at swaragini.

Swara : lado I am very happy for u.

Ragini teasingly : but I am not happy for u, bcoz u stole my love.

Swara : ab toh nahi dungi jaa.

Ragini : hawww shona u have to, after all I am 2 minutes bigger than u.

Swara angrily : oh hello madam, u are just two min bigger. And now I will not give anyone my lucky. And u take care of sanskar, no need of running behind my lucky

Ragini : my lucky, oh ho.

Swara : y u don’t have ur sanskar with u.

And then they both started fighting. Sanlak looked each other and then hit their forehead with their hand.

Sanskar : oh no lucky we have to bare this two sisters the whole life.

Laksh : God knows how we will manage them??

Swaragini as they here this they see each other in excitement and they both say together : that means we will live our whole life together in one house. Wowww.

And they once again hug each other.

Sanskar : now if u girls have fnished ur drama then we brothers can talk to their partners.

Swara : of course jiju u can take her.

Ragsan blushed and look at each other with a big smiel ragini said : even u can take her my jiju.

Swalak also blushed.

Laksh : thank u bhabhi

Precap : sanlak came in swaragini’s room

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