SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 20)

Guys I can’t believe that I have written 20 episodes. Thanx for ur love and support.. Seriously u guys have become my one more family now. Even one of u don’t comment, I start thinking why she did not comment. Guys plzz don’t stop commenting. And also thanx to silent readers, I know their might be many who wish to comment but cannot due to some reasons. I really used to think that I can’t write.thanx rosy, angel, manvi, Shreya, atiya, meghs, hayathi, sindhu and many more. Sorry guys but due to hectic schedule I don’t remember all the names.

Bottle spins and then 2, 3 do the task aur say truth whatever it comes to them.

Now it was ashish turn and he had to answer laksh questions.

Ashish : okay truth

Laksh : just tell me that even once u did not even felt bad while cheating me.

Ritish smile vanishes.

Ashish : no not even once.

Laksh had tears in his eyes and said : thanx ashish, thnx for everything.

Swara felt bad for laksh and she holded laksh hands and consoled him with eyes.

Now once again they spin the bottle and know it was ritika’ s turn to answer another boy.

Ritika : ok dare.

Boy : I will give u a situation ashish is angry with u and u hve to make him happy.

Ritika : it’s so simple

And she kisses him. He blushed. Laksh couldnt bare it and tears were rolling. swara was continuously holding his hand to console him and she too had tears her eyes.

She was thinking : laksh I cannot understand how ur feeling bcoz it has not happened with me but I know right now u r going through terrible pain.

Laksh started to go but then ashish stopped and said : hey wait, y r u leaving.

Laksh : actually I am not feeling good, chalo swara

Ashish : don’t go, I mean right now the game has started.

Ritika : ya plzzz don’t go.

Swara : fine we will stay here.

Laksh sees swara angrily but she did this bcoz she wanted to teach ritish a lesson. And they both once again sat.

Now the bottle was spined.

Laksh had to now answer ritika.

Laksh thought that if he chose truth then he had to answer about their relationship so he said : dare.

Ritika : kiss swara.

Laksh : are u mad ( said angrily)

Ritika : y she is ur would to be wife na.

Swara ( angrily) : what is ur problem ha, everytime u say we are going to marry so do this do that…

Ritika : y u r not going to marry each other.

Swara ( angrily) : yes we are, but we don’t think we need to prove it.

Laksh : it’s ok swara let’s do thiis.

Ritika : see, he is so smart.

Swara ( in mind) : how cheap laksh I am here to help u and u!!!

Laksh kept his hand on her cheeks and came forward while swara was signing him not to do this she was extremely uncomfortable and then laksh came too closer too her but he kissed her forehead.(u can imagine the same kiss when swalak danced to save ragini, same expressions)

Swara felt relaxed and thought : how dumb I was, I thought he will kiss me but instead he kissed my forehead, he is really a good guy.

Screen shifts to GH,

They all were sitting on dining table. And sumi and ragini were bringing food. Sanskar saw this and started helping her

Sumi : beta we will do this.

Sanskar : aunty u called me beta and don’t allow me to help u not fair.

Sumi : then u have to call maa

Sanskar : ok aunty, I mean maa.

Dinner is over. After sometime ragsan l leave for a walk.

Ragsan were feeling cold. And were shivering little bit.

Ragini : sanky u regularly go for walk.

Sanskar : it depends

Ragini : matlab???

Sanskar : I mean if I have a girl with me than no one can stop me from going.

Ragini : u are such big flirt

Sanskar : thanx for the complement jhansi ki rani

Ragini ( teased) : bandar don’t talk to me.

Sanskar didn’t said for while.

Ragini : say something.

Sanskar : u said na don’t talk to me.

Ragini : as if u follow all my instructions

Sanskar : u girls na, if we don’t follow then problem if we do then also problem

Sanskar laughs

Ragini ( angry) : u know it’s useless to talk with u

Sanskar : ok sorry sorry

Ragini : better, by the way how many girlfriends do u have.

Sanskar comes closer to her and says : don’t tell anyone okay, till now I didn’t had any gf.

Ragini : what!!! Am I dreaming???

Sanskar : no u are not.

Ragini : seriously sanky.

Sanskar : yes ragini

Ragini : but u flirt with the girls all the time.

Sanskar : so, it does not mean I keep gf and I also believe in true love.

Ragini starts laughing and says : u and true love.

And she goes from there. Sanskar was observing ragini and smiling and thinks : laugh ragini, but the fact is, ur the first girl whom I like so much. Background music -bakhuda tum hi ho( kismat konnection)

Scene shifts to swalak room.

They entered the room.

Laksh went to washroom while swara called ragini.

Swara ( on phone) : hi lado I miss u so much.

Ragini : I also miss u, but I am very happy

Swara : y lado.

Ragini : bcoz today I will sleep alone on the bed.

Swara : acha madam, even I am happy bcoz I don’t have to bare ur snoring.

Ragini : I don’t snore.

Swara : what do u know, I have to bare the consequences

And they both laughed.

Ragini : by the way sanky is staying here.

Swara : seriously lado.

Ragini : yes, by the where is laksh

Swara : he has gone to washroom.

Ragini : u both are staying in 1 room

Swara: yes lado, this ritika is too smart.

Ragini : hmmm..

And then they all told everything happened today. Mean while laksh came out and was getting disturbed by their voice and said : hey u sisters can talk tommorow.

Swara ( angrily) : fine and she ends the call by saying bye to ragini.

Laksh closes the lights while swara opens it up.

Laksh : what are u doing.

Swara : I can’t sleep without light

Laksh : I can’t sleep even in a dim light so forget that.

Swara : how rude.

Precap : ragini feels jealous seeing kavita with sanskar.

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