SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 28)

Sorry guys for less ragsan scenes in be4 one. I know i put it less but there was also put where i also put less swalak scenes so to maintain it i thought to put more swalak scenes, nothing else. Anyways guys let me clear to u this new entry is related to my starting parts and as well as intro. Soon u will come to know u about it. And the next part will clearly explain it.

Next day, swaragini and kavita are in auditorium waiting for sanlak to come as it’s ragini’s dance competition. She is nervous and searching for sanskar to come. Then uttara and laksh entered the auditorium.

Swaragini : hi lucky.how is ur hand now

Laksh : hey guys it’s better now anyways she is my sister uttara., in 1st year and uttara they are mine and bhai’s friend swara and ragini.

Swaragini : hi uttara.

Uttara : hi swaragini.

Ragini : lucky where is sanky

Laksh : actually bhai has some work so he won’t be able to come, so he told me to say I sorry

Ragini : sanky, what important work he has more than me.

Laksh : where is ur sister ritika.

Kavita : she is gone with her bf to see kolkata.

Laksh : okay.

Swara in mind( angrily) : y can’t he stop thinking about her, y can’t he forget her, i don’t know what is going in his mind.

Competition was started. They were sitting in row like kavragswalakutt. Name was announced and it was ragini’s turn. All wished her best of luck and she went on the stage. A voice behind the gate wished her best of luck but it could not be heared by anyone in the auditorium. Her dance was started and she did contemporary dance. At the end of the dance there was a huge around of applause around the auditorium but still ragini was not happy bcoz sanky was not there. She came to swalakavutt.

Ragini : how was my dance.

Swara : awesome, and i know i would dot it after all ur my sister

Laksh : madam khud ki taraf karna band karo and ragini u were fabulous.

Kavita : ragini u rocked it.

Uttara : it was really nice.

Ragini : thank u all and ya can we go to canteen i need some energy. And the results will be announced by 1 hr. So we will come by that time. Swara agreed but laksh, kavita and uttara look each other and said : no wait.

Swaragini : y.

Laksh : actually uttara came with me only to see this competition.

Swaragini : but we are hungry.

Laksh : okay we will go after 2, 3 performances.

Swaragini : fine but after that we will go.

Laksh : ya sure.

Kavlak and uttara : haashhh!!

2,3 dances were complete and now swaragini started leaving and kavlak and uttara had to go with them forcefully. But the host called someone on stage and said : plzz welcome Mr sanskar maheshwari with around of applause. Swaragini stopped. Sanskar performance started and he did a fusion of few dance forms on a mash up. Swaragini was continuously looking at him and smiling as well as shocked to him seeing his dancing. Once again the auditorium s was filled of voice of claps. Sanskar came to them.

Laksh hugged him and said : awesome bhai.

Uttara : i loved it bhaiya

Sanskar : thank u choti.

Sanskar was coming towards swaragini but kavita came in middle and hugged him. Ragini’s smile vanished and it turned into discomfort seeing them together.

Kavita : wow sanskar, if u would have told me much before i would have kept ur name in front.

Sanskar : it’s ok kavita. And thanx.

Then he came towards swaragini. Ragini once again changed her mood and smiled.

Swara : so it was surprise, but i loved this surprise, i never thought that u are such a great dancer.

Sanskar : my sweetheart, i am born dancer.

Ragini : sanky very bad, u did not wished me even best of luck.

Sanskar : If i would have wished u be4 then gone for dance performance then how this smile would have come on ur face.

Ragsan had eyelock. Ragini breaked this eye lock : so how was my dance performance.

Sanskar : hmm okay.

Ragini : what.

Sanskar : awesome, i was just kidding. And what about me

Ragini : nice, but i didn’t expect that a bandar can dance so well.

Sanskar : ragini. And he started running behind her. Ragini came and was hiding behind swara and laksh were standing in front of each other and was talking about sanskar’s plan how he did this. Sanskar was trying to chase her. Sanskar was about to catch her but she pushed swara and swara fell on laksh. And they both fell down as swara was trying to get up laksh was looking at her and then swara also looked at him and they both had eyelock. ( moh moh ke dhaage song played on background). Ragsan saw them and forgot about the fight and called them.

Ragini : swara are u okay. And she help her in getting up.

Swalak eyelock brakes and swara says : ya lado I am fine.

Ragini : i am sorry guys.

Laksh : lado it’s okay and btw friendship main no thank u no sorry.

Swara : acha, aur jo kal mujhse itna saara sorry bulwaya uska kya.

Laksh : shona actually i was enjoying it na that’s y.

Swara ( angrily) : how mean.

Laksh : acha sorry baba.

Swara : now who is breaking the rule.

Laksh : acha ok today is Teddy na, so this Teddy for u.

And he hands over to her.

Swara takes it and gets happy : wow so cute.

Ragini : where is mine.

Sanskar : here dear.

And he gave her the teddy he brought. Kavita was jealous but did not showed it to them.

Sanskar : sorry we forgot about u.

Kavita : it’s ok sanskar.

They were going to canteen. And someone entered the college. His footsteps are shown, he has smile on his face. Every body in the college was staring at him. he was passing by these people. And he bashed with uttara. His face is revealed. ( Raj from aur pyaar hogaya ) he said : sorry

Uttara looked at him and she got attracted to him. Sanlak noticed it. Uttara : it’s okay.

Raj : can u plzz tell me where is the principals office..

Uttara explained him the direction and he went and said thanks to her.

Precap : ragsan selected. Swara teases ragini.

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