SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 10)

Hey guys thanks to all who suggested me songs, but sorry I made little changes in this part so was not able to put it here, but I assure u all that I will put each and every song u suggested as soon as possible in other parts

Swara closes her eyes and sings: nayi jeena tere…. main tenu samjhawan ki….

And she was singing with that depth which has no limits. Laksh gets scenty and starts remembering a girl, how she came in her life in college, how he proposed her and she said yes, there cute fights, their ‘we’ time, how it became his favourite when he was fallen for her she cheated her & how she left her for ashish.and he had tears in his eyes. Ragini & kavita was unable to see this bcoz she was busy in listening the depth of the song. Where as sanskar knew this and tried to take him from there, bcoz he knew it will hurt him.

Swara got nervous and forgot the song from after sometime and stopped.mean while Laksh and sanskar were about to go but then

laksh continued and again starts remembering her cheat : ve changa, niyo kita veda, dil mera tod ke, ve bada pachtaya akha, naal tera jod ke… ( I know it’s a girl part but still I didn’t got ideas that time)

First everybody turned towards him and swara felt angry but later everyone as well as felt teary bcoz he had pain in his voice which could be feeled by everyone in that auditorium even swara. Everybody almost were crying, ragini felt that laksh has some past and he istrying to move on), even swara could feel it but then ignored bcoz she didn’t liked him.

Song finished and everybody clapped but laksh left the auditorium with his teary eyes. Sanskar was also about to cry

Sanskar was about to go but ragini told him : sanskar, i don’t know what has happened but still can I try to handle him as I am friend of u and him.

Sanskar nodded yes and thought how sensitive is she, if she thinks so much of friend, then how much she will think of his life partner.

Ragini went behind him. Swara saw this and understood that she is going behind him, she tried to stop her,

Sanskar: let her go swara

Swara: ur brother is so shameless, didn’t saw that I am singing then y he started singing that song

Sanskar: swara, he did not did this purposely

Swara: of course he did, he wanted ruin my life na, so he tried

Sanskar ( little angrily) : he is not that bad swara, he has some reasons.

Swara: and the reason is me, he tried his best so he did.

Sanskar said angrily: shut up swara, from when I am saying u don’t say anything, but ur continuously saying bad about him.

Sanskar took her forcefully to somewhere. Kavita was watching all this going on.

Screen shifts to laksh.. He is sitting on bench and crying and looked towards sky : yyyyyy meeeeeee , yyyyy meeeee, yyyy meeeee

And he continued saying that & a someone places her hand on his shoulder.
Laksh sees the person and says : ragini

And he hugs her : y me, y I got friend like ashish, y, in this whole world, I was there to be got cheated.

Ragini: laksh, I don’t know what the matter is, but plzz try to forget it, and start a new life.

Laksh wipes out his tears and says : ragini u know, I was not like this before, I was….

Screen shifts to sanskar taking swara to place where is quite silence,

Sanskar : swara u were telling me na that he is sadu, ur unaware of lucky. He was not like this at all. I lucky and ashish

Flash back, almost 1 year ago

It’s college senerio all girls are staring at a guy. Background song ( he is so hotty…)

That guy passed around a girls group and one of them was saying : he is so handsome

That guy turned to them and said : thnx preety girl.

And his faced is reveal, he is our laksh.

Ashish’ s personality ( chirag of MATSH) : he was laksh best friend.  but laksh was never his best friend. His was just his friend to had fun, and enjoy his money & wanted each & everything he laksh liked.

Whereas laksh could do anything for him, even sometimes he use to prefer  ashish over sanskar.

Precap: laksh whole story

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