SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 18)

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Next day it’s morning

Swara is getting ready to leave for farn house.

Whereas ragini sees that laksh have reached with his car and says : shona laksh has teached.

Swara : ya lado just 2 min till then u talk to that sadu.

Ragini : ok shona.

She goes down and says : hi laksh.

Laksh : hi ragini and sorry for yesterday’s behaviour.

Swara hears it from back and thinks : lado was right he is really not that bad.

Ragini : it’s okay i can understand ur situation.

Swara comes near them and says ; by lado I will miss u alot.

Ragini : even i will miss u and take care.

And they have hug.

Laksh : now can we leave.

Swara : ofcourse Mr. Sadu.

And she start going towards her bike. Laksh sees that and says : oo hello miss jungli billi where are u going

Swara : I am going to take my bike.

Laksh ( angrily) : are u mad, have u lost it, we will go their with ur bike.

Swara: yes do u have any problem with it.

Laksh : yes, 1st thing, u have a bag which is bigger than u and 2nd it would not make good impression.

Swara: i will manage my bag, u don’t take tension of it. But i will go with bike.

Laksh : i will not go on it.

Swara : i will not come in ur car.

And both stood angrily there.

Ragini : shona he is saying right u guys cannot go on bike.

Swara : y do u always take his side.

Ragini : plzz understand the situation

Swara : but lado

Ragini : okay i will allow u to go to college with ur bike.

Swara : really.

Ragini : yes, now go.

Swara sat in laksh’ s car and laksh also say in the car. Car started and swara waved a bye to ragini.  even laksh did the same thing.

After sometime they have reached on sunsan road ( sorry guys didn’t got the name for it.

Their car stopped.

Swara : y did u stop it.

Laksh : i don’t know how it happen

Screen shifts to road, where ragini is walking.

Suddenly a car stops in front of her. Sanskar comes out of it.

Ragini : hi sanky

Sanskar : hi jhansi ki rani

Ragini : u!! U are not going to stop it na.

Sanskar : no

Ragini : u are bandar

Sanskar : what

Ragini : when we try to explain a bandar don’t do this, he don’t understand, same is with u.

And she starts laughing.

Sanskar : very funny, now jhansi ki rani u would like to come with this bandar to college

Ragini : ok bandar

She goes in the car. Sanskar was driving it.

Sanskar : u might have got bored na

Ragini : ya actually, shona is the one person who stay with 24 hrs. Even u might have got bored na.

Sanskar : yes, but u atleast have it family here, i just have lucky and uttara here. and lucky has gone out and uttara stays in hostel.

Ragini : hey do one thing, come to stay with us.

Sanskar : are u serious.

Ragini : yes baba, we would get each others company and ur somewhat shona type so Maa, papa will also not miss her more.

Sanskar : ok jhansi ki rani

Ragini : bandar

Screen shifts to swalak

Swara ( angry) : what do u mean u don’t know, u should take care of it.

Laksh (angrily): listen i don’t want to fight with u now and let me check what has happen

They both get out of the car and laksh goes to check the engine and all stuff.

After 1 hour

Swara : it was better that we would have
come with my bike.

Laksh ignores.

Swara: where i have got stuck with is dumb guy.

Laksh : if u really think i am dumb guy then plzz u do it.

Swara comes and she just touches 2, 3 wires and say : now try

Laksh tries and car starts and he is stunned with this

Swara : see i am better than u.

Laksh : ok fine, now plzz come inside

Swara in mind : how did it happen i just touch the wires.

Around 5 o clock they had reached the had reached farmhouse.

Swalak came out.

Laksh : finally we have reached.

Swara : chale.

Laksh : of course, we are not here to stand outside.

Swara : very funny.

Laksh was going inside swara stopped him.

Laksh : now what

Swara : u have brought ur sister or girlfriend here.

Laksh : what

Swara : offo

Swara took laksh hand forcefully and placed on her waist and said : sadu I m ur gf.

Laksh (in mind) : how is she, yesterday I put my hand on her shoulder, she started shouting and now she herself is putting my hand on her waist. Screen freezes.

Precap : they all play truth or dare. Ragini spent her full day with sanskar.

Guys I am confused I have 2 options. Plzz help me I want suggestions.

1. Triangle between swaraglak


2. ragini confused between sanlak.

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  1. Confused with sanlak is a better choice …..

  2. Nice epi.do as u wish but I suggest 1.

  3. pavani bhavanam

    Plz make it swalak…..

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    Its my request

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    1. Sorry Anjali

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    ..2nd options is better

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    1. Guys the pair is swalak and ragsan, but I want to know whether I should directly make ragini fall for sanskar aur let her heart get broken

      1. No yaar better you bring another character by seeing her with sanskar ragini falls in love with him

  12. oh please !! no triangle love for god’s sake. let it be tht ragini is confused b/w sanlak but soon realises tht she loves sanskaar even sanskaar loves her na…so make it like this.

  13. no triangle between swaraglak please .if you want then do this but please keep swalak as pair.

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  21. Agree with shreya plzz dont break her heart

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