SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 30)

I am sorry guys i was not able to put this yesterday, but it is my 30th episode. And finally the much awaited movement has come that is realization of love would be in 2 episodes.

Ragini was doing practice and sanskar was standing at the gate but ragini doesn’t noticed him. He was just looking at her and smiling. She was busy in practicing. And he put his shoulder on the door his hands were folded and he was looking at her. He was just looking and looking at her. Ragini saw him and said : sanskar come let’s start practice.

Sanskar he came back to his senses : yes madam i am coming.

And he came and then both started their dance practice and he came closer to her. He touched her shoulders and then he started moving started moving his hands around her shoulder. This was affecting both of them. She was breathing damn heavily, her eyes were closed. He lifted her and took a turn. She was still breathing heavily. It was first time that she was so much close to someone. He drop her down. She started to go but then sanskar holded her hand brought her close. And then moved his hand around stomach. Her heart was almost out now. He make her turn and there was not a single difference between their faces. She was somewhat blushing inside but it could not come on his face and her eyes were still closed.

Sanskar : so how was my performance.

Ragini opened her eyes and looked at him shockingly : hmm…. Ya it was nice.

Sanskar : thank you but i think i need a brake now.

He went outside. Ragini was standing and smiling and saying to herself and tapped her head : main bhi na.

Sanskar to himself while going out : what were u doing sanskar agar usse pasta chal jaata toh.

Screen shifts to swalak. Whose eyelock was till going on. Swara brakes the eyelock. And then laksh also looks somewhere else.

Laksh : so someone gets affect when i talk about my death.

Swara gets angry : stop it lucky, just stop it. I told u na plzz don’t say that

Laksh catches his ears : sorry.

Swara removes his hands from ears and say : it’s okay.

Laksh : so what’s ur plan for these days untill their dance competition

Swara : not made yet.

Laksh : i have an idea.

Swara : what

Laksh : see bhai and i are new in Kolkata so u have to take me to famous places of kolkata.

Swara : nice idea, but i don’t mind bunking class, but u.

Laksh : 7 days ki proxy toh lag hi gayi hai toh aur 5 din kyu nahi.

Swara : ok then.

They started visiting some famous places. Swalak were having fun with each other. Swara’s smile started making laksh day. Laksh care for her made swara like him more day by day. On the other hand ragsan were coming closer day by day. Ragini use to blush when sanskar comes closer to her. She has started realizing that she loves sanskar. And same with sanskar. It’s the day before competition. Swalak were roaming around how Raj bridge as it was evening it was looking beautiful due to lights.

Swara : see lucky it is looking so beautiful.

Laksh looked at her and said in low voice : like u.

Swara couldn’t hear it properly and said : what did u said.

Laksh : no nothing…. u see that paradise hotel. How it’s shining in the night. And that park is looking so awesome.

Swara first smiled : ya it is. And then she realized what he said. Even laksh bites his tongue and thinks oh shit y I told her about the park.

Swara : that means u have already visited this place, right lucky.

Laksh : vo shona….. yes.

Swara : then u brought me here like this only.

Laksh : nothing like that. Actually I like it company u always make me laugh feel good. And yes that ritika would be in college so I didn’t wanted to see her.

Swara got angry : lucky y can’t u forget her and think about ur future. Y she is so important to u still

Laksh : no she is not.

Swara : then y do u think about her.

Laksh : ok shona sorry now I wont.

Swara : ok fine.

Laksh thinks : shona I never think about her, I just think about u and only u.  but if I tell u about it, I don’t know how will u react. Sorry for hurting u shona

One of the people ( road sider, so don’t think much about him)hits swara and her hand gets twisted.

Swara : ouch.

Laksh : shona, are u alright.and catches the person collar and says : can’t u see a girl walking

Person : sorry sahab bahut jaldi main hi biwi bahut bimar hai, dawayi leni hai

Swara : lucky leave him, he did it unknowingly.

Laksh leaves his collars and allow him to go.

Person : shukriya sahab bhagwan kare aap dono ki jodi hamesha bani rahe.

He goes from there. Laksh cares swara’s hand and says : bahut pain ho raha hai.

Swara was looking at him. But then her concentration brakes with his voice and she says : no laksh it’s only small twist. It will be okay by tommorow.

Laksh : sure

Swara nodded and said yes.

Laksh : okay then we will go out tommorow. I will drop u home now.

Swara : okay.

Laksh : log bhi pata nahi kya kya soch lete hai

Swara : haaa, I mean u and me how can it be possible, I am right na.

She was saying this but heart did not even meant a single word.

Laksh : right shona

Same with laksh’s heart

And they both went to car. Laksh opened the door for her. And made her sit in the car. Then he also came inside the car and put his suit belt. He saw swara struggling with the seat belt. He took the seat belt and they were damn close. He took the seat belt and started putting and was looking swara even swara was looking at him. It was an eyelock.

At GH, swalak entered the gate house.

Shekhar saw them entering and said : laksh beta u came after so many days

Laksh : actually uncle, I just came drop swara. She got twist in hand.

Sumi : how shona

Swara : nothing Maa one man was going to take medicines so he unknowingly pushed me.

Laksh : what nothing, see its got swollen up, u never take care of urself. Even that day also…

Swara eyed laksh to not to tell about that road accident. So he stopped in between.

Shekhar and sumi’s saw his concern for swara.

Laksh : anyways I am leaving,bye uncle and aunty.

Shekhar and sumi said bye to him. And they both went near gate. Sumi was seeing them.

Laksh took her face in his hands : bye shona and haa plzz put reliefspray on it.

Swara : ha baba

Laksh : bye.

Swara : bye.

And he went down as he was going swara also started to go inside. Laksh stopped and turn back to see her. And then when he turned his face on the other side swara turned her face to see him. And then she goes inside.

Sumi teases swara and says : Shekhar I think somebody is getting attracted to laksh.

Swara some what blushes and says : Maa kya aap bhi, we are just good friends.

Shekhar also teases : but sumi did not took ur name.

Swara gets tensed as well as she was blushing : papa u guys think to much.

And she goes inside. On the other hand ragsan were still practicing. After sometime sanskar gets tired. But ragini didnt.

Sanskar : don’t u get tired

Ragini murmers : after seeing u all my tiredness goes

Sanskar : did u said something.

Ragini nodds and says : no.

Sanskar : come let’s go home na. We have done too much practice .

Ragini : but if we loose then,

Sanskar : are baba don’t take tension if we did too much practice then it would be not good for tommorow

Ragini : okay

And they leave. It’s night swaragini’s room. Swara and ragini are facing opposite directions. Ragini was thinking about sanskar and their close moments and blushing and was biting her nails. Swara was thinking about laksh how he cares for swara.

Competition day.

Host : guys today is the first and final round for duets. Are u all excited for it. Be ready for watching this duet performances.

Precap : no precap, but every swalak and ragsan should see that episode. It will be full of………

Keep guessing???

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