Swaragini-The Love Triangle Story (Criticizing the Story)


Hey Guys I Don’t Know How many people aware of True Love and Infatuation??!
But I want to Criticize the Story Swaragini. I know that the serial is an popular show but they were making too much of mistakes…

– The story starts with Sisters who were strangers and does not know about there relationship. finally they got to know that there father is same and mother is different.

-The First Love Triangle: Shekar-Sharmishta-Janki

They show a FB that Shekar and Sharmishta Loves each other but due to religion and caste Shekar’s Mom don’t accept their Love and Insult Sharmishta and her family. Then She Brought Janki and get married to Shekar. Shekar reveals his past to her and Janki feels guilty and apologizes to Sharmishta on behalf of Dadi and apologizes for married her loved ones. Then Dadi make a Big Drama and Due to that Drama Dadi Unknowingly Killed Janki.
-The FB gets Overred and Sisters were United by Laksh’s mischief as Laksh wants to break his marriage with Ragini.

– The Second Love Triangle: Laksh-Ragini-Swara

They show that Ragini starts to love Laksh when they got engaged itself and they show that Laksh starts to love Swara Unknowingly by helping her to unite her Dadi n Dida.
Then One Day his Mental Brother Sanskaar comes to the Gadodia House and Ragini rescue him from hurting himself and then Laksh got to know that his Brother is alive and he take Sanskaar to their house. Sanskaar being a good friend of Ragini accepts her words.
-One Day Laksh says to Ragini about the truth that he doesn’t love her. Heart broken Ragini was Consoled by Dadi. One day Laksh Confess his Love for Swara and Swara gives him Thappad by words and goes to see Ragini but Ragini was Happy with taking care of Sanskaar. then Swara hides the fact to her.

-Then revealed that Swalak’s Conversation is fully heard by Sanskaar and it turns out to be that he is not mental, he was just pretending to be mental for taking revenge from Lucky and Dp for his better-half’s death case.
-Then Ragini got to know Swalak’s Truth and she got accident. first she ignores Swara but then she Just Pretending to be frnd of Laksh and Swara. Sanskaar helped her in all ways to separate Swalak. Then Swara get to know his real Identity and Confirm him that Lucky and Dp were good persons and ask him to change his heart which was full of hate redness.
-Sanskaar becomes Positive and advices Ragini but Ragini was not in changing her mind and she pushed her sister on the Ganges. Sanskaar is well confirmed about Ragini but his Identity got revealed to his family and with all the Frustration Laksh breaks his Love for Swara and Married Ragini.

-The Third Love Triangle: Sanskaar-Swara-Lakshya

-They Show that after the accident Swara got rescued and Sanskaar help her to reach Baadi but she was in immense shock that Laksh married Ragini. The heart broken Swara makes a plan with Sanskaar n Dida. Swara shows all the family members that she and Sanskaar gets married. Laksh n Ragini were stunned to see that they get married. By Acting as Husband and wife Sanskaar fell in love with Swara and One day he confess his love for her in Drunken State by witnessing the family members.

– After all the Incident Ragini makes Swasan get Married and Laksh doesn’t get satisfied by Ragini’s saying and makes a plan to catch Ragini. The Unknown Ragini Confess all the truth when she see Laksh died. Swasan n Laksh make a video and shows it to the family and everyone apologizes to Swara for misbehaving with her.
– After that Laksh says to Swara that he wants to marry her. The Angry Swara throws her Frustration on SanLak for not understanding her well.
-Laksh asks her for one chance but Swara ignores her and she give the family members a happy news(For Swara it is a confused one) that she want to to give one chance for her relationship with sanskaar.

-Later Ragini uses the SanLak and Swara as her Pawns and show Swara as a ——— Girl(I don’t want to mention abt that). Swara gives a Big thappad and ask her to leave from her life. Later Laksh gives torture to Ragini by secret. Swaragini confrimed him in front of the family. Then Ragini the New Boss of MM (like KB).

-The Fourth Love Triangle: Sanskaar-Swara-Kavitha

-They show that on the new year day before Swara will accept the feelings for Sanskaar in front of him but Sanskaar was in the mood to cry and he confirms her that he is not a play toy and ask her to go. On New Year Day Swara saves Dp from Ragini by not accusing the murder of Kavitha. she shows the real Kavitha Alive and all get shocked. Swara doesn’t know that Kavitha is the ex-GF of Sanskaar. This will be a great break for Swasan n Swasan fans. Kavitha will try to separate Swasan with help of Ragini’s Maasi. who is Janki’s Sister and she hates the happiness of Gadodia and Maheshwari Parivaar. Then Swaragini will confront Maasi n her altitudes in front of the family.
-Then Kavitha and her mother Kaveri will murder Maasi and put the blame on Swara. But Sanskaar rescued from the case and Swasan Gets Married.

