SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 32)

Hey guys. i think you guys I tensed u all but don’t worry guys. Soon all will be fine. I recommend u to listen this song while reading this part if possible.

It’s morning,

Swaragini wakes up and while yawning sings “Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai”

Screen shifts to sanlak, where sanskar was in front of mirror of bathroom and laksh had a cushion in his hand and they both were singing “Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai”

While tuning laksh is dancing with the pillow as well as hugging it and sanskar in bathroom with the shower in his hand were singing “Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai… (2)
Do Chaar Din Se Lagta Hai Jaise

Then screen shifts to swaragini and swara had a Teddy bear in hand and was dancing with it. ragini had comb in her hand and she was holding it as mike and were singing” Sab Kuch Alag Hai, Sab Kuch Naya Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai”

Now screen only shows swara who was in kitchen and was waiting for milk to get boiled but then she starts thinking about laksh and forgets about it and then when sees it boiling she closes it fast and was sings”Cheezein Mein Rakh Ke 
Bhool Jaati Hoon, 
Bekhayaali Mein Gungunati Hoon
Ab Akele Mein Muskuraati Hoon( she smiled)
Badli Hui Si Meri Ada Hai ( she had a big smile on her face and was brushing her hair)
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai ”

Screen shifts to laksh who was walking on road and singing” Pighla Pighla Hai Dil Mera Jab Se
Achcha Rehta Hain Mood Bhi Tab Se
Haske Milta Hoon Aaj Kal Sab Se ( there was old lady sitting on the bench and he looked at her with big smile and on road one person with the flowers was going he took it and gave to that old lady and that lady smiled)
Khush Ho Gaya Hai Jo Bhi Mila Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

Screen shifts to ragini who had put her all different colour dresses on bed and was trying to select to one nice dress and was singing at that time “Rang Chamkilay Saare Lagte Hai
Raah Mein Bhikre Taare Lagte Hai
Phool Ab Zyaada Pyaare Lagte Hai ( she then goes to garden and then she makes her hand around the flowers and she takes few flowers in hand and smells them)
Mehki Hui Si Jaisi Hawa Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai”

Screen shifts to sanskar who was standing in front of dressing table and was trying to different hairstyles and sings “Dhyaan Ab Apna Zyaada Rakhta Hoon
Sochta Hoon Main Kaisa Lagta Hoon ( And then he makes final hairstyle and was about to go but returns and sings)
Aaina Ho To Dekh Leta Hoon
Kaise Yeh Chehra Aisa Khila Hai ( he gives big smiles)
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

While tuning all are shown Then screen shifts laksh is shown who is walking on road sings” Yeh Nasha Jisme Dono Rehte Hai”
Then to swara who was biting her nails and was lying on bed, then she turns from one side to another side ” Yeh Laher Jisme Dono Behte Hai”
Screen shifts to sanskar ” Ho Na Ho Isko Pyaar Kehte Hai”
Ragini sings” Pyaar Mila To, Dil Kho Gaya Hai”

And finally all are seen parallely singing” Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai”.

It’s afternoon,

Sanskar itself was smiling but then he notices laksh blushing and he understands that he likes swara and he puts his around shoulder and says : so when are u proposing swara

Laksh : today bhai, but then he realized what he said and asks : why I will be proposing swara??

Sanskar : tu rehne de, i am ur big brother. I can see u blushing.

Laksh : yes bhai i am proposing swara in evening , I love her soooooo much that I even I don’t know, bhai she was always be there for me, she brought lucky back who was somewhere dead. She brought my smile back. And bhai i know that she also likes me. But bhai if this time something bad happens na i will die

Sanskar smiles and says : don’t worry kuch nahi hogs and btw mere bhai ne toh isbaar pyaar par phd Karli.

Laksh smiles and starts teasing him : after all i am ur small brother

Sanskar gets tensed and asks him : what does that means

Laksh : it means that my friend is going to become my Bhabhi now

Sanskar : are u mad, me and ragini

Laksh : bhai i never took her name.

Sanskar : u are saying… Like… That… U have many friends

Laksh : come on bhai don’t lie i now that i like her when u saw her first in the mall.

Sanskar blushes and asks : u know that I saw her in the..

Laksh interrupts and says : yes bhai I saw u staring at her in the mall and I knew from beginning that u have fallen for her

Sanskar also teases him : how did u noticed me, u were busy with swara na

Laksh : bhaiii

And then he ran behind sanskar.

