SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 23)

Guys I know u want to see love bloosoming between them but will take few more episodes.

After sometime laksh entered the farmhouse. He sees that swara is not here and search for her everywhere, he calls her but she does not pics it up. He asks everybody about her. But nobody answered him. Laksh goes out and search swara and he hears a voice : vooh what a beautiful night.

He goes in that direction and sees swara in drunken state she was unable to stand properly and she had a bottle in her hand. Laksh is shocked : swara what are u doing here.

Swara : hi laksh, come u also come dance with me. And she starts singing zara as jhoom loon main.. (DDLJ).

Laksh : swara no we can’t and plzz come with me u need to go to farmhouse.

Swara : no I will not go there that ritika is there, that cheatercock, how can she cheat u, u are such a nice guy and u lied everyone that u have changed, I know u are still sweet u and I love u.

Laksh is damn shocked. And as she says I love u she falls on laksh.

Screen shifts to GH, Swaragini room

Ragini’s legs got hurt when she had fallen down, but she did not told sanskar about it and she was trying to put medicine on it now but ragini’s hand were not reaching there. Sanskar comes in the room and says : Ragini I am sorry na

And then suddenly he sees her wound and comes near to her : ragini when it happened.

She covers it and says : when I fell down.

Sanskar : u are careless, u came to dress( on wound) me and u ur self has not done, I am standing out first u put medicine on it. Then call me.

He goes out and ragini does one more try but couldn’t put medicine on it.

Ragini : sanskar will u help me.

Sanskar from outside : what

Ragini : plzz put this cream on that wound.

Sanskar : are u sure.

Ragini : well I don’t have any option now.

Sanskar comes inside he takes medicine and starts applying it on her leg but he did not even looked at it.

Ragini : btw it does not mean that I have accepted ur sorry.

Sanskar : sorry na

Ragini : no

Sanskar :” plzzz ”

Ragini : ok

Sanskar starts dancing : yeah.

Ragini laughs seeing sanskar childish nature. Sanskar thinks : ragini smile like this everyday, every hour, every second, every moment

Swara wakes up with headache in her head. And tries to remember what happens yesterday but it goes in vain.. Laksh was standing there. Swara sees laksh there and lipstick mark on his shirt.and she thinks that they both intimate last night. Laksh sees her wake up and says(angrily) : what was that swara u know what u did yesterday

Swara : oh shit what I did, I should have not done this.

And she starts crying.

Laksh : nothing gonna change by crying. And who told u to drink, if can’t handle it then u shouldnt have drinked it.

Swara : what will I do now, my family, what will they think about me if they get know this.

Laksh : exactly

Swara : u even stopped me from doing this.

Laksh : I told u but u didn’t listen to me.

Swara holds laksh collars and says : y laksh u did this with me, i was drunken but u were not na, why u slept with me.

Laksh : what!!!! Are u mad, I didn’t slept with u

Swara (angrily):” don’t lie laksh I know what happened yesterday & I will bare this truth and my lipstick mark on ur shirt is the proof, now u have to marry me. ” she was still cryinh

Laksh (angrily) : oh madam I have not lost my brain to marry u & listen nothing happened between us, I don’t know this lipstick mark when it came on my shirt. I was saying that u were roaming like mad people in the road on and u even proposed me.

Swara gets happy hearing this : are u serious laksh.

Laksh : yes now will u plzz tell me do u really love me.

Swara :” what do I know” she said this in happiness. ” I mean I was drunk so don’t know how it came from my mouth”

Laksh : whatever

And he starts leaving. Swara waits for him to go. As he goes out from the room. She starts jumping on bedand says : yeah yeah nothing happened between us . Laksh was seeing this from outside and he gave a hugeeeeee smile which was lost from months and he says to himself : pagal

Swara to herself : thanx laksh for being there with me, if any other guy would be there then he would definately have took my situation’s advantage.

Screen shifts to GH,

Sanskar comes to kitchen and sees ragini and sumi preparing breakfast.

Sanskar : good morning maa.

Sumi : good morning sanskar

Sumi then sees the bandage on sanskars hand and says : sanskar how did this happen

Ragini is about to tell about yesterday’s incident : maa…

Sanskar interrupts and eyes ragini to not to tell about yesterday’s incident : Maa nothing much fight with some guys in college.

Sumi : ur generation uff!!

Sanskar : anyways leave it naa maa tell me that today sun has rised from west.

Sumi : y

Sanskar : jhansi ki rani in kitchen.

Ragini : Maa u know that some boys just know to tease girls. If they can help us in household work then we will understand.

Sanskar : we are better than u girls.

Ragini : really then bet, whether I make a good food or u

Sanskar : challenge accepted

Ragini : done let’s see.

Sanskar : WE WILL SEE.

Screen shifts to laksh.

Laksh was thinking about swara’s words and her childhood nature and was smiling , ritika comes and sits near him and says : so yesterday had fun with swara.

Laksh ( angry) : what do u mean

Ritika : oh come on ur smile is telling that u guys had fun..

Laksh : she is not like u cheapo, and I am telling u first and last time STAY AWAY FROM HER. Otherwise I will make sure it life becomes hell.

And he goes from there. Swara listened everything. And is smiling seeing laksh attitude regarding her. His caring nature and says : I really don’t remember what happen yesterday, what I said u but I know that ur not that harsh laksh u really have a golden heart.

Precap : ragsan kitchen fun. Swalak friendship has started.

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