SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 25)

Guys I have poll tell me do u want more ragsan or swalak scenes. No doubt it will be almost equal but still tell me on which pair I want guys me to concentrate little more

Precap : ragini hugs sanskar.

Bells ring of GH,

Sumi wents to open the door. But ragsan comes their and says : Maa

Sumi turns back.

Ragini comes closer to her and says : Maa I will open the door, u take rest.

Sumi : lado u are okay na

Ragini : y

Sumi : u are going to open the door, and want to give me rest

Ragini : so, I can’t take care of u

Sanskar : u guys talk I will open the door.

Ragini : no sanskar I will open it.

Sanskar : it’s ok ragini I will open the door.

Sumi : do one thing, u both discuss now let me open the door.

Sanskar : no Maa I am opening the door and by the way my parcel have might come.

And he goes to open. Ragini thinks : oh no if home delivery guy had come.

He opens the door and this time sanskar delivery only had come. He takes it and leaves. Ragini gets relaxed. After sometime ragini’s delivery also arrives. After sometime all are sitting on dining.

Shekhar : plzz bring the food lado, I am waiting for it.

Ragini : yaa papa just coming.

Sanskar : me too uncle.

They both bring their food and serve them the food which they both pretend that they have made it. All taste both of foods and they realize that both have same taste.

Sumi : it is nice but u both made together or alone.

Ragsan : y

Sumi : they both have same taste.

Sanskar in mind : so ragini u also brought the food from restaurant.

Ragini also thinks the same. Once again the bell rings on their door.

Sanskar : now who might have come.

Sumi : aree that home delivery guy might have come.

Ragini : for what.

Sumi : I thought how u both will make a good food, so its better to order from restaurant.

Ragsan : Maa

Ragini opens the door and takes the food. As she goes in kitchen she realizes that it is from same restaurant. She thinks : oh shit, if I will take this food out, then all will know that we didn’t made this food. She comes out.

Sumi : bring that food lado

Ragini : Maa let it be na and btw we made a good food na

Sumi : but it will get wasted

Ragini : Maa but u complete our food na first.

Sanskar : if Maa is saying so much than bring it na

Ragini types him : idiot it is from the restaurant we ordered the food

Sanskar reads it and says : Maa ragini is saying correct, after all we made it by so much hard work.

Sumi : ok baba.

They both relaxes and says : haash!!

It’s evening, swara was listening songs, ashish sees her alone and takes her somewhere.

Swara ( angrily) : y did u brought me here, leave me otherwise I will shout.

Ashish : shh swara relax, listen to me I wanted to talk to u but was unable to, now I got the time.

Swara : plzz say fast, I want to go to laksh.

Ashish : ok swara, swara I want to thank u

Swara : y

Ashish : thank u for being with lucky, he must have full broken by my cheat

Swara : from when did u started caring for laksh

Ashish : swara he is my bro

Swara : really, if he was ur bro then y u did this

Ashish : swara  I was always jealous of him, he was son of rich buisnessman but I never wanted to but I love ritika since first day and she loved me too but she wanted money for our future.

Swara : so u cheated laksh for ritika,how cheap

Ashish : I know did wrong, I cheated my best friend, and I deserve a punishment, but thanx swara for being with lucky.

Swara : I don’t know u are telling truth or lie but let me clear u one thing I will always be with him, in his worst times also.

And she leaves, laksh comes their and sees swara and ashish together. Laksh talks to swara

Laksh : swara wat were u doing with ashish.

Swara : nothing laksh

Laksh : swara are sure, he is not troubling u na

Swara : yes baba, I am sure, he is not troubling me, aww my baby cares for me so much.

Laksh : of course if I want care for u, then who else would do.

And they both smiled. In these ways how all seven days passed. Swara laksh still fights but not in anger but in masti. Sanskar started felling more for ragini.

Its last night of swalak at farmhouse & sanskar at GH.

Swalak in their room,

Laksh : so finally, from tommorow onwards I will be sleeping on my bed and not in this couch.

Swara : hmm..

Laksh : must be excited to meet ragini

Swara : ofcourse laksh.

Laksh : swara call me lucky it suits my personality. And I am young baby

Swara : oh my baby, don’t worry I will call u lucky, anyways finally free from this gf and bf relation

Laksh : yes but don’t forget we have to maintain it in college they will be still here.

Swara : I know that.

Laksh : I will miss ur pagalpanti

Screen shifts to ragsan. Sanskar in ragini’s room. He was scenty.

Sanskar : ragini will u plzz help me in packing.

Ragini : y u are going somewhere

Sanskar : madam forgot swalak will becoming tommorow, so I have to go.

Ragini : ” oh ha, finally shona is coming & u will be going na.” she also gets scenty

Sanskar : so will help me now

Ragini : yes.

He starts turning back and she comes and just hugs him. He is shocked.  hands are still and he slowly moves his hands up and then he also put her in arms.

Sanskar : jhansi ki rani, u are reacting like I am leaving this world

Ragini ( angrily ) : shut up sanky, don’t ever say that, u only knows to have fun

Sanskar : I can’t understand u, u become scenty in 1 min and in another min u becomes angry.

Ragini : sanky

Sanskar : sorry, but I will miss….. Maa

Ragini : u are very bad

Sanskar : I know that.

And he starts laughing

Precap : swaragsanlak meet. Sanlak lunch at swaragini’s house. Sanskar is happy seeing laksh smiling.

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  1. Wowwww so cute yaar

  2. amazing luv it …make both couple parallel scence …..becoz i luv both couple …plZ…

  3. Aaawwwiiieeee!!! This is an amazing FF. I love SwaLak and RagSan especially RagSan!! They are so cute and the food making competition and then the food delivery part and all that was so cute. Both the pairs are adorable.
    Continue soon.

  4. Add bothh scene equal. So like write half epi about ragsana nd half about swalak

    1. Btw superb epi?☺

  5. SWALAK scene more

  6. superb..make both the couple scenes equal

  7. awsm……i wnt more swalak scenes…bcz i never like to read any ragini sanskar scenes in any of d ffs not even a line………bt i thnk u give more importance to ragini sanskar……..

    want more more more and more swalak scenes

  8. Give equal importance to both & plz make ragini fall for sanky

  9. Restaurant delivery part was funny…

  10. i want swalak but make both scenes equal dear and nyc epi 🙂

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