swaragini love between us (one shot)


Hello everyone i’m princess I’m a good fan of swaragoni and all the ff writers and one shot writers so here is my ff its only about friendship and sistership and love too pls if u want to read u can n if u don’t want u don’t have to k guys

Story starts
A girl is seen playing in rain in her college … Swara comes a voice from the room and yes the girl playing in rain is our cute swara only and the girl calling is Ragini… They r new to collz and they were searching for the principal n while swara was playing in rain a boy teases her n she gets angry and slaps him hard and his gang come to the spot and tries harming swara but she beats them too when she was about to slap another boy her hands were stopped by someone’s hand and guess who it is he is our sanskar . He asked what the problem was and also made both understand not to fight n all… Meanwhile Ragini was coming from principals office and she bumped into someone and papers flew in the air… Sorry a voice with little painfully appeared and Ragini said sorry… She introduced herslf to be Ms Ragini gadodia…

And he said that he was Mr. Laksh Maheshwary.. He was in 2nd year and Ragini a nnew commer to the colllz… Ragini said catch u up later laksh.. Oops Ragini just call me luky ok??? Ok baba i’ll call u luky.. Ok bye luky said Ragini and left… He was actually mesmerised by ragini’s beautiful eyes… Swara said to sanskar FRIENDS??? Sanskar introduced himself as sanskar maheshwary and so did swara as swara gadodia and sanskar said ,”ofcourse I will be ur frnd ms beauty…” And both left to their respective classes after Ragini had called for swara… Swara and Ragini shared about their new frnds… Next day they saw them again and day by day they grew closer n closer to each other.. After 3years of frndship…

It was ragini’s birthday and they had a party in which sanskar and laksh were also invited actually here gadodias are one of the richest in Kolkata… Laksh was again mesmerized seeing Ragini and at the end of the party, he gathered evey one and pulled Ragini to the center and kneeled down and proposed her… And to everyone’s surprise she aceepeted and Shekar was really happy as laksh proposed her and so were the maheshwaries… (gadodias n maheshwaries are family frnds) swara and sanskar were equally happy… Swara n sanskar looked at each other and….
One day….

When she was in collz she got a call from someone that sanskar is hospitalized and she ran from there and reached hospital and saw his leg was fractured .. She started yelling at him and suddenly he yelled that just stop it yaar… Its just a prank and I wanna tell u something so just shut and follow me…

She too followed him to a beautiful place full of redroses and a board in which it was written “MS.SWARA SHEKAR GADODIA WILL U MARRY THIS POOR GUY MR.SANSKAR MAHESHVARY???” she laughed and saw he was standing very far from her and ran to him and hugged him with a jump and whispered in his years,”ofcourse Mr.maheshwary”…

As they told everyone about everyone were happy and agreed to it…

On their wedding., it is shown that both the couples are married on the same mandap.
Thanx every one how was it??? Plz do tell me guys

Credit to: princess

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  1. Princess unoda os nalairuku… short nd sweet… but inum konjam long irundhrukalam…. but nice story….

  2. So nyc

  3. Nysh shot 🙂

  4. Nice

  5. Cute love story with no bar…very nice

  6. Thanks for ur comments can I start a new one too???

  7. Simple but nice…. No drama, twist and all

  8. Nice….

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