SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 14)

Hey guys I am think u all are not liking it. And sorry for less ragsan part yaar but I tried to put more effort in this part. Again I know it is small but ya I was excited

Swara : hi sanky. As usual ignores laksh

Sanskar : hi swaragini

Ragini : what did u said

Sanskar : did i said something wrong, I mean when we join ur names  we get it swaragini.

Swara : wow sanky nice ha

Laksh : anyways, how r u ragini

Ragini: fine laksh, anyways laksh are u okay

Swara : he can never be okay

Laksh : can’t u keep it mouth shut, jungli billi

Swara : no never, it is my mouth, sadu, u can’t keep ur ears close

Laksh : what is ur problem ha, some screws are fallen from ur brain.

Swara: mine might be fallen, but u don’t have it.

Laksh : u

Swara : u

Both said angrily

Just then kavita comes. kavita sees them fighting  and she says : u guys fight later on but know plzz help me

Ragini: what happened kavita, is everything okay

Sanskar: ya ya plzz tell me I am always ready to help girls

Ragini: stop it sanky, how much will u flirt

Sanskar : I can’t flirt with jhansi ki rani na

Ragini:” y ” and then she realize he called her jhansi ki rani and says ” sanky I am not gonna leave u”

And she runs behind sanskar

Sanskar: no jhansi ki rani leave me

Ragini: stop calling me that

Sanskar: I can’t.

Ragini : and then i will definately not leave u

Sanskar: first catch me

Ragini : now ur gone

Kavita ( angry ) : guys plzz stop it fights, all four of u

Swargini: sorry sorry, ya tell now

Kavita : good, my sister is coming from Delhi after many years.

Swara : ok, so what help we can do

Kavita : actually she is coming for 1 month na, then I want u all to give her company as I might be busy with the volunteers duty

Sanskar : of course we can, by the way she looks good na

Kavita : of course she looks good, I am sorry sanky but she already have a boyfriend and he is coming with her

Sanskar : oh shit

Swara: thank God otherwise this idiot, also had flirting with her.

Till then laksh was leaving and started moving towards corridor.

Ragini : forget them u tell me when she is coming.

Kavita : now, don’t know about her, I mean she can directly enter the college.

Suddenly a voice from behind said :hey kavita I am here.

Laksh hear it and turned  back and was shocked to see ritika there.

Precap: swara says she is laksh girlfriend.

Credit to: Anjali


  1. Meghs

    I knew this kavi sis was ritika now swara will act as gf of laksh maybe ts make them understand eac other. ….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.