SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 12)


Hey guys it is my 12 th part, never thought I could write this much  these Thnx again and the pairs are ragsan and swalak. As I am huge fan of these pairs, I just love swalak and I feel that ragsan share much more cute chemistry than swasan chemistry. sorry to swasan and raglak fans but my ff has swasan and raglak pairing too as best friends.

For swasan and raglak fans, I have a suggestion I guys can imagine laksh as varun and sanskar as namish, I know it’s difficult but sorry guys

Recap: laksh is shocked to see ritika with ashish.

He recalls the moment when ashish said to him about his girlfriend. Then they both notices laksh and they knew they were caught

Ashish: lucky listen to me.

He puts his hand on shoulder, just then laksh removed his hand and he had teary in his

Laksh : don’t call me lucky, u have lost that right, I never thought u will do this to me & u know I m hurt bcoz cheated me , but I am more hurt that u cheated me, I use to think as my brother.

Tears were flowing from his eyes. He was hurt deeply. Sanskar calls lucky and the call automatically gets on. Sanskar was able to hear all this conversation.

Laksh: ritika, y ha, u would have told me once, I would I have even signed my death certificate, Ashish u had told me, I would have gone from ur and ritika’ s life

Ashish : lucky what ur thinking is……….. Correct

And he started laughing. He too was feeling guilty but didn’t let it come on his face.. Laksh was shocked to see that.. Even ritika changed her expression and gave an evil smile.

Ashish: u dumb, how do u even thought that I can be ur brother. So Mr. Laksh durgaprasad maheshwari, how was my performances all this years haa.

Laksh now found it more betrayal.and his tears were just continuously flowing.

Ashish: u were never my best friend.  what ever I liked u had it and u took ritika also from me, but she loved me and we both decided to take ur everything away from u.

Ritika: laksh ya u r handsome, hot and happening but ashish impressed me more.

Laksh wiping his tears and smiled and said : thanks u.. Thank u so much I will never be able to love someone. Not able to trust someone.

And he slapped ashish. And started to leave from there just then ashish in anger was about to hit him but a hands come in the middle.. And this hand is of none other than sanskar.

Sanskar: don’t u dare touch my brother.

And he hits him hard. Ashish falls down.Ritika helps him get up.

Flashback ends.

Sanskar was facing on another direction and was saying this to swara.  Swara was full of tears and was thinking that I was calling him sadu but the guy who has bared this much of pain in his life.. I don’t know what would I do if someone had done this type of things with me.

Screen shifts to raglak. They were also crying.

Ragini: I am sorry laksh, I didn’t knew that I had this much bitter past.

Laksh: how would u know, I never told u about it.

Ragini wipes her tears and says: laksh but all people are not like ashish and ritika. So plzz forget about it like it was ur bad dream

Laksh also wipes his tears and says: thnx ragini, thank u so much, u know I am feeling much better.

Ragini: best friends.

Laksh: of course but u won’t do like ashish

Ragini: never ever

Screen shifts

Sanskar looks towards swara and says: swara, how much my lucky had suffer in these 2 months only I know it.

Swara wipes her tears: sanky i am sorry, i didn’t knew that laksh has bared so much, ur a true friend

Sanskar: and ur a true best friend

Swara : sanky best friends so soon

Sanskar: swara if the first one to hear about lucky so much carefully, that’s y & nobody matters to me more than him.

Swara smiles

Swara ( in mind) : if I talk with laksh nicely then he will feel I am giving him sympathy, let me try a new way.

And after sometime all had reached auditorium.

Raglak saw swasan

Laksh : bhai where were u I was watching for u.

Sanskar: actually lucky…

Swara stops him & says : wherever he may be, can’t u leave if brother alone for sometime

Laksh again gets annoyed and says : I am talking my brother not u, jungli billi

Swara : he is my best friend, so I can say in behalf of him

Ragini: shona u also can’t talk to my best friend like this, shona u don’t know a bout his….

Swara stops him and says in hurry: lado plzz keep ur mouth shut.

Ragini felt strange bcoz she knew swara can never talk with her like this.

Laksh: jungli billi u can’t talk with ur sister
nicely o what

Swara: plzz dont u give me lecture okay, sadu

Laksh: whatever

And they both gets angry at each other. However swara angry was little fake bcoz she wanted him to don’t think about it but ya she was still angry with him. Sanskar went to him and started consoling him and thinking in mind ( y swara signaled me that I should not tell him that I told swara about it,I will ask her )

Laksh: bhai, ragini is so sweet

Sanskar sees her and smiles : yes lucky she is too good

After sometime ragini went to swara and whispered in her ears : what was that shona I know u can’t talk with me like this in any matter.

Swara: extremely sorry lado, but didn’t wanted him to think about it.

Ragini: u know???

Swara: yes lado, sanky told me everything,I must say he is damn strong.

Ragini : yes shona

Host of the music competition event says : I know u all guys are waiting for there results and results are in my hand our college has selected 10 best among u and there names are…

All are praying that there name should be selected for it even swaragini and sanskar for swara and there fingers are crossed.

Precap : swara gets selected…

Credit to: Anjali

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