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A beautifully adorned stage is shown !!! Everyone are cheering “swara swara swara swara !!!”

A girl ‘s back  is shown !!! She does some hip movements and all cheer for her !!!  She turns and Her face is shown !!!! Black colour curly hair falls on her face and neck !!!! A black crop top with blue colour skirt upto her knee !!! She is swara . She dances gracefully and her steps were wonderful !!!

The anchor praises her and calls the judge to give away the prize to her !!!

At the time of receiving the prize ,

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!! Papa dadi dada flood flood flood !!!! Please save me !!! I wanna become a best model please I wanna live !!! I didn’t see the world properly !!!! ”

“Drambaaz shut up and today also u had the same dream haa ???”

“Eeeeeeeee yeah dadi !!!” She grinned .

“Go don’t waste your time !!! Today u have ur singing competition !!!! U need to win !!!! Get ready and go to temple !!!”

“Okay dadi !!!! Love u !!!! Can I ask u something dadi ma ???”

” I ‘m not going to talk with you !!!”with this she turned to the other side .

“Dadi ma I know karma is a boomerang !!! U no need to prove !!!”.

“Why ???”

“Because u are also a drambaaz only !!!”

“U won’t Change !!!! With this she pulled her earlobe !!!”

“Ouch it’s paining !!! Wait I ‘ll finish my doubt query  session !!!”

“Why dad isn’t coming here at all ???? I haven’t seen him for once !!”

Dadi ‘s smile faded away and she hugged her shona tight , “he will come beta !!! He should come for his family !!!”

( Here dadi and dada aren’t negative and did a isn’t here in this story )


Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey
Swami Sathya Sai Harey
Bhaktha Jana Samrakshaka 
Bhaktha Jana Samrakshaka 
Parthi Maheshwara
Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey

A lady in her mid fifties came near the idol to see a lean cute girl wearing a simple red anarkali , wearing a matching red jhumki and red bangles !!! Her long hair danced gently with the wind !!! She was involved deeply and devotedly that see didn’t see anyone !!!

“Annapoorna ma it’s ragini !!! Daughter of janaki !!! She lives nearby in the baadi!!!!! Everyday she used to sing bhajan and without her our day won’t start !!!”

“Such a nice girl !!!! I hope I ‘ll get a girl like her for laksh !!!”

At that time temple bell rings !!! She gets happy and leave from there !!!

After finishing her bhajan she enters her house and finds it so silent .

“Maa maa !!! Where are you ????”

“Oh I forgot!!! she is !!!!!!”she ran to the room at the end and opened the room hastily .
There janaki was seeing a dairy and when she heard someone entering she wiped her tears off and smiled a bit ,

“Maa what’s here and why are you always faking ur smile !!!! Please answer me ma !!! “Questioned ragini while kneeling down .

“Always worried about you only ragini !!!” Both mother and daughter turned back too see a chirpy swara standing there !!!

“Come in beta !!! ”

“Even if u don’t call me also I ‘ll come in maa !!!” She hugged janaki .

(Here swara knows about janaki and shekar relationship )

” Maa when ‘ll papa come ???”

At once janaki ‘s facial expressions changed and she cupped shona ‘s face ,” he ‘ll come beta !!! He should come for his family !!!”swara searched for ragini seeing her no where she got tensed .

“Maa where is ragini ???”

“I don’t know swara !!!”

“Maa when ‘ll she change ??? I can’t see her like that ma !!! I love her too much !!! She is my little sister and I ‘ll take care of her at any cost !!!she is my life after dadi , dada , papa and you !!! I want u and papa together !!!”swara ‘s eyes welled up.

Janaki hugged her and patted her back and broke the hug , ” don’t cry shona !!! I ‘m there with u !!!! Love u !!!!” She kissed shona ‘s forehead.

Ragini stood in the balcony without any expressions , ” ganapathi bapa !!! For how many days will maa suffer ????I know something is bothering her and she is hiding something from me !!!! Swara has her papa and even she considers my maa as her maa!!! I ‘m happy to be as her sister !!! Even I wish to see my Papa !!! Where will I go and search for my Papa ??? U know I miss him so much !!! If I say this to maa then she ‘ll be worried nah ??? With whom ‘ll I share ???”
She wiped a lone tear that escaped from her eye.


‘With me !!!” Someone murmers suddenly .

“What happened laksh ???”

“Nothing maa !!! I thought someone was thinking about me !!! That’s why !!!!”

“You ‘ll never change ” annapoorna nodded her head in disbelief.

PRECAP : swalak and raglak !!!!

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