SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 24)

Thanks for the encouragement, u all have become my one more family now.

Precap : flour fells on sanskar, swara is flirting

swara sees a puppy. She goes and hold him and says to the puppy :”oh so sweet u are. “She sees a small wound on his leg and removes band aid from her small bag and puts on him. She starts playing with that puppy. Laksh comes and sees her playing. He smileees. But swara didn’t notice him. Their was cold breeze all around.

Swara to puppy : good boy now go, ur mom dad will be waiting for u.

The puppy goes. Swara turns back and sees laksh and says : hi

Laksh was still in his thoughts. Swara then waved her hand in front of him and then he returns to his senses.

Laksh : hi

Swara : in which thoughts u were lost

Laksh : nothing

They both were walking and swara says : thanks laksh and sorry.

Laksh : y thankx and sorry.

Swara : thanx for yesterday and sorry for my behaviour till now.

Laksh : swaraa it’s ok and waise bhi friendship main no thank u no sorry

Swara :” hmm.. Mr sadu this an old dialogue, I want another one. ” this time she was saying in a friendly way

Laksh : ok then jungli billi in friendship no sorry no thank u.

Swara : wow u are really gr8

Laksh : thank u miss jungli billi, but I know that.

And they both laughed. Swara was happy seeing laksh laughing as she knew that he had not laughed from months.

On the other hand, ragsan were full ready for competition, both of them had put up aprins, they both had belan in their hand. They were wearing chef hat.

Ragini and sanskar both crossed each other and giving each other look.

Ragini started cooking her food on one platform on the other hand sanskar was on another one.

Ragini started making roti but was trying to find out was sanskar is doing and sanskar trickly takes out his phone and starts searching for recipe. Ragini is still trying to figure it out what he is doing. He was also doing the same.

Sanskar to himself : I told her that I will do it, but how I have never ever entered kitchen before.

Ragini to herself : I said I will make it, but the fact is that only thing I know to make is maggi.

She sees that the flour has finished and she stands on a stool and tries to take it but her hand does not reach there. Sanskar sees this and says : btw I am here if someone needs help she can ask for it.

Ragini : no thanx but i know to manage on my own and I don’t need anyones help so he can keep his help with him.

Sanskar : as u wish.

Ragini takes that dabba but her hands slips and she also gets disbalances.   sanskar saw this and he runs there to handle the stool but instead of ragini all the flour falls on him. He is now full of flour. His face is full white with his hair almost whiteish. His clothes were full of flour. Ragini starts laughing seeing him.

Sanskar : very funny.

Ragini catches her ears but still couldn’t stop laughing : sorry but who told u to come here

Sanskar : I felt that u were falling so I came to help u, but see in today’s world by helping others is this what we get.

Ragini was still laughing.

Sanskar : ragini

Ragini tries to control her laugh and says : ok sorry now I will not laugh for sure.

Sanskar : hmm better.

Buy she again start laughing and sanskar sees him with fake anger.

Ragini : I can’t help it, look at ur face it looking like a ghost.

Sanskar : I am looking like a ghost na, now u see what I will do.

He shakes his head and some of the flour went on ragini.

Ragini : sanskar stop it, otherwise

Sanskar : otherwise what

Ragini sees the ketchup bottle on the platform and says : otherwise I will put this ketchup on ur face.

Sanskar : really then put it

He takes the flours dabba which still had flour in it. And starts going behind her. She takes the ketchup bottle and starts running. However sanskar catches her and he pours the dabba on her. Now she is also full of flour. Sanskar starts laughing and says : now u are also bhoot now come let’s take a selfie. Sanskar keeps taking selfie. And then ragini takes that ketchup bottle and pours on sanskar face. However this pick is also clicked. Sanskar wipes his face and says : ragini I will not leave u know.

She starts running and he runs after her but she stops seeing dadi.

Screen shifts to swalak,

Swalak were sitting together. They were talking

Swara : by the way u sing well, but not good than me, after all I am rockstar.

Laksh : miss swara gadodia, I know that I am God singer and also know that I am not better than u.

Swara :hm it’s better u accepted it, anyways let’s play a game.

Laksh : game

Swara : yes a rapid fire, i want to know u so if I ask u questions u will answer them by taking time but rapid fire always help to know the truth.

Laksh : hmm smart

Swara : I know that, ok then let start

Laksh : ok ready

Swara : what is ur name

Laksh : yeh kaisa savaal hai.

Swara : just answer it.

Laksh : u know what ur thinking, anyways laksh is my name.

Swara : what is ur age

Laksh : 22

Swara : whom do u love the most

Laksh : bhai

Swara : whom do u hate the most

Laksh : till yesterday it was u, but today know one

Swara : haww laksh, very bad

Laksh : ask me fast I am enjoying it.

Swara : so what’s it favourite dish

Laksh : chicken

Swara : what I thought ur vegiterian

Laksh : chill I was just joking I am a vegiterian, anything made of moms hand

Swara : so sweet, whom do u respect the most

Laksh : my dad.

Swara : so full family guy ha

Laksh : well!!! Yes

Swara : last question, tell me something about ur dream girl.

This question changed the atmosphere, laksh changed his smile into sadness.

Swara : I am sorry, I didn’t realize it, I don’t want any answer leave

Laksh : swara it’s ok, I will answer it. My dream girl, well I don’t think about her now, but be4 I used to think that my dream girl must be sweet and there should be a childish nature in behaviour with whom I can fight like I fight with my siblings, who takes care of me like my mother, and who will be always with me forever.

He was full scenty. Swara too got scenty but then she tries to act normal and says : wow laksh soo romantic, I never thought that my sadu can ever be so romantic

Laksh : thank u jungli billi but it is not romantic it just that I want this type of girl in my life.

Swara : in short u want someone like swara gadodia in life.

Laksh : what

Swara : let me remind u ur words, u said want a sweet girl and I know I am sweet.

Laksh : and

Swara : and let me clear one thing at this age no one can be more immature than me & of course I always fight with u and I will always be forever with u as friend…

Laksh : & what about caring like mother.

Swara : everybody is not perfect my would to be husband so u have to forget one point.

Laksh smiles : swara, tum sach main pagal ho.

Swara : in ur love baby

Laksh : from when did u became like bhai & started flirting.

Swara : when I got drunk yesterday

Laksh says acting like his scared : now u are not going to do anything  like yesterday night, bhagwan ke liye mujhe chod do swara.

Swara : ofcourse janemann I will do something like that , and how can I leave u for god.

She drags him close to her.And they both starts laughing.

Laksh : oh god, I am gonna die today by laughing so much.

Swara : me too.

Screen shifts to GH,

Dadi : why are u running lado and what

Ragini : da..di…. Actua..

Sanskar comes and stops seeing dadi. Dadi sees sanskar and starts laughing : what is this beta.

Sanskar : dadi ur grand daughter did this.

Ragini : dadi I did not anything he only came to help me, see now he only needs help.

Dadi : btw is the food ready, I am very hungry lado.

Ragsan realizes about the food.

Ragsan : oh no

Dadi : plzz make it fast but first u both wash ur face.

Ragsan : ok dadi.

They both leaves. They both goes to their respective rooms and comes out by washing their face and changing clothes. They both are thinking what to do now and they both says” idea”.

Ragini calls and says : hello…. Restaurant….

Sanskar : ya…..  restaurant…

Ragini says to herself : now I will see how u win this competition

Sanskar to himself : so jhansi ki rani get ready to lose.

Precap : ragini sanskar and sumi orders from the same restaurant. Ashish takes swara somewhere. Swalak starts packing.

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