-The Fifth Love Triangle: Lakshya-Ragini-Kaavya

-On the day of Swasan n Raglak’s Marriage, Swasan gets married and Lakshya cheats Ragini and marries Kaavya who is an star. Shekar will blame Laksh and he takes Swaragini to home and ask Swara to Promise that she will never look back at MM. The helpless Swara Accepts. Then Ragini turns fully Positive and she will behave well with Swara and everyone. Shekar will forgive Swara and accepts her back. Then Swara will get to know about Kaavya’s real intentions on the day when MM members Caught and Lakshya caught for Kaavya’s Murder. She searches Kaavya’s where about and get to know that she is Tanya Malhotra who killed real Kaavya. Tanya and her Brother Karthick will make a plan so that Laksh will not come out of the Jail.But Swaragini again helps Lakshya.
The Sixth Love Triangle: Lakshya-Ragini-Karthick(Not Shown Like that in the Serial, it is just an rumor)
– They show that Lakshya will feel guilty and ask Ragini to forgive him once but Ragini ignored that and she cries. then Swaragini will make a plan to caught Tanya and Tanya get caught red handed. On the Day of Holi Laksh will be in the four walled room which was done by Tanya. Ragini and Swasan save Laksh and Laksh realizes his love for Ragini and The RagLak got United bu marring once again.

-The Seventh Love Triangle: Sanskaar-Swara-Karthick

(might be Rumors or the story script)
Who knows about this part. The God will show a right path to Swasan Reunite.

Guys Don’t You feel that Laksh is mind changer. First he Loves Swara then he loves Kaavya and now Ragini.

but Ragini always loves only Laksh and she doesn’t change her mind like Laksh did. Swara was heart broken by Lakshya’s behavior and she breaks the love relationship with full heart and start to love Sanskaar by her heart and Swasan Gets United. The Laksh realizes his Love for Ragini now and RagLak got United. Lets See again Laksh will breakup or continue his love for Ragini and whether Swasan will be Separated by Karthick or whether Parineetha and her Mom will break the Sister’s Bond and Love bond b/w their husbands??
-Laksh he doesn’t Have a Self respect when he did No. of Mistakes.
-Ragini whether is is having her Self respect or not. She behaves Like Lakshya but her Love is True.

-Shekar whether he have any fatherly love for Swara?? He just show is Sympathy Towards Swara n forgives Ragini for all her mistakes. it said by Shomi that Swara is the Strong Girl for Shekar and Ragini a Little weak girl for him. So he knows about Swara well. What the hell man!!
-Dadi whether she have any sense?? 1st she hates Swara and loves Ragini more and she start to love Swara more than Ragini and at last she is back to old….!!! heaven to hell !!!!

If I missed someone to mention just leave it guys!! But she the Main Mistake of the Directors…………..

Guys did You see One thing that The Director wants to show a Love Triangle Story and concludes by saying that No on will get a True Love until the Love bonded with a Love Triangle. Anyways I am a SwaSan and RagLak Fan, but I want to say something that It is our Heart that will show us a right path and make Us united with our Better Half… 😀
Have a Good Day’s Guys and Sorry to the SwaLak, RagSan, Swasan and Raglak Fans if Anyone hurt by this Part of Episodic Analysis.

Credit to: SriRanjani

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  1. Truely agree with u..u must have taken soo much efforts to write the complete story in short…tq for that yr,.

  2. brilliant analysis..

  3. I agree with you..
    I still dont understand the story..
    Laksh is drugged by kavya so he did all those.. That i understood, But was he drugged when he married kavya? If not, How can he love Ragini now? After such hate… That i dont understand at all..
    And srsly if the swara karthik sanskaar triangle happens, I will sue this show.. Dont the cvs dare do that…

    1. Actually according to the recent news in Entertainment tadka Sanskar and Swara will part ways because of a argument and then Karthik, who wants to take a revenge from Maheshwari family for sending Kavya to jail, will take this opportunity to come near Swara that will make Sanskar doubt on Swara…
      I hope this is fake!!!!!!!! I don’t want swasan seperation :,(

  4. XXX-man of future

    I too agree with u. This serial has no plot except love triangles,revenge and repentance of mistakes. I didn’t liked it at 1st but began liking it when ragini was kidnapped. From then I am a regular viewer. I saw that the phases were more or less the same. I watch the serial only to see swaragini and sanlak because i am a crazy fan of teju,namish,varun and helly.

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