SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 2)


Thanks guys for commenting I am really sorry bcoz I am unable to reply on  each person’ s comment, but I can discuss the some common issues.Guys plzz don’t think about as pairs are already and would let u know about aftr some more episodes and it is a request that u enjoy my ff rather think about pairs. And the problem regarding hindi words would be sort from next ff so sorry guys.

Dadu had called everyone and started giving them their gifts.  Swaragini got their gifts but still they were searching for something.

Dadi saw this and said” kuch chahiye tum dono ko”.

They both moved their head first in yes direction but then changed it in no direction.

Dadi in a teasing way: “Kuch naa ab jao yaha se.”

They started moving just then dadi stopped them and told :” yeh lekar jao aur ramu kaka (their servant) ko kehna ki isse fridge main rakh de. ”

Ragini took ithat dabba and again both started moving sadly.. While everybody else was looking at them.

Just after it swaragini could smell it and they found that ragini was holding at and screamed” gulabjamun” and ran to their room taking it .

Just then sumi shouted :” dadi ko thnx toh bolo”.

They botrereplied: “thnx dadi & love u”

In swaragini’s room:

They again started fighting for gulab jamun.

Swara:” lado dena plzz yaar aisa mat kar”

Ragini : “nahi main kyu du tujhe main tujhse badi hone ke baad bhi tu meri baat nahi sunti hai toh main kyu sunu”

Swara: “oh madam, tu sirf mujhse minute badi hai aur tu mujhse expect kar rahi ki main teri baat sunu”

Ragini :” thik hai mat sun toh gulabjamun bhi nahi”

Swara : “lado sunna, plzz yaar, acha main teri koi bhi ek baat manungi sivaye ek chij ke ki tu mujhe bike chalane se mana nahi karegi”.

Ragini : “shona, intelligent haa, ok main mana nahi karungi lekin tu college main bike nahi leke jaayegi.”

Swara after thinking very much says :” ok fine.”

And they both ate whole dabba of gulab jamun.

And they slept sitting beside each other and ragini head was on swara shoulder and swara’ s head was on ragini’s head. Shekhar and sumi watched them n got emotional and started missing their son.

After few hours

They woke up and found each other messy and went for getting fresh.

As they came out swara said

Swara : “lado 5 din baad humara college ko chal kal shopping karne chalte hai”.

Ragini :” haa, vaise bhi mujhe books khareed ni hai.”

Swara : “offo lado tu aur teri books mujhe toh leni hai stickers for  my bike and of course kuch kapde unlike u”

Ragini : “oh really, mujhe laga tu toh biker dress main hi chali jayegi college.”

Swara: “very funny, was it a joke”.

Ragini: “no it wasn’t”

Swaragini laughed and together said : “hum kitna jhagda karte hai na.” and went down for having dinner.

While having dinner they

Swaragini: “papa hum vo soch rahe the hi kal shopping karne chale jaate hai vaise bhi kaafi dino se shopping nahi ki hai.”

Shekhar: “5 din pehle toh gayi thi shopping karne tum dono.”

Swaragini:” papa hum paaaanch din pehle gaye the, 5 din may 120 ghante hote hai aur…..

Shekhar( interupts) :” haa thik hai, bas bas parso chali jaana”

Swaragini gets happy and hugs each other

Sumi:” pata nahi inka pati kaise jhalega inhe aur inki saas ko kitna tang kare yeh dono.”

Swara: “kaise jhalega matlab, are ussi toh khush hona chahiye ki swara gadodia se suki shaadi ho rahi hai”

Ragini: “bichare hone wale jiju, zindagi bhar khud ki tarif karne wali ladki ko jhel teh rahenge, mujhe toh unpe an se taras aa raha hai”

Swara:” tu toh rehne de,dadi aapko pata hai kya jab mere jiju isko dekhenge na…”

Ragini understands that swara is going to tell about her dream boy in front of everyone and closes swara’s mouth by her hand and after it swara tries to removes her but goes in vain and then after it ragini takes swara to their room .

(swaragini at bed time don’t fights instead they share secrets with each other and they also have a girl’s talk)

Swara seeing ragini’s angry face starts laughing and says:” lado toh dare gayi’

Ragini( angrily) :” tu kya expect karti hai ki main teri aarti utaro”

Swara:” haa,ofcourse after all main hu hi aisi” and again starts laughing

Ragini took the pillow and they both started had a pillow fight. After few minutes they got tired and stopped their fight and laughed loudly seeing each other. After some time

Ragini: “shona tu ne nahi bataya ki tujhe kaise ladka chahiye”

Swara:” lado aisa kuch nahi par jab main usse pehli baar milu  na tab tu mere saath honi chahiye aur ha vo ladka bilkul papa jaisa ho”

Ragini:” hmmm… Tujhe husband chahiye ya chacha, anyways main toh jab mere dream boy se milungi naa tab….”

Swara (as she has got bored of hearing about ragini’s dream boy): “haa haa pata hai, tab havaye chalne lagengi, aas pass gane bajne lagenge aur vo bahut handsome hoga, jisse bas tere liye banaya hoga and blaa blaa, ab chup chap so jaa varna dream boy jab samne hoga na tQab tu soti rahegi”

And they both go to sleep

Sunrises, Mumbai India

There is a guy who is playing cricket and is full of sweat and everybody is cheering for him he has scored 99 and not out and this the last ball of the match and screen shifts towards a guy who is driving a car at the high speed as he wants to reach the ground where the guys match is going on. Screen freezes.

Precap: boys flights to Kolkata.

Guys plzzz zzz comment.

Credit to: Anjali

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