SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 15)


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Sanskar is shocked to see ritika and says : ritika

swaragini realize that laksh ex-girlfriend who cheated him is here. And all the memories of laksh were flashing on there face. And they were full of tears.

Kavita: wow ritika, how do u got to know about my college

Ritika: are my sweetheart when ashish is here then no fear.

Ashish from back: hey girls, I hope u like it. And he places his hand over ritika’ s waist

Laksh tears were falling on the floor seeing this scenery, he was totally hurt. Just then ritika turned and is also shocked to see laksh but gives a evil smile and started moving towards him. On the other hand ashish and kavita were talking to each other.

Laksh sees her coming towards her and wipes his tears & try to act normal.

When ritika was about to talk to him a girl interrupts and says : stay away from him.

Laksh realizes that she is swara.

Ritika: excuse me, am I not allowed to talk to anybody in this college

Swara: yes ur allowed to, but not to him

Ritika: but y, and who r u to stop me

Swara: I am.. I am… I am his girlfriend, so now stay away from him

Ragini is shocked to see this but realizes that swara is only doing this for humanity. Sanskar smiles and thinks : thanks swara, I know it is difficult for u to do this, but thanks for doing this for my brother. Even laksh is shocked to hear this.

Ritika gave a smile and said to laksh : really , I didn’t thought that u would fall in love so soon , I mean when u loved me that much , and then I cheated u I thought that falling in love , is another thing but to trust someone would be difficult for u.

Laksh : atleast u accepted it that u cheat me.

Ritika gets annoyed (to swara) : anyways , u are …….

Laksh kept his hand on swara’s shouder and continued swara’s lie : she is swara ,would to be swara laksh maheshwari

Swara in mind : how can he say this, I mean swara laksh maheshwari , it would be better for me to die rather than to be his wife and how dare did he put his hand on my shoulder.

Swara : yes baby,( to ritika )anyways thanks ritika if u were not there then how would I get him.

Ritika in mind: baby , can anyone call laksh baby, even I didn’t called him that time. I am sure they are lying , till when u will hide from me laksh.

Just then ashish sees them and he first was happy to see laksh but then remembers the incident and goes towards them and says to kavita: just a sec.

Ashish : whats happening ritika

Ritika:hey remember him

Ashish: yes laksh , am I right

Laksh: thank god , u have not forgotten my name, anyways she is my girlfriend swara

Ritika: and guess what they marrying each other

Ashish : seriously

Screen shifts to kavita who was not able to hear there conversation

Kavita to herself: what conversation they are having, I should go there.

Sanskar sees that she is going towards them and says to himself : oh no if she tells ritika that they are not in relationship in fact they hate each other , then….

Precap: sanskar and kavita are very close to each other , ragini is not comfortable seeing this.

Credit to: Anjali

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  1. Dont feel like you r not getting comments are u should also consider silent readers
    And super shocking answer by swara to rithika

    1. thanks for encouragement sindhu , i forgot that many people read don’t comment

  2. Plz yaar it was really good thanks for fast update yaar dnt get disappointed plz update next part soon waiting for it

  3. Plz yaar it was really good thanks for fast update yaar dnt get disappointed plz update next part soon waiting for it…….

  4. I like d story…its well written…keep going

  5. Can some one tell me is it swalak or swasan plz

  6. please update soon

  7. No sanky plzzz dont do this to rags

  8. Its superb yar don’t upset for less coments there r silent readers

    1. thnx meghs

  9. nice …

  10. amazing …

  11. your ff is my favourite story please keep it up

  12. when will u post d nxt episode plzz dp it fast plzzzzz and ya u will get more viewers if u change d pairs from ragsan and swalak to raglak and swasan

    1. Anyways thanx for recommendation, but I am their big fan

  13. Nice u don’t worry about comments there are mny silent readers also i loved ur story plz carry on don’t think to stop this otherwise i m going to kill u plzz don’t stop okkk

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