SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 19)

Guys thnx for comments and suggestion guys. Soon u will get to know about it. I think u all got confused with the pairs so let me clear that the pairs are swalak and ragsan.


Swalak enters the farmhouse.

Ritika saw them and said : hi guys, well I told u both to come 12 :00 clock & right now it is 5 : 00 clock.

Swara : actually we were..

Laksh stopped swara in middle and says : actually we wanted to spend time together.

Ritika feels jealous from inside but smiles and says : come let me show ur room.

Swalak : yes plzz we are really tired.

Ritika took them to a room.

Ritika : so guys it’s ur room.

Swalak : ours

And they both look each other and then ritika.

Ritika : yaaa, I mean u both are going to marry each other.

Laksh : but ritika we belong to marwari family and its not good for us to stay together

Swara : he is right.

Ritika : relax guys, u r saying like that u are just friends

Swara : it’s nothing like that.

Ritika : nothing, then stay in a room.

Swalak : but listen…

Ritika comes out with evil smile and thinks in mind : how much will u lie laksh, I know that u have not forgetten me and I will prove it.

It’s evening.


Sumi sees ragini and sanskar entering the house.

Sumi : who is this lado

Ragini : maa he is my friend sanskar.

Dadi from back : only friend na lado.

Ragini : dadiii

Dadi : I mean u first time brought a boy at our house, so their might be something na

Ragini gets teased and says : no, there is nothing like that.

Sanskar was seeing this conversation and smiled and said : lado y don’t u disclose it, I don’t think ur family has any problem with our relationship

Everyone looked at ragini.

Ragini : shut up sanky, Maa papa there is nothing like that.

Sanskar : are jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya.

Ragini : u!!!, I will not spare u

And she started hitting him.

Sanskar was laughing and said : ok sorry meri Maa, ( looking family members)sorry aunty uncle it was joke.

Shekhar : thank God beta u told us the truth, u know I got worried for u.

Ragini : y papa

Shekhar : he had to bare u na.

Sanskar : yes, I can’t even bare this jhansi ki rani

And they both started laughing

Ragini : see na dadu.

Dadu : Shekhar don’t tease my lado.

Ragini : papa I brought him to stay with us, actually his brother has gone with swara na & his family stays in Mumbai so he would have get bored like me  so it’s ok na.

Shekhar : ofcourse lado he can stay with us.

Sanskar : thnx uncle.

Shekhar : it’s ok beta.

Sumi : lado show him his room.

Ragini : yes maa.

Screen shifts to farmhouse, they all were sitting on ground, there were in all 7 to 8 couples including swalak and ritish (ritika and ashish)

Ritika : let’s play truth or dare, what’s say guys.

Another girl : yaa it’s good idea.

They spin the bottle.

Precap : ragsan night walk. Laksh to kiss swara’ s forehead.

Credit to: Anjali


  1. aditi syam

    Awesome plzxxz update next chapter too a kiss and a night walk no way I hv patience to wait fr it plzzzzzz update next chapter too plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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