SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 17)


Guys I know I was unable to put more ragsan scenes, but I definately tried in it. & guys sorry bcoz i will not be able to post for next three days due to family functions, but if possible i will definately post it.

After sometime ragini was moving around the corridors and sanskar tapped on her right shoulder and ragini moved back but sanskar turned on the left side.

Ragini : sanky

Sanskar: yes jhansi ki rani

Ragini: are u fine after flirting with kavita

Sanskar: I think somebody is jealous

Ragini: y I will be jealous.

Sanskar: how do I know

Ragini: whatever, u keep ur assumptions with u

Sanskar: are baba sorry, but I was keeping her away from ritika bcoz she knows that lucky and swara can never be together.

Ragini : ya that’s true.

Laksh sees them from a distance he was still angry with ragini bcoz she said that they both are coming.

Laksh: bhai, let’s leave, I have to go tommorow for a week on farmhouse.

Sanskar: but y

Laksh taunts ragini and says : bcoz someone told that we will go

Ragini : I am sorry laksh, but I had to do it.

Laksh : plzz bhai let’s move.

Sanskar : aree but I was talking to her.

Laksh: u can talk to her afterwards, but now help me in packing.

Sanskar : but…

And they both go. Where as ragini upset seeing laksh rude behaviour.

Just then swara comes and says but she is unable to sanlak.

Swara: what happen lado y r u standing here.

Ragini : nothing shona let’s go.

Swara on their way to home : lado I don’t think they will allow, I know papa thinking is new but to send me there is a different thing

Ragini: I know shona, but we have to do something, let ritika also realize that he has move on.

And they reached.

Shekhar saw them and say: so my darling daughters are here.

Swaragini : yes papa

And hugs them.

Sumi : so u both arrived.

Swaragini : yes Maa & u know what we have brought something for u

Sumi : show me

Ragini : we have brought for u a massager.

Sumi : what is happening in this house.

Swara: y we cannot bring for u.

Sumi : no u can’t, now tell me what both of u want.

Ragini : no more, ya but swara wants to go for week at her friends farm house.

Swara: don’t lie, I didn’t wanted u only said to her that I will come now I are telling that.

Sumi : ok ok I understood , u can go.

Swaragini have a hug.

Shekhar : but y lado u are not going with her.

Swaragini are confused and are thinking that what to say now

Ragini : papa she is swara’ s friend so how can I go.

Shekhar : but how is it possible that she is shona friend but not yours

Ragini : oh ho papa there are something different in us also.

Shekhar : u both and ur talks.

It’s night


Sanskar is roaming in his room and thinking : how shall I talk to her, I want to know her, I want to see her smiling face. Shall I call her.

He calls ragini and instantly cuts it. Suddenly he sees his phone is ringing. He smiles and says badi Maa

Sanskar on phone : hello my beautiful lady

Ap : how is my handsome guy.

Sanskar : I m fine and how are u badi Maa and how are everyone in the house.

Ap : everybody is fine, is laksh ok now.

Sanskar: Maa he is fine, infact he made a new friend here.

Ap : thank God, I was really worried for him, who is this person whom laksh made as his friend.

Sanskar: badi Maa her name is ragini, she is sweet girl.

Ap : God bless her & what about u.

Sanskar : badi Maa I toh have many friends.

Ap : and who is ur girlfriend.

Sanskar : u

Ap : baddmash

Sanskar: no badi Maa, not yet, but i think i will find her soon.

Sanskar started thinking of ragini and her face.

Ap : sanskar u know what we are searching a girl for adarsh ( he is not married yet)

Sanskar was lost in ragini’s thought.

Ap : are u there

Sanskar comes back to his senses and says : yes badi Maa, adarsh bhai, seriously.

Ap: yes beta, beta i will talk to u later ha.

Sanskar : ok badi Maa, bye.

Ap : bye

Call ends.

Sanskar calls ragini. Till then laksh comes and says : bhai, plzz help me to pack the bags.

Sanskar : but i want to talk to ra..

Laksh : talk to her later.

Sanskar makes angry face and says in mind : lucky let ur time come i will also show u.

Screen shifts,

Gh, swaragini’ s room

Ragini : shona have u completed ur packing.

Swara: yes lado, but i m stressed, if she caught our lie then

Ragini : think positive dumbo.

Swara: aree but see it was okay till college but to stay with him & 7 days it’s like killing myself.

Ragini : shona he is not that bad.

Swara: I saw his goodness when he talked with u, u are his best friend and somebody talks to their friend like this.

Ragini : he was angry na

Swara said angrily : u don’t take his side okay

Ragini : ok sorry.

Swara : good, anyways I will miss u lado.

Ragini: I will miss u too my shona.

And they have a hug. Screen freezes.

Precap : sanskar stays with gadodias.

Credit to: Anjali

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