SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 22)

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After college is over.

Ragini is walking and leaves for the home.( she is not going with sanskar bcoz she is angry on him.) Goons came and started eve teasing ragini.

Goon 1: hey my jaan where are u going.

Goon 2: take us with u.

Ragini ignored and those goons started following her. After sometime one of them try to remove ragini’s duppata, but a hand stops him. And then the person fights with goons.

Ragini sees sanskar and hides behind him.

Sanskar fights with those goons.ragini is watching all this. And then when he sees all goons are not in condition to fight more, ragsan starts leaving. One goon from back shoots sanky but that bullet just touches sanskar hands as well as ragini fells down.

Sanskar : ouch! and he falls down.

Ragini gets scared as well as tensed.

The goons started going towards them. They hear a police siren and then they ran.

Ragini rans towards sanskar and say : sanskar is it paining, and what was the need to fight with them.

Sanskar : first lets go from here otherwise police will catch us and I don’t want any police matter.

Ragini : sanskar wait, it’s bleeding.

She had tears in her eyes. Ragini torn her dupatta and tied it on sanskar hand.

Screen shifts to GH, Sanskar room.

Sanskar was in terrible pain just then ragini entered his room.

Ragini : remove ur shirt.

Sanskar shocked : what

Ragini : I said remove ur clothes

Sanskar : but y

Ragini : are if u will not remove ur shirt how will I put first aid on it.

Sanskar : ooo, first aid

Ragini : what did u thought.

Sanskar : I thought that nobody is in the house, so u are trying to..

Ragini : chii yaar sanskar, ur such cheapo

Sanskar : I am sorry na

Ragini : no sorries will be accepted but now show me ur hand first.

Sanskar removes his shirt and ragini starts putting medicine on it.

Sanskar : ouch

Ragini : is it paining.

Sanskar ( in a childish way) : yes

Ragini : then what was the need to fight with them.

Sanskar : they were teasing u ragini.

Ragini : then u could have just ignore them

Sanskar : I can’t

Ragini : but y

Sanskar : bcoz I love u damn it.

Ragini is shocked. And they have an eyelock.

Ragini ( stammering) : sanskar what… Are… U..

Sanskar started laughing : hahahaha look at ur face

Ragini : sanskar what happened

Sanskar : are dumbo, I was just kidding.

Ragini ( angrily) and also beats him : I hate u, 1st thing u did not even talk to me in the college and aisa koi mazak karta hai kya

Sanskar : ouch, if u want to be angry then be na, but plzz don’t hit me yaar, u know na how much pain I am going through.

And he started wiping his fake tears.

Ragini looked him with anger.Ragini had finished dressing him. She stood angrily and went outside. Sanskar went behind her.

Sanskar : okay baba I am sorry na.

Ragini : u know what I think u should change my name from ragini to sorry, u say sorry to me more than u take my name.

Sanskar : not a bad idea.

Ragini : u!!, forget its useless

She goes from there.

Sanskar to himself : oh shit, she is seriously angry on me, what should I do to convince her……idea… Swara

He calls swara. Swara sees sanskar phone is coming she picks it up. She was alone standing while laksh was gone somewhere.

Sanskar : hey sweetheart.

Swara : now I become ur sweetheart, what u said that day, that I am ur bestii and u even talked to me for 2 days, after all u are busy with my sister na.

Sanskar thought swara came to know about his feeling : how do u know this

Swara : lado told me this

Sanskar : ragini even knows this

Swara : are dumbo, if u are staying in our house, then of course she will know na & I think she only brought u to stay in our house.

Sanskar : ohhh, so this is the matter

Swara : y what happened

Sanskar : nothing

Swara : anyways I am still angry with u bye.

And she ends the call.

Sanskar to himself : yaar this two sisters had to get angry on same time. I thought swara would help me, but instead she also became angry on me, where the hell I am stuck.

Screen shifts to farmhouse.

Swara had ended the call. Mean while ritika called her friend and said her to give this drink to swara. That girl goes towards swara

That girl : hey swara right.

Swara : ya

That girl : drink??

Swara : no thanx, I don’t drink

That girl : chill yaar it’s soft drink & trust me it’s refreshing.

Swara drinks it. Ritika from far away gave a evil smile and said in mind : drink swara drink, today truth will come out, then let me also see who saves u.

Precap : swara is running here and there on road. Sanskar is putting medicine to ragini.

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