Ragini !!!!!!!” Swara screamed and went near her . “Ragini please get up Ragini !!!! Ragini please haan I can’t see you like this in this condition !!! Please !!!!!” She cried while patting her cheek .

Laksh was so worried to see like that .

Laksh ‘s POV ,

“How could someone be so affectionate towards her sister !!!!! Ragini is really lucky to have a sister like her !!!! ”

End of his POV .

“Rag…….uu…..ma *hiccuping * ragu ma please get up !!!!!” Sanskar please help her !!!!!”

Sanskar felt some info sensation in him. He couldn’t see her like that. Sanskar was also scared to see ragini like that .

He couldn’t figure out for what is he crying , is it because ragini is injured or because of swara crying !!!!!

On the other hand laksh is worried !!!! An unknown fear is occupying him. He felt a different sensation like thousands of butterflies buttering over his stomach !!!!

” is it love ????? Am I feeling for ragini ‘s sister or ragini ???? How could I love ragini ???? She is so traditional !!!! Ragini ‘s sister is  like Kavya !!!! Same in everything !!!! The way she takes care of everyone and how she treats other !!!!! The way she fought with me !!!!

How she held my collar and fought !!!! Am I in love for the second time ????? No that can’t happen !!!! I have to find out the person responsible for this condition and take revenge !!!! Then I ‘ll go to her !!!! We ‘ll live Happily where no one can disturb us !!!!” Laksh was dreaming when his chain of thoughts were broken by sanskar.

“Lucky come now she is fine !!!! Let us go and meet her !!!!”

When they both entered ragini tried to get up but she couldn’t. Swara wasn’t there near her so sanskar went to her and helped her . His hands touched her bare back while helping her. Ragini shivered with his touch and sanskar felt different . Both were eyeing each other with different emotions which no one could describe whether love , siblings , care , anger . Something which is undefined.

“Ragini are u alright ???? Laksh broke their trance .

“Yeah I ‘m good !!!”

“Okay ragini I ‘m going out to check on swara !!!! Bhai ‘ll help u out !!!!” . After laksh went out the hall was in pin drop silence.

“Sorry ” sanskar muttered which was noticed by ragini for which she passed a gentle smile.

Sanskar lost in her smile and so many flashes were running in his mind !!!! ” No this can’t happen !!!! I won’t allow this to happen !!!!” Saying this sanskar ran out .

Ragini was shocked to see Sanskar like that and followed him to see him standing alone outside

“Sanskar what are you thinking ???”

” I ‘m thinking about swara !!!!”

“Sorry ???”

“Yeah you heard it right !!! I was thinking about swara !!!! How sweet she is !!! The way she cried for you !!!! I don’t know ragini !!!!! The way I feel for her is different !!!”

“You are in love sanskar !!!!”

“Sorry ???”

“Yeah u heard it right !!!!”

“Haha following my trick haan ???”

“Yes boss ”

“Okay jokes apart !!! Is it true ????Okay can we be friends ….. ????”

“Ragini !!!! ” She replied

“I ‘m sanskar ragini !!!!”

“Yes sanskar !!!! Okay I need to go and search for swara !!!!”

Sanskar ‘s POV ,

“Sorry dear I lied to you !!! I just want to know about your thoughts on my feelings !!! It is you I ‘m in love with not swara !!!! Yeah the first time I saw you woah what a beauty !!!! The way you saw out of your window in the morning

Yeah I fell for you long back !!! I hope I would get you in the future !!!

Meanwhile , swara was sitting in the park and crying , ” sorry maa I couldn’t guard our ragu !!!! She is so kiddo and childish but she is so pure like gold by heart . She accepted me as her sister and showered her love on me like I do !!! But today because of my rash driving she got hurt !!!!”

Laksh patted her shoulder and she turned to see him . She hugged him and cried out loudly .

Laksh ‘s POV ,” Should I hug her or not ???? It’s just she needs a shoulder to cry now that’s why she hugged me or else she wouldn’t !!!! But you would know laksh !!!! But it’s your girl laksh you should be like a pillar for her !!!! My girl ???? My heart supported me !!!!!! From when did it happen ????? My brain mocked !!!!! It ‘ll in future !!!! As usual as always heart dominated the brain and I held her in my arms protectively.

PRECAP : raglak or swalak marriage ?????

Guys how is it ????? Is it upto your expectations ???? Please do comment !!! Sorry for giving less scenes of swara !!!! In the upcoming episodes I ‘ll show her more

Thank u so much guys for such a lovely response !!

One more thing guys !!!! I won’t be able to update all my ff ‘s till Jan as I have my final exams coming up !!!! So I ‘ll update my other ff ‘s from Jan 1 , 2018 !!!! I ‘ll missing you all till then !!

Love u all ❤❤❤

Bubyee !!!!


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