Swaragini: Its a love story (intro)


A girl is weeping in a dark room and blabbering…. why why did u do this this me we were so happy together but u broked me from inside i hate u i just hate u……
That was the worst day when i meet u, that was the worst time when i was with u. But i promise to u and to me that one day i will come over u one day i will be free from ur dark memories one day u will run after me for love but i will not there for u i promise soon the day will come…..
And than the girl lit the candle…. A glowing face is shown which has been become dull due to crying…. Girl talking to a photo i promise, soon u will come across a new me… Its my promise , its Swara’s promise….

Character introduction……

Swara Rastogi….. A cute and bubbly girl once who helped everyone doing mass communication 1st year.. but one incident changes her life , once a bubbly swara becomes depressed. she vows not to fall in love with someone because love hurts always, but instantly she falls in love with the hearthrobe and a bad boy… What will she do will she tells her past to him…. Will he also falls in love with her????

Sanskar Maheshwari….. A hearthrobe of every girl in the college bad boy of the college doing mass communication 1st year. Classmate of swara. falls in love with her in a first sight , but could not tell his feeling because of his dark past always arrogant towards swara… What was his past??? Why is he always arrogant towards swara??? what is the reason??? Will he ever tell his feeling to her???

Laksh Sharma…. Ex boyfriend of swara who broked up with her he was deeply in love with her but because of a big secret of him he has to broke up with her… Doing mass comunication with swara… Swara’s classmate also… What was the reason of breaking up when he is deeply in love with her???? What will happen when he come to know about Swara and sanskar secret love?? Will he accept the fate or he will try to create misunderstanding between them…. Or fate has something store for him

Ragini Mehta…. Best friend of Swara and laksh knows every secret of them.. Study with them one of the member of 8 people… Sahil’s girlfriend from 4 years… She knows about laksh’s dark secret…… What is in her fate does fate has something store in her life…

Sahil yadav…. Best friend of laksh knows every secret of laksh but did not know  reason behind the breakup between laksh and Swara… Will he ever get to know the secret behind the reason of breakup to swara … What will happen when he  comes to know that his own gf has betrayed him what will he do….

Rajat kapoor…. Friend of swara and love swara from 10th class but could not tell his emotions to anyone because sara and rahul love each other only ragini knows the secret of his secret love… Study with them mass communication 1st year…. Will he ever tell his true feelings to her what will happen when swara comes to know about Rajat’s secret love….

Kavya arora…. Best friend of swara but betrays her. love laksh … What will happen when swara comes across the betrayel given by her own best friend??? What was the betrayel given by her….

Karan and Aman…. Not so imp but the member of there group….

Amina shareef…. Sanskar best friend from the childhood knows every secret of him

Paras mehera…. Sanskar brother, love Amina alot but she consider him as a friend sanskar knows about him…. Paras also knows his all secret..

Sorry guyz i am not so good at English but i will make sure that i will fully entertained u…

Credit to: Asmita

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  1. Superb n interestng ….i lyked rags intro…?..all d bst dear☺

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    Nice intro dear

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