Swaragini (love) swalak (episode 3)

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@collage its break ..
Swara takes ragini to canteen ..
Swara : guys .she doesn’t have that much friends ..so can she join our gang.
Laksh was sitting stylishly wearing cool glass and doing something in phone
Ragini gets memerised ..
Kabir : hmm …sure she can ….
Ragini smiles
Ragini : thank u …
Laksh didn’t even notice ragini he was busy typing something on phone …
Rag in sits next to Laksh ..
Swara : ragini that’s my seat ..but its OK u sit
Swara sits with kabir ..
Laksh notices this
Laksh : Swara how is ur 2nd year starting ..
Swara : ya its good ….1st year students r giving me more respect
Adi : of course they will as LA..k
Laksh stamps Adi feet ..

Adi : ahhh ..
Swara : what ahhh
Sana : what happened Adi
Adi : I think ant bite me …
Kabir : ant or human ..
Kabir and Laksh give HiFi ……..
Swara : OK guys ..I am leaving now ….bye
Sana : so fast ..
Swara : vo…ya I have a practical now ..ragini u finish and come
Laksh : take care .
Swara smiles ..
Laksh gets memerised …
Adi : man she left still u r memerised ..
Laksh winks
Sana : ragini y u r not talking anything ..
Ragini : vo ..hmmm what to talk

Laksh POV
As far I noticed ragini is sensitive ,traditional and not easy going .she is beautiful etc ….but she is just like Sana ….she is also hitting on me …
God y did u made me so handsome that everyone will fall for me ……I know thats y u made Swara for me …….I know ..u r king
Laksh POV ends .
Laksh : OK guys come let’s go .
Ragini : thanks ..
Laksh : welcome
Laksh smiles ..
Ragini gets memerised …
Swara was rushing to principal room to submit her project
Suddenly she dashes with someone …
Swara falls her papers fly …
Man : sorry …..
He gives hand ..

Gosh …..she is looking so beautiful ….aww …I mean to say it ….she is like princess
Man POV ends .
Swara : its OK ..its my fault also …and thank u
Her voice ……….honey going in our ears …
Man POV ends
Swara leaves taking her project paper …..
Man sees Swara going and smiles ..
Announcement is made to come to av room …
All the students assemble …

Laksh was continuously seeing Swara sitting with a boy (she is 2nd year ..so she couldn’t sit with them ….and her roll number is next to a boy)
Kabir : stop being jealous year ..
Laksh : I am not jealous just seeing what if the boy will do something with her ..
Adi : they won’t do anything ..,only u will ..
Laksh makes faces ..
Principal comes
Principal : attention attention ..welcome students for ur new semester …we have a being waiting for this day
We present Mr sanskar maheshwari ….the CEO of the collage and the 2016 young business man award winner from Paris ..
Sanskar comes ..
Laksh : bhai ..
Kabir : bhai …..here .(cousin )
Adi : seriously …no one informed me …
Swara : he is the one who I dashed with ….
All claps for him

Sanskar : thanks for applause ……its an good opportunity for me to be here ..thanks principal …and students ..we r gonna start selecting the next officers for my companies from here …..students of final year its compulsory for u to attend my interview ..
And the students of third year this can be a trial as next u will have to attend ….so plz coordinate with me …u will have a bright future …
Thank u
Everyone claps …

Sanskar sits and principle starts his speech ..
Sanskar eyes fell on Swara again ….
Sanskar was staring Swara ….
Swara didn’t notice sanskar staring ..
Ragini was busy getting memerised ….
Laksh was busy seeing Swara to keep away from the boy ..
Adi was teasing Laksh ..
Kabir saving Laksh ..
Sana seducting Laksh …
The screen freezes …..

Precap : I luv u ……………….

Hope u all like it and plz comment …

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