SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 16)


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Sanskar runs towards kavita and holds her tightly makes her stand touch to the pillar they are very close, ragini sees this and she closes her eyes and turns her head on another side.

screen shifts to kavsan,

kavita was blushing and sanskar was tensed becoz he didnt want that she should reveal their lie.

kavita : sanky what are u doing

sanskar: actually kavita i wanted to tell u , to tell u , that u are looking good

kavita : seriously , thank u, now leave me as i want to talk with them 

and she started going from there, sanskar holds her hand from back and says unwillingly : hey plzz dont go na

kavita : if u say then i will stay here 

sanskar : thanks ( in mind) offf 

and they leave from there . but ragini was still there and hearing their conversation.

screen shifts to swalak,

laksh : yes we are getting married after this term comes to an end

ashish : congrats laksh and swara.

laksh : so what u did with my money ashish , tell me na 

ashish is hurt but ritika said: i dont think we need to tell u .

ashish: lets go ritika 

ritika : wait a second baby, hey u guys are really getting married na

swara : yes and how many time u will ask this.

ritika : no actually i have many friends are in kolkata so we have planned to go to my farmhouse here and all are couples so i want u both to come fand we are going for a week.

swara and laksh are shocked and they are thinking : farmhouse that to with him/ her and for a week its impossible , how i am standing with him/her i know that.

and they both said : no, we cant 

ritika : but y , 

laksh: actually her papa will not allow ,

swara : ya 

ritika: but u guys now only said that u guys are going to get married then i dont think uncle should have problem with him.

swara :sorry yaar, but u know we are marwari and we know about are family they wont allow even though wev are getting married.

ritika: plzz dont lie, i know u both are not in relationship.

swara : its nothing like that….

ragini :she will definately come.

ritika: who are u know

ragini: i am her sister, ragini

swara : but lado papa

ragini : shona we will manage.

ritika : ok then u reach the farm house on tommorow afternooon sharp 12: 00 clock, i will tell kavita to send u the address

laksh said with fake smile : thnx, bcoz of u we will be able to spend time together.

And then ashish and ritika left.

Laksh ( shouts at ragini): are u mad ragini, I would have manage it, I don’t know what’s is going in both of urs head.

Swara ( shouts on laksh) : how rude u are, we tried to help u and u cant even say thank u.

Laksh : thank u thank u very much for it, but I could have managed it and I didn’t said u to call urself as my girlfriend okay.

Swara: I did bcoz of humanity, and u, was it necessary to say that we are getting married.

Lakah: what I could do else, I don’t know but know u have to come with me on tommorow

Laksh murmers : I don’t know how we will stay together for a week.

Swara: listen sadu even I don’t want to stay with u.

Ragini: I am sorry guys, I really wanted her to feel that u both are in relationship.

Swara: lado u didn’t did anything, if this guy wouldnt have told that we are getting married then it would might not happen

Laksh: listen swara jungli billi, if u didn’t have said that u are my girlfriend na, than this whole thing wouldn’t have started at all.

Swara: I am really sorry, u know what  it’s useless to talk with u.

And they go on opposite side & screen freezes

recap : shekar allows them to go for picnic. Sanskar try to find ways to talk to ragini

Credit to: Anjali

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  1. so it is swalak and ragsan ha

  2. I dont like ansh and ritika chatectwr plzzz punish them dr

    1. Hayathi bad people are punished by God so they will get punished

  3. awwww cute fight of swlak luv it and thanks fo d ff plz update nxt part soon dear

  4. Awesome. Please don’t worry about comments we just love ur ff . Keep continuing. And more ragsan scenes please

  5. ragsan, awesome

  6. It’s really good waiting for next part updates soon haan & plz yaar dnt get sad or disappointed na we really like your ff very much plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. nice.. but let ashish punished for his mistakes…

  8. nice …

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