Screen shifts to ragini who was writing her diary which she started writing from 1st day of college as well as she was blushing. Suddenly she sees sanskar calling her on phone. She picks it up and starts blushing more and says : hi sanskar

Sanskar : hi winner, acha listen I was thinking lets celebrate our winning.

Ragini : how

Sanskar : u just come at kalibadi park then I will tell u.

Ragini : okay, I will be reaching there in half an hour.

Sanskar : okay done then we will meet in half an hour.

Ragini gets ready and she leaves without keeping her diary inside. And then swara comes inside she searches for ragini but couldn’t find her and then sees her diary and gives a mischevious looks and says to herself : let me read her diary, and these days she is not telling anything.

She reads the starting page and : today was my first day of college. I and shona like daily were fighting to go in washroom and then Maa comes and reminds us of the other washroom. We took our elders blessing and left for the college. Thank God shona did not took her bike, otherwise I would be screaming like hell, as we were walking on the road a car comes with two much speed and it just passed near to me. I was about to get hurt but I didn’t, ya but my clothes got dirty and shona forcefully took me to those guys, shona started fighting with the driver ans I was busy in cleaning my clothes, but then slow and air starts breezing a guy by another side was playing one of most romantic song. I had the feeling that my soulmate was there and then when I looked at the person who was fighting with shona I realized that he is my soulmate. I hve already started liking him and his name is laksh.

As soon as she laksh name, the dairy fell from her hand bcoz she was shocked. She was very upset and sat on bed. And starts crying : lado loves lucky, what I have done I love a guy who is my sisters love, why me God why me. ( naina lagiya barisha plays). And all images of swalak were coming front of her eyes. Their first meeting, their cute fights, when he kissed her forehead, laksh when he slept beside her, when she proposed him in drunken state, when she use to flirt with him, when he used to smile seeing swara’s childish nature, their eyelocks, when he saved her from getting hurt by truck, that passionate dance & many more things. Tears were continuously rolling from her eyes.

After sometime her phone rang and she saw that it was laksh call. She starts thinking to pick it up or not. But then she finally picks it up and she wiped her tears and was going to say hi but laksh shouted : aaaaa swara plzz come here, come at kalibadi park, plzz save me shona and he cuts the call.

Swara gets tensed hearing his voice and says to herself : I am coming laksh, I am coming

Screen shifts to ragsan,

Ragini : now will u plzz tell me, what we are doing here.

Sanskar : are relax I brought u here for another competition.

Ragini : no more competition I am damn tired.

Sanskar : trust me this competition will make u feel more good.

Ragini : what are u talking about

Sanskar : see their, I am talking about chat competition.

Ragini : omg, pani puri my favourite, u are gonna lose it. I m telling u.

Sanskar : let’s see dear

And then they both have pani puri competition. Sanskar smiles seeing ragini’s childish nature and wipe of the some chat which was on ragini!’s cheeks. She starts blushing. Their competition was over and ragini won it, even without having pain in stomach.

Ragini : wow today’s day is so awesome

Sanskar : what awesome my stomach is paining.

Ragini : who told u to call me for me competition. I always win the competitions

Sanskar : very funny, now can we go inside the park.

Screen shifts to swara who has reached kalibadi park another side. And starts shouting : laksh where are u? Are u okay? Laksh I am worried plzz tell me where are u.

Suddenly laksh comes there and says : I am here shona.

Swara was literally crying and runs towards him and then starts checking is he alright or not and says : laksh tum thik toh ho na

Laksh : ya shona I am fine, nothing happened to me

Swara shouts on him and beats him : are u mad?? U scared me dumbo, if something would have happened to u then.

Laksh : relax swara I want to tell u something.

Swara : what.

Laksh goes on his knees and says : sorry shona I was in hurry so couldn’t do much preparations but my heart means a each and every single word which I am going to speak now. He takes a deep breath and says : I love u shona, I know u are not my first love but yes u will be my last love in this life. And If I got another life na, then also I would only and only love u will u also love me they way I love u, will u be my better half of this life.??

Swara has tears in her eyes and she was smiling hearing all this as she wanted it but then her smile vanishes by thinking of ragini and she says : no & never.

Swara started to go and he stood up and hold her one hand and asked : but y swara, I know u like me okay

Swara removed his hand from her hand and said : something’s don’t have reasons laksh and let me go.

They were now shocked to ragsan and there and same with ragsan.

Precap : all confess their love.

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