swaragini a love story brought them together one shot

Guys I am Teja I am writing two ff in which one is completed and for the first time I am writing one shot I don’t know but I feel like to write and this story is taken from one of my favourite movie if you like it please give your valuable comment. And sorry for long story
The story begins like this

The girl (swara) is jogging in the early morning and passes through a house where an uncle is standing she wished him good morning and he too reciprocated (that uncle is the neighbour) at the uncle house a boy (sanskar) is sleeping his mother wakes him by saying get up or else your father will scold meanwhile his father starts scolding him and he gets up and went to clean his bike he uses some cloth and swara searches her duppatta she sees that sanskar is using it she called him and scolded he too reciprocated their fathers said that any boy or girl will try to flatter each other but they are neighbours for 20 years but they hate each other and they went to their offices and sanskar and swara went from their as they have college and in the college he meets their friends and starts smoking swara sees this and says that she will complain to his father their arguments starts and their friends leave them the whole college is left after that they realised and went to different directions and the next day

they went to a picnic and sanskar and his friends start to flatter a girl but at the end they came to know that she is mental and swara teased him and the next day swara showed the pictures of sanskar and the girl by the time sanskar came and his father started scolding him and swara was enjoying it he gave death glare to swara and swara went from there and went to military man who has lost his legs she greeted him and asked him why he sends letters to army officers he replies that they save our country so we should thank them and they should feel that there is someone who cares for them and swara praised him for his thought and left to her house and the next sanskar was hell angry on swara and one of his friends say that he is having swara’s practical notes sanskar asks him to give her practical book as it is last day for submission he went to class swara searched her practical book the sir asked her and she excused herself sanskar asks to say sorry then he will give her book she does the same and he sends her to water pond and she sees that her practical book is torn and made ships from the pages and she shouted I will not leave you before going his mother says that there lord ganesh temple where if you write something it happens and sanskar goes and writes that swara’s hand should be fractured and she should be hospitalized and she should have jaundice etc.

After some days sanskar parents went out of station and sanskar father asked her to keep eye on his son she says don’t worry uncle I will see and left and in sanskar’s house sanskar called his friends and they arranged beer bottles and glasses they started drinking and smoking and the door bell rings sanskar scared and they hidden the things they open the door and they see a 10 year boy he asks eraser they scold him and sends him they again close the door and again they start drinking and this time the bell rang they hidden the beer bottle and all and they opened the door and they again see the same boy he asked pencil they scolded and closed the door. One of the friends says if there is a girl then I enjoyed one of the boy say I will be ready in girl attire and went and the bell rang they frustrated and opened the door but this time the police came and questioned them and the boy who went came in a girl attire and the police says they are arrested as they are doing wrong things and swara comes and smirks sanskar came to know that it was of swara’s plan and they went to the station and beaten and they are bailed out and swara has a dance performance and sanskar thinks to spoil it but it completes successfully and after that swara says she leaving to ooty and

sanskar says then I can get peace swara says you will come to bid bye he says of course next day at railway station swara is waiting for him he came and asked swara to close her eyes she closes he gives something she opens her eyes it is cauliflower she shouted sanskar what the hell is any boy will gift cauliflower to girl he says they didn’t give but he is giving while leaving also they fought and in ooty swara went to her house while exploring she got a love letter of laksh she read it and tried out who is ragini as the name is written but after a long search she will get address of previous owner she goes to the address and a lady opened it she asked a letter came for Ragini and the lady scolds after much insists she shows a photo of Ragini hanging in the wall there is garland she came to know that Ragini is no more and swara went from their and her maid said Ragini has a friend if you go there you will know about her.

She goes to her friend’s house and their her friend asks who is she? And what she wants and swara introduces herself and asks about Ragini she narrates the story it is five years back Ragini’s mother died in childhood her father did second marriage Ragini step mom always scolds her and taunts her she has puppy name snoopy she bought the cake and celebrated but her mother scolded Ragini cried and his father asked she complained him about daughter but he said that I know you only started she said that no one believes her and he left from there and she thought that she has to do something in college laksh was waiting for Ragini he saw her and asked her friend to help him she refused it and said try your luck and when Ragini returned from college she saw that her snoopy is not there she asked his mom she said that I have given to dog catcher and she ran and saw the dog van going she cried but she heard a dog sound and turned she saw snoopy and laksh was carrying he gave to her she thanked him days passed

Ragini fell in love with Laksh and laksh and Ragini were sitting in bench in railway station ragini kept her head on laksh shoulders and said that it is necessary to go he says yes as I have to convince my parents for our marriage I will come in a week he says to trust him she says I trust you but I do not have trust on my fate I lost my mother in childhood whom I loved the most all the loved ones are going from me and know I feared of losing you but laksh said that he will come early and wait for him she waited for him and went to station but no sign of him her mother asks her to marry his father agrees and she talks to his father about her love he says if he has to come he would come long back the next his father got laksh letter he went to Ragini room he searched her but found Ragini lying on the floor she has committed suicide and the letter falls from his hands.

After hearing the story swara felt bad and when they went out they saw snoopy and swara took that dog with her and she started writing letter to laksh in name of Ragini and sanskar started writing letters in name of laksh one day sanskar father caught him and asked about the letters he said something which shocked his father and he replied that I am happy that you are saving a life by writing it and days pass his father asks him that to meet her and tell truth because he is leaving for us within a few months sanskar says ok and mean while swara parents asks him for marriage she says no and sanskar went to ooty and swara bought a gift and sanskar also bought a gift they reached the place by seeing each other they started argument and sat in two different places they thought how to recognise them and they saw a cardboard and both ran and they have small fight after that they decided to share it and they write the names and swara was shocked to see the name of Ragini and Sanskar was shocked to see Laksh they ask each other how they know and first sanskar confesses that laksh is his friend and he had accident and died and swara says that ragini committed suicide due to marriage pressure and suddenly it started raining they are lost in each other eyes and they left the card boards and went from there their gifts got exchanged and at night sanskar was in train he saw the gift which has laksh name he opened and saw Tajmahal idol and smiled and here swara opened the gift of Ragini she got puppy doll and she is so happy and

next day swara got news that a train which comes from ooty had met with accident she was shocked because sanskar was also in same train she called the landline and maid lifted and said that uncle and aunty went to station and in station sanskar came and his family were happy by seeing him safe they went to home at that time phone rang sanskar lifted and said hello and swara was happy listening it and cuts the call sanskar knows that is swara he said nothing and left to his room and her mom said that all of those who posted to letters it all happened he suddenly remember about the letter he wrote he went there and prayed nothing should happen to swara and went home. meanwhile sanskar got wedding invitation of his friends he refused first but after listening that swara is coming there he agreed and the marriage went well and sanskar bought a flower vase and kept in swara room and gone out and swara came from bathroom and saw sanskar going she saw the flower vase and became happy while switching on the fan her puppy doll was torn she got tears in her eyes and was angry on sanskar her friend says in ooty valentine day is celebrated grandly so she will come there and

swara replied ok and