SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 29)

Guys happy promise day.

As soon as Raj went sanlak looked uttara. Uttara saw them and asked : what.

Sanlak : nothing.

Sanskar : hey did u noticed ragini and he looks so similar.

Ragini : ya he is my pichla janam ka bhai.

Laksh : no but seriously guys he was similar to both of u and he has swara’s eyes.

Sanskar and uttara looked laksh.

Laksh : now y u guys are staring me.

Sanskar : lucky u notice swara things so much.

Laksh : no bhai, I was noticing him.

Sanskar said in his ears : bhai u are not g*y na.

Laksh : bhaii what are u saying

Sanskar : see I stare at girl but u stared him.

Laksh : I just said like this.and of course i notice girls

Sanskar : that means u notice swara.

Laksh : bhai i didn’t said.

Swaragini were trying to understand what they are talking but finally they were unable to figure it out.

Swaragini : if ur boys talk is finished can we go to canteen.

Laksh : yes y not. He was trying to avoid it.

And they had their snacks. Now it was time for ragsan selections. Host called the contestants on stage and started announcing the results. sanskar were more tensed then ragini. But swara was more tensed then so she gilded laksh hands and intertwined it. Laksh looked at swara and started smiling.

Laksh : relax shona i have confidence on bhai and lado they will surely get selected.

Swara ; I know that but what to do.

On the other hand sanskar was holding rags hand. Ragini also smiled and looked at him. He saw this.

Sanskar : what

Ragini : u are so scared. And she started laughing

Sanskar : as if u are not so scared.

Ragini : no i am not

Sanskar : kuch bhi.

Ragini : are baba when all of u are here with me then even i fail it. I don’t care.

Sanskar : bas kar pagli rulayegi kya aise emotional baaton se 

Ragini : lol.

And they both laughed.

Results were announced and ragsan were selected. They were damn happy. Sanskar was so happy that he hugged her. Ragini smiled and some what we can say blushed. On the other hand swara holded laksh hand more tightly in excitement. Whereas laksh was just looking at her and smiling. Though it was paining to him but he didn’t even said a single word to her. As they came down swalak hugged ragsan respectively and congratulated both of them. As they were leaving host announced that their is duet competition to be held and it has only one which will be final round which will be held after 5 days so who are interested can give their names. And tommorow is the last day of registration.

At GH,

Swaragini came inside and gave them good news that ragini is selected as well as sanskar and every body congratulated them.

Its night. Ragini is continuously talking about sanskar.

Ragini : sanskar dances so well, and i should look at him, he was looking so cute when he was tensed while selection round.

Swara : yes.

Ragini : and what a surprise he gave to us.

Swara : lado are u okay, just tell me when we met them first them i mean when i and lucky were fighting that time there any song was played.

Ragini first nodded her head in yes direction and then to know and gets hyper and says : y are u asking this.

Swara : are from when are u talking about sanky it is feeling like u are in love with sanky so i thought that he is it dream boy.

Ragini does not says anything and is thinking something. Swara : no it is not possible then u would have definately told me about it. And she goes to bring water.

Swara’s word were going in her mind. And she was thinking that : might be swara is correct may be sanskar is my dream boy, even he was there when that song was played and i thought that laksh is my dream boy. And sanky cares for me so much. Y it hurts me when i see him with kavita or shona. Why i feel bad when he flirts with the girl. Why i think about him so much, when he was going from here why i wanted him not to go, what is this happening to me?

Someone tapped on her shoulder as that was swara.

Swara : kaha kho gayi tu

Ragini’s link breaks and she says : nothing shona.

Next day,

College campus.

Swaraglaksanutt were having fun. Raj saw them and came to them.

Raj : hi guys

Swaragsanlakutt : hi.

Raj said to uttara : sorry for yesterday i did not even told u my name : by the way i am Raj gadodia, first year

Uttara : no it’s ok i am uttara maheshwari

Sanlak : she is also first year.

Swaragini : hey we are also gadodias.

Sanskar : rags it confirmed now that he is ur this janam ka bhai.

Ragini : of course he is and he is so sweet unlike , be the way i am ragini & nice to meet u Raj and she is my sister swara and these two are sanskar and laksh.

And every body shakes hand with him and said hi to him

Raj : i don’t mind having a sweet sister like u.

Ragini : see i told u na he is so sweet.

Raj : congo to both of u, u both got selected.

Ragsan : thanx.

Raj : well i think u both should also participate in duet u both share a good chemistry

Sanskar : me and with this girl no way.

Ragini : hawww sanskar so mean.

Raj : guys i am not joking I think u both should participate in duet.

Ragsan : thanx for the advice we will surely think about it.

Raj : u guys are always welcome.

And he went taking uttara with him as they both had a class now.

Swara : i think Raj said right u both should participate.

Laksh : bhai i agree with shona.

Sanskar : i don’t mind

Ragini : ok.

Sanskar : i think we should go register and then start our practice from today itself.

Ragini : u go and register our names and i will be waiting for u in auditorium.

Sanskar : okay done

And they both go from there leaving swalak alone..

Swara and laksh were walking.

Laksh : shona i want to say something.

Swara : say na.

Laksh : as today is promise day i want to promise u something, shona i will be always there for u, anytime, anyplace i will be always there.

This words were touching swara’s heart.

Laksh : shona, u are really special to me, i have returned my smile, my laugh back. Whenever i tried to overcome it by my self i couldn’t but i don’t know how u did it and in just seven days. So i promise u that even i am counting my last breath but…

Swara closed his mouth by her hand and said : don’t ever say once again that lucky, don’t ever.

And they both shared eyelock. And her hands were slowly coming down from his mouth.

Precap : ragsan romantic moments and swalak have started having feelings.

Credit to: Anjali


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