Swaragini: my love story!!! SS [ episode 1 ]


Third person’s POV :
It was a beautiful morning and our beautiful girls are sleeping in bed. The room is purple in colour with a lot of white and silver butterflies on the walls…. Typical girl room…..?
Suddenly one of them turned and pulled the blanket towards her. And the other one groaned and pulled it back and…… The fight began… One of them got up and took a pillow and got the other one…. She is revealed to be *ragini*!!! Slowly swara gets up and sees her hitting her with a pillow. She hits her back and the great pillow fight starts…. Both are screaming on each other. They were covered in feathers and both burst out laughing.
Suddenly both their ears were caught and we’re twisted…
Ragini and swara in unison “Maaaa!!!!! Please it is hurting… ”
Sumi: you didn’t think this when u were playing??
Janki: ya, ragini is always like this useless but u swara???
Ragini says “maa I am not useless… ” with a cute pout..( i would love to see that ??)
Sumi: ya janki don’t say like that about my ragini….
She hugs ragini while janki hugs swara
Sumi and janki: now get ready today is your first day na???
Swara: maa, mom it is our first day in college…. But this our last year and we have been going to the same college from the start so there is nothing new?
Ragini: ya I agree!! ?
Sumi: Let it be first or last you have to go to college and u need to get ready!!!
Both ragini and swara say Ok together and go to get ready…

After 30 mins :
Swara and ragini comes in a nice T shirt that reads ” I love my sis ?” and jeans… They were looking adorable in the outfit……
They eat their breakfast where they meet shekhar and raj, give them a kiss on the cheek hug their moms and go to college…. They were popular figures in college….
At the college:
They are running through the corridor to reach their class as they where late when two boys are kicked out of their class…( haha?? And guys who they are??) They are made to stand in the corridor. The girls see them and they burst out laughing when the teacher starts giving them a lecture about paying attention in class and not troubling girls. Both of them are looking at him with puppy eyes. One of them sees them and says ” sir these girls are late, even they should get punishment na??? ”
The teacher stares at swaragini who were giving death glares to the boys.
If glares could kill they would have been dead by now. The teacher puts a full stop to his thoughts and makes the girls stand outside with these boys.
The girls especially ragini were super angry and wanted to give them a tight slap but one boy foresaw this and forwarded his hand towards ragini and spoke ” hey girls!!! I am Laksh… Laksh maheswari! naam toh suna hi hoga? ”

Ragini spoke up “neither I want to see ur gutter like face bit nor do I want to hear ur name get that?? ”
Swara came and shook his hand. ” I am swara gadodia and she is ragini gadodia… Nice to meet you!!! ?? ”
“And I am sanskar maheswari!!! Nice to meet you too…” said the other boy. Seeing him swara found some strange feeling inside her. Everyone shook hands with each other.
Swara: so you both are brothers??? But you don’t look similar??
Sanky: we r brothers but cousins but more than that he is my partner in crime what about u both???
Ragini: we are cousins too…but we r bff s and she always saves me from scoldings at home…. U look handsome ( looking at sanskar) but can’t say that about your brother ( looking at Laksh)
Laksh: hey I am hotter than bhai….. and gives a cute pout
Swara: I guess we are friends then???
All in unison: *Definitely*!!!!!
Teacher comes out from the class and sees them jumping up and down
Teacher: and as a gift for your new friendship…. One hour detention
All again in unison: *Y us????*
Hey guys I finally completed the first chappy successfully…. I am so happy!!! ???
I didn’t receive such a great response for it so I’ll end it more earlier I guess…..
Silent readers please do comment and drop in your opinion s about the short story…..and I’ll be writing both swasan and raglak….
Anyways thanks for the love and support…. Love you guys!!! ???????

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  1. It ws fantastic….jst loved dere frndship…hahaha rags is too funny,bechara laksh??

    1. Shanayasharma

      Hehe thanks fairy ragini is an awesome character in the story…. Keep reading

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  3. Megha123

    It’s really awsm & wait U’ll end it asap? Oh no plzz don’t do that & plzz try to post nxt part ASAP

    1. Shanayasharma

      Hey megha…. You loved it so much?? I’ll see if I can extend it and the next part will be posted on Monday since I have to write an os…. Keep reading

    1. Shanayasharma

      Hey anu thanks for the comment

  4. Ruhani

    Amazing dr

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      Hey ruhani…. Thanks for the comment… Keep reading

    1. Shanayasharma

      Thank u… Keep reading

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  6. ragini character is nice

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      Hey lovely thank u keep r

      1. Shanayasharma

        Reading * sry for that

  7. nice
    love rags

  8. Tamanna

    Hey it’s nice….update next one soon

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      Hey tamanna thanks for the comment… I’ll post the next part tomorrow….

  9. Awsome dear keep rocking

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      Thanks… Keep reading

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