SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 13)


Sorry guys for late updates, I was busy with my college projects and submission. It’s short update but I will definately make another one big.

Host :Raavi , aniket, anvi, rahul, kiran, priya, sakshi & the last two contestants are swara

Swara is on 7th heaven. Ragini hugs her  happily and says : congrats shona

Kavita : hey congrats swara

Sanskar: congrats sweetheart

Swara : thank u guys

She sees laksh and gets dissapointed and thinks : I understand his situation, but he can’t even congratulate me, how rude.

Host : and last but not the least the guy who made all of us cry, yes none other than laksh maheshwari

Everybody is shocked to know that even lucky, he gives a strange look bcoz he didn’t knew about this.

Mean while sanskar and ragini are happy. While swara was still angry

Sanskar: wow lucky. congrats yaar.

Laksh is shocked and goes to the judges and says : ma’am I never gave my name for the competition

Judge : we know but we were able to feel the pain in it voice & we have decided that u will participate in it.

Laksh: but ma’am I don’t want to participate.

Judge: sorry dear but u have to as it is an inter music competition between all the colleges in India

Lakah: but I really dont want to participate

Judge said angrily: if u want to stay in this college then u have to participate in this competition that’ s it.

Laksh: but ma’am….

And she went, sanskar comes to him & says

Sanskar: lucky y u don’t want to participate.

Laksh : bhai, I left singing, the reason I started singing brought me here

Laksh was again going to scenty mode.

but swara saw this and says : oh hello sadu, don’t think u can beat me, I will win this competition.

She said it purposely so that he gets distracted from it

Laksh said angrily: u jungli billi, first thing I don’t wanted to participate in it& second who will win or who will lose, we will see that.

Swara : we will definately see that

And they go in opposite directions.

Ragini went behind swara & sanskar behind laksh

Ragini: shona, I know y u fought with him

Swara: y I did this tell me

Ragini : bcoz u wanted to distract him

Swara: yes lado, u know me so well

Ragini: that’s bcoz I am ur sister


After some time they reach the house

Sumi sees them entering in the house  and see them little tensed and says

Sumi : if u guys don’t want to share ur happiness with us then it’s ok.

Ragini: maa how can u even says that

Sumi: see ur faces, u both are entering like u are not allowed to eat gulabjamun

Swara gets excited and says : where it is give me, na

Dadi brings it and she gives to swara

Dadi: many many congratulations to my shona

Swara: thank u dadi

Ragini: what dadi, only for shona ha

Dadi: yes bcoz she got selected

Ragini: see na dadu. ( said in kiddish way)

Dadu: shobha don’t do this to my lado

Dadi: okay, but she must also gets selected in dance

Swara: sure dadi she will definately get selected, after all she is my sister

Shekhar: yes my both darlings are genius

Swaragini: ya that’s true

Dadi also gives gulabjamun to ragini

Next day, college campus,

Swaragini were still upset after knowing laksh bitter past, but there friends were congratulating swara.

Suddenly they see sanlak coming towards them and also same with sanlak.

Sanskar( in mind ) : I don’t know what happens to me when I see her. Screen freezes

Precap : kavita says that her cousin sister is coming with her boyfriend

Credit to: Anjali

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  1. superb yaar but plsss make it lengthy and I want some scene of ragsar

  2. Ohhhh so nice

  3. Superb… I think kavitha cousin sis is laksh ex

  4. Superb… I think kavitha cousin sis is laksh ex who cheated him…

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