SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 3)


guys I m really sorry for late update but was busy so couldnt make it.. I want swalak and swasan both fans to comment so plzz comment. And thanks guy for commenting till now. As promised have made my ff in English but I m really sorry for my grammatical mistakes as my English is not that much good.

Recap: swaragini sisters bonding  and in the last two boys are shown.

After two hours at Maheshwari Mansion,

Ap: ” see sujata everything is ready na”

Sp: “jiji yes everything but my heart is not allowing our kids to go there after all they are going first very far from us, I wish that she wouldnt have in his life. Now our kids would complete there studies here only .”

Ap:” ya sujata, u r saying correct, but time has solution for everything and its just the matter of one year after the kids will stay with us, may be they get this Kolkata journey would make them more prosperous.”

Two boys enter the house and the one who had worn blazzers(who was driving with the high speed in last ff )was running and saying :” badi maa plzz save me.”

The other guy who was in cricketers dress (and running after him) says: ” I won’t spare u today becoz of u I couldnt complete my century ”

Ap: ‘laksh first tell what happen y r u running behind sanskar”

sanskar:” badi maa I will tell u .”

(flash back)

sanskar in the car : even today I got late, lucky won’t spare me.”

He reaches the ground and starts running inside. screen shifts inside the ground and everybody is in tension and cheering for laksh becoz he has scored and was not out and this was the last ball of match .laksh was sweating and was in stress and then the bowler threw the ball and in that time sanskaaar said “hi lucky” just then laksh turned towrds him and the ball hit the strike, and he got out.

(flashback ends)

laksh:”  maa today I just got out becoz of him I won’t leave him”

And then he started chasing sanskar.

Sp:” y sanskar u do such mischief, already he is upset bcoz of that girl.”

Laksh remembers a girl and gets sad and goes from there.

Sanskar :” what maa he is try in to forget about it and u ”

Sp:” sanskar I didn’t mean that y would I give pain to laksh it’s just that…”

Sanskar :” what maa, badi maa plzz make her understand”

And he leaves from there angrily

Ap:” it’s ok sujata it happen sometimes, sanskar went to see laksh, he would be all right”

And they both one again continued their work

Screen shifts to sanlak room

Laksh was sitting there and was crying and thinking about a girl how he met and he fallen in love with her, just then somebody knocks the gate and laksh wiped his tears and the open door and he saw sanskar and allowed him to enter.

Sanskar: ” plzz put medicine on it ”

Laksh:” bhai but nothing is happened to me ”

Sanskar : ” I k talking about that wound which can’t be seen ”

Laksh:” if I will put medicines on it, then again someone would come and I would get another wound so it’s better to let it be like this.”

Sanskar:” forget it lucky uss, two months have past and we are going Kolkata so that u can study there well and I also can get my lucky back,( in a masti tone) even I had not flirted with the girls from many days I would get there new type of girls to flirt”

Laksh: “bhai y whole day talk about girls , after all girls are the reason for the destroy of family”

Sanskar: ” ok now shall we go down”

And they both go down

Till then dp, rp and adarah had arrived

Adarsh :” toda how much did my brother scored in the match.”

Laksh:” 99 runs, and I got out becoz of him”

Sanskar: “sorry na lucky”

Adarsh smiles and says : ” this are the three tickets of it flight of Kolkata which is in midnight ”

Sanakar: “bhaiya y three are I coming with us ”

adarsh was about to speak till but a girl interupted :” no I m coming ”

laksh: “uttara u”

sanskar: ” no I won’t bare hee”

uttara:” bhaiyaa, I won’t stay with u I would be staying in hostel ”

Sanskar:” haash! Then it’s ok”

Uttara :” what did u said”( and started chasing him)

And everybody started enjoying the seen just then,

dp:” laksh beta, is it necessary to go there, I mean u can study here in another collegetum ”

laksh:” papa if say then I won’t go I was going to divert my mind from it .”

dp:” no I won’t stop u may be there atmosphere help u to forget it it, take this is the key of our old house, u and sanskar will stay there and uttara would stay in hostel”

Laksh:” yes papa”

And he started to move,

just then dp called sanlak and said:” I believe that u both will take correct decision in ur life.”

Sanskar:” yes bade papa”

Laksh :” yes papa”

Screen shifts towards Kolkata,

Gadodia House

Swara:” hey sumi darling, making it husbands tiffin ”

Sumi:” shona  ur not becoming mischevious day by day ”

Swara: “maa it’s not mischief it’s kehtea which papa do to u”

Sumi :”wait I will tell u what is love”

And starts running behind her with belan in her hand.

Swara :” ok maa, I am sorry”

Sumi :” hmmm better, where is lado shona”

Sumi then went to kitchen and swara also went behind her and started eating apple.

Swara :” maa she is doing her dance practice ”

Sumi:” what about ur singing practice u haven’t did it from many days , ur singing competition would get start as the college starts, am I right.”

Swara:”yes maa I know that, but I was thinking I should not sing now so that my vocal cod doesn’t get damage for the competitio after all I am rockstar”

Sumi:” ya ya ok, and u both were going for shopping today na ”

Swara :” ya we will go tommorow be cuz today she is busy na and would also come tired”

Sumi:” I don’t understand all the day u both fight but ur love for each other is unpredictable”

Swara :” that’s they the way of showing love maa if won’t fight then who can say that we are sisters”

It’s night and time is when the three were leaving for airport

Screen shifts to Mumbai

Mumbai Domestic Airport,

Ap and sp was crying as their kids were going to board in the plane.

Sanskar ( to ap): :” badi maa plzz don’t cry, if u will crythen I won’t be able to go”

Sp :” then don’t go na”

Sanskar( to sp) :” maa how can u say this u know lucky’s condition na ”

Sanskar from there and went to take dp, rp ‘ s blessing

Dp & rp( together) : ” God bless u beta,just take care of laksh, Uttara and urself after all u are bigger in all of them. ”

Sanskar: ” yes bade papa”

Till then laksh had arrived taking the bags

Laksh: “how he will take care of mine and uttara if he could take care of himself that would be better ”

And took blessing of all and said : “maa, chachi plzz take care of urself , papa I will come soon .”

Dp: ” I know that laksh.”

Adarsh :” take care laksh ”

Laksh : “bhai I will miss u”

Sanskar: ” where is Uttara ”

Uttara : “I am here bhaiya , taking bags of mine.”

Adarsh: “oh ho uttara what are u doing there”

Uttara : “bhaiya emotional scene  was going there so I don’t wanted to disturb u all”

Adarsh : ” go and take blessings I will bring the bags”

Uttara : ” ok bhaiya”

And take the blessings.

Ap and Sp : “God bless u and don’t  do to much of mischeif”

Uttara goes to dp and hugs him and says :” bade papa I will miss u a lot ”

Dp:” I will also miss u and please take care of urself. ”

Rp:” Uttara, is it necessary to go”

Uttara : “papa, it is the matter of only one year after that we all live here happily.”

After saying bye they boarded the flight and the plane left the ground.

Precap: sanlak goes to visit famous places and swaragini go for shopping.

Credit to: Anjali

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