Swaragini (love) swalak (episode 1)

Hey guys I am new to this field plz encourage me ….I am a die hard fan of swalak …sorry swasan fans …I am gonna write entirely on swalak only ….they r the main ……..hope u all like it . ….
@pub ..
I was sitting in a table with my friends ..it’s so called my birthday today …so I have to give a so called treat ….I am not saying that I hate my friends …..but who celebrates birthday nowadays …seriously ….it’s sucks ..I am 24 almost a age of business …..I was waiting for the time to get over …
Just then

I saw some girls entering the pub ….
They were all looking good …but my eyes fell on a girl who was dancing crazy ..she looked like a angel with beautiful eyes and a high class piece…wait even I am from a high class group .
Laksh maheshwari ..yes that’s me ..
I was continuously seeing her moments ….
I gone to bartener seat ,sat and had a drink ….
The girl walked to me ….

Actually not me ..but to have drink ….
“Vodka ” she said …her voice was like a honey ..that was so sweet …..
She noticed me with her beautiful sparkling eyes
I was like a statue ..
She smiled at me ….
I was on cloud nine ……
Just then a voice came from behind ..
“SWARA” …she turned ..I think that’s her name …
Swara how cute ..just like her ..God I am really happy in this birthday ..as ur gift ..I saw the girl ….
She went …she again joined the dance floor …
She started dancing really nice ..her steps were ….no words …seriously …but ..
“TODAY MY DEAR FRIEND SWARA KAPOOR AS BECOME SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ..THEY R OFFICIALLY ENGAGED “her friend said ..my heart skipped a heart …didn’t she just said SANSKAR maheshwari ..
My brother …oh shit …she is swara KAPOOR ….

My bhabhi. …
Be coz I almost missed the engagement as I was on a business trip …..
How could I ….
Just then SANSKAR came …..
He didn’t notice me …he was busy hugging swara …
Swara was blushing hard ….she looked pretty but …..my bhai wife ….
Oh God ..my birthday is spoiled how could I ….

My heart stopped a moment ……my head was spinning like he’ll …..I was like going to die …..
That’s when I fell down from bed …
(U all must be wondering what is bed ……wait and watch …keep reading )
How was it guys..plz comment …I am waiting ..

Credit to: Riya gupta


  1. Aahana

    Dear make dont it swalak but not not more than swasan i dont have lroblem in swalak but dont make sanskar woth some other girl especially ragoni its humble request or if u r going to pair sanskar with some other girl than plz tell in next part itself nd i have one suggestion that forst for few episode u can make swasan like swasan marriage them swara pregent but sanskar to die than swalak marriage for baby’s sake

  2. Good keep it up after a long tym a swalak ff I guess so thx for entertaining us through this ff I’m really anticipated to read this story further

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