SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 26)

Hey guys thanx for voting and I realized that most of u want me too put equal scenes so I will do that, and swalak fans sorry if u are feeling that I put there less scenes but trust me.I am die hard fan of swalak so I will never do this type of injustice with them it’s just that I was not getting much scenes for them, but now this friendship track I will make it almost equal.

Next day,

Swalak reached GH as they entered the house, Ragsan sees them entering.

Sanskar : hi guys.

Ragini hugs swara and says : how are u shona

Swara : fine lado, I missed u

Ragini : I missed u too

Sanskar hugs laksh and says : how are u

Laksh : fine bhai, how are u.

Sanskar : I am fine lucky

Swara : hey u will not say hi to ur sweetheart sanskar.

Sanskar : sorry sweetheart, hi.

Laksh : hi ragini.

Ragini : hi laksh

Sumi : ok now ur bharat milap might have then bring them inside.

Laksh : aunty nice house.

Sumi : aunty nahi Maa, if sanskar is my child then u are also.

Laksh : okay maa.

Sanskar : I am happy seeing u smiling.

Laksh : this is all due to swara.

Sanskar : thanx swara

Swara : sanky, friend ke liye jaan hazir hai (and she looked laksh even laksh also looked at her), bas kabhi mangna mat.

They all laughed.

Laksh : aunty I can watch tv.

Sumi : I am sorry beta, actually Shekhar is going to watch it.

Laksh : it’s ok aunty.

Shekhar comes and says hi to laksh and then he on the tv and watches cricket channel. Laksh sees that he is watching cricket, he even gets excited and sits next to him.

Laksh : uncle even u like the cricket.

Shekhar : beta I can stay away from sumi one day, but I cannot live cricket.

Laksh : uncle I think we will have a great bond.

Shekhar : ofcourse beta.

And they are watching the cricket with passion. Swaragini are discussing about these seven days, each and everything . While sanskar is helping sumi.

Sumi : what u girls are doing their, come help me, only sanskar is helping me

Swaragini : wait na Maa, and he is doing it na, let me discuss.

Sumi : don’t know when ur raam kahani will get over.

Shekhar : sumi plzz stay quiet na, I am seeing match

Sumi : ok Shekhar fine.

As India wins the match. Shekhar and laksh shouts : yeah finally we won the match.

Now all were their on dining table. Shekhar and laksh saw lady finger and shouted : oh no bhindi.

Sumi : yes Shekhar bhindi but don’t worry I have made another sabzi for u.

Laksh : Maa can I also takes that sabzi even I don’t like it.

Sumi : of course u can,u and Shekhar are so similar

This words hit swara’s mind and she thinks : is this some kind of coincidence that papa and lucky are so similar.

Lunch is over. Sanlak are leaving.

Laksh : thanx Maa food was awesome.

Sumi : u call me Maa, then no need of thank u beta.

Laksh : okay Maa, no thank u from now, bhai shall we leave. Sanlak said ” bye maa bye uncle” and everybody said bye to them and sumi told swaragini to drop them till out.

Sanskar : so bye ragini, bye swara

Laksh : bye swara, bye ragini.

Swara : bye sanky, bye lucky.

Ragini : not fair laksh she can call u lucky but I can’t y.

Laksh : of course u can call me lucky but on a condition u have to allow me to call u lado.

Ragini : of course u can.

Sanskar : have I did a sin.

Swaraglak : yes. And three of them laughed

Sanskar shows fake anger. Laksh : sorry bhai, but what happened.

Sanskar : u call ragini, lado swara also says ragini lado, y can’t I.

Ragini : bcoz swara and I are sisters, and laksh and I are best friends and u are just my friend, right lucky

Laksh : ya right. And they both laughed.

Sanskar : don’t talk to me.

Swara : leave them sanky u can call me shona.

Sanskar : u are such a sweetheart, my shona.

Laksh : and what about me.

Swara : no u cannot.

Laksh : y

Swara : bcoz u were teasing my best friend.

Laksh : so even ur bestfriend teased my best friend these seven days.

Swara : u were also not less, I know how much I got bored this days.

And they both once again started fighting. Ragsan looked at them.

Ragsan put their hands on their head : oh God phir se

Sanskar : guys plzz stop fighting.

Swara : he started first.

Laksh : no she started first bhai.

Ragini : okay sanky u can call me lado and lucky u can also call her shona, now plzz stop it.

Swalak : fine.

Suddenly their anger turned into smile.

Ragsan : thank God.

Sanlak : bye guys.

Swaragini : bye.

And they leaves.

Next day,

Ragini is ready as she wants to meet sanskar. She opens the curtain and sunrays fall on swara who is still sleeping.

Swara in sleep : laksh plzz close the curtains.

Ragini : shona it is me not laksh and we have to go to college.

Swara realizes what she said and wakes up in hurry : sorry lado actually I hve got habit of saying this all seven days.

Ragini : hmm

Swara smiles and taps her head.

On the other hand, laksh : yes swara 2 min I will close the curtains.

Sanskar wakes up hearing laksh voice and say: where do u see swara here.

Laksh realizes the fact, that they are there in their house.

Laksh : sorry bhai, but know I got habit of doing this.

Sanskar : whatever now let me sleep lucky. And then he murmers what yaar lucky I was seeing ragini’s dream, now u breaked it

Laksh : yes bhai.

Laksh also smiled.

Swaragini took swara’s bike, and they were on road, swara was driving with high speed as usual. Sanskar who was driving his car and saw ragini who was sitting behind but was unable to see that who was driving the bike. And assumes the person as her boyfriend. And gets tensed as well as thinks” y she never told me about this, am I not important to her “. However laksh did not saw this bcoz he was busy with his phone.

Precap : swara is walking on road, she is about to hit by truck. Sanskar asks ragini about her relationship.

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