SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( part 11)


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Laksh : hey bro, what’s up

Ashish: nothing lucky

Sanskar: hey ashish

Ashish: hey sanky

Lucky: so what’s today plan.

Ashish : nothing yaar, hey by the way it watch is nice.

Seeing the watch which is worn by laksh & is damn costly.

Laksh: u liked it na, then take it.

And he gave to him. Laksh offended use to give the things bcoz he use to think that ashish will always be with him

Sanskar : let’s go for party today

Laksh: yes bhai, but only I & ashish

Sanskar: u not me.

Ashish : bcoz its bestii time, right.

Laksh: yes ashish.

Sanskar: lucky u always forget me, it bad

Laksh: bhai I am sorry but he is my best friend na.

Sanskar left angrily from there.

Sanskar use to get sometimes irritated bcoz laksh forgets everything in front of ashish.

One month after, two boys were talking

Boy1: lucky and ashish are so close na.

Boy2: ya, there friendship is eternal, I hope nobody comes between them.

Laksh and ashish heard this.

Laksh (to those boys) : thnx dude, but don’t take tension as nobody can come between us, right ashish.

Ashish: yo lucky.

Just then a girl entered the colege she had worn white colour one piece about to knee, her eyes are shown, then her pink lips and finally her face is revealed( smriti khanna urf ritika of MATSH)simultaneously screen shifts to all boys and girls looking at her.

Laksh and  ashish both gets mesmerized seeing her. Ashish was about to go to her, but laksh went towards her ashish got jealous seeing this.

Laksh: hey gorgeous, I am lucky

Ritika : hey handsome, well people call me ritika.

Laksh: I think ur new in this college as well as mumbai, do u need any help.

Ritika : yes plzz help me to go to principal’s cabin.

Laksh: sure

And they started walking around the college.

After sometime.

Laksh: so where exactly are u from.

Ritika: Delhi

Sanskar saw them and went towards them & felt strange by not seeing ashish with him

Sanskar: hey lucky, today ashish is not with u.

Laksh: no bhai, by the way she is our clssmate, ritika & ritika he is my brother sanky

Sanskar: hey ritika, only classmate na lucky & don’t flirt with her also( he said in his ears)

Laksh: bhai…

Sanskar: okay baba, u talk with her, I am going bye.

Laksh: bye.

Ritika: what he said in ur ears

Laksh: nothing

Ritika: don’t lie.

Laksh: sorry actually he told me to behave with u nicely

Ritika: hmm.

And the prinicipal office came.

Lalsh: so here is it.

Ritika: bye.

Laksh : bye.

And he was continuously waving bye to her and walking backwards even she did the same. While walking he hit the pillar and got hurt. Seeing this ritika laughed. And he again got mesmerized. As soon as she left ashish entered with a fake smile.

Ashish: so bhai, in first meeting, ha

Lucky: I think there would be something between us & even u know what that I never felt for someone before.

Ashish : omg is lucky fallen for her.

Lucky : I don’t think, I am now, but ya I think I will soon

Soon they became friends, he started to hangout normally with her. He starred having feelings for her he use to stare her while she use to talk with him. He don’t know when he had fallen for her.

After some days

Laksh was getting ready.

Sanskar: where are u going

Laksh: bhai today I will propose ritika

Sanskar: seriously lucky

Lucky: yes bhai, she is my love now & I have called for candle night dinner.

After some time.

Ritika had reached the venue. They both settled silently.

Ritika : lucky u called me & now ur sitting silently

Laksh : actually ritika I was saying…. I… I lo….

He closed his eyes and said: I love u

Ritika: I love u too dumbo.

And he blushed and this feeling made him in heaven.as soon as she accepted she called ashish and said each & everything to him & then informed sanskar.

After some hours.. Ritika was crying&  saying to guy: u idiot, i love u not him

Guy : baby I love u too, then y u accepted his proposal

Ritika: baby he is rich na & for good life we need money, that’s y.

Guy: plzz never leave me ritika.  and they have a hug

Laksh was mad about her. He even introduced her to maheshwaris and they were happy. He use to sing for her, he become total lover boy.But ritika never loved him & did this bcoz the person she loved told her to do this. 

After some months

Laksh saw ritika crying and he hugged her from back and said: y my doll is crying

Ritika : lucky

She hugged her

Laksh : ritika, what happened tell  me.

Ritika: lucky my mom..

Laksh : is everything alright

Ritika : no she got a heart attack, & doctor said that we need 5 crore rupees for her operation, from where I will bring the money.

Laksh: bas, only this, are baba I am there na, I will give u the money.

Ritika : but how can I take from u.

Laksh: just shut up, I am someone stranger, from whom u can’t take money. Just give me 5 hours.

Ritika : I love u baby.

Laksh : I love u too.

She hugged her and had an evil smile on face.

Laksh discussed this to his parents & dp gave him the money quick as he trusted his son too much. And for them money was never question bcoz they were millionares

Laksh called ritika and said : hey baby where are u.

Ritika picked up and said : lucky I am at Marine chopaty , plzz come here, I will leave from here to delhi.

Laksh: ok baby I am coming.

He ended the call.  he saw ashish and said : hey ashish plzz come with me na, I have to go to meet ritika.

Ashish: sorry bro, getting late to meet someone special.

Laksh: bro u didnt told me about her.

Ashish : sorry forgot, but know getting late, tell u later

Laksh : soon ha

Ashish: ya sure, bye

Laksh : bye.

He took his car & drove to chopaty. He had two bags of money.


Ritika entered laksh car & said : hi lucky brought the money.

Lakah: ya baby, plzz check it

Ritika took one of the bag and had evil smile on  her face and said : no need, I trust u thnx lucky so much

Laksh: ur always welcome

Ritika : that’s so sweet of u, bye lucky

Laksh: bye baby & ya call me when u reach.

Ritika : sure lucky

And she got out of the car. Suddenly lucky saw one bag left in the car and said to himself : shit I forgot to give this bag.

And he goes behind her he saw her walking and going towards someone. The person was sitting on bike and she goes to him and he hugs her. & the face is revealed and that guy is none other than ashish.

Laksh is shocked to see ashish and drops the bag.

Precap: swara again fights with laksh. Raglak and swasan becomes best friend.

Credit to: Anjali

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