SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 21)

Guys I am really sorry but I am trying my level best to show equal scenes of ragsan as well as swalak and will try even more.

Swara was thinking something and said : idea.

Laksh was in sleepy mood : now what

Swara ( In a childish way) : laksh u can sleep after I sleep than u can of the lights, plzzz

Laksh : no

Swara : plzzz plzzzz plzz

Laksh : ok fine.

Swara : thank u

After sometimes swara went to sleep. While laksh was waited for her to sleep.
As soon as she slept. He went to close the lamp. He saw swara’s cute faced and saw that her flex were coming on her face so he thought to remove it. He touched her face and started removing flex from her face and seeing her face he smiled and said to himself : u are not that bad swara.

Background song – tose naina ( mickey virus)

As soon as he touched her face swara in sleep took his hand and grabbed under herself. Laksh said to himself : oh no.

He tried to remove his hand but in vain. It was first time he thought to not to trouble. So he slept beside her.

It’s morning.


Sanskar came out of his room yawning and saw ragini’s gate was open and he entered the room. He saw that due to sun rays were directly falling on ragini’s face and it was disturbing her so he ran and put his hand in front of her face. And she again slept.

Sanskar saw her lovely face and said to himself : oh God she will kill me one day

He stood there for sometime. There sumi comes and sees sanskar in that position and says : y r u standing like this beta.

Sanskar : shh ma,say slowly she will wake up

Sumi : I know that, and I wanted it that’s y I opened the curtains.

Sanskar : but y, she looks so sweet while sleeping.

Sumi : I am waking her bcoz she has to go college if u remember.

Sanskar tapped his head from back and said : oh haa

Ragini wakes up hearing this and says : good morning maa.

Sumi : good morning lado.

Ragini then saw sanskar : good morning sanky

Sanskar : good morning jhansi ko rani

And then she realizes that sanskar is here and as she has just waken up she doesn’t remember that sanskar has come here to stay with them.

Ragini : what are u doing here, u should be in ur house.

Sanskar : madam ji if u have forgotten then let me tell u that u yesterday brought me to stay here.

Ragini : oh yes.

Sanskar : now go and get ready we have to go to college.

Ragini : yes bandar.

And then she goes to bath.

Screen shifts to swalak room.

Laksh was sleeping beside her bed ina sitting position. Swara wakes up and sees him and his hand on her gets shocked

Swara sits and shouts : aaa..

Laksh wakes up and gets frighten by her shout and says : what happen are u okay and y are u shouting.

Swara : y did u slept here.

And she covers herself in blanket.

Laksh : vo actually…

Swara : vo kya

Laksh : are u took my hand and put it in it hands so I though to not to wake u up. That’s y I slept here.

Swara ( angrily) : don’t lie

Laksh : listen jungli billi I have no interest to sleep around u.

Swara : no guarantee anyways I am going to have a bath.

Screen shifts to college campus

Ragini was searching for sanskar

Ragini to herself : now where did sanky went, I am getting so much bored, even shona is not here.

Sanskar with kavita and they were talking about something. Suddenly someone pushed kavita and she was about to fell but sanskar holds her. Ragini saw this and felt bad. She was little bit jealous but she don’t wanted to admit it as she thinks that laksh is her soulmate. She ignores that feeling and goes to them.

Ragini : hi guys & sanky where were u, we came together but then u disappeared.

Sanskar : ragini actually we are little bit busy so we can talk to u later.

Ragini : but..

Sanskar : bye.

And he left with kavita.

Ragini to herself ( angrily) : now what happened to him, let him come today home.

Precap : swaragini is angry with sanskar.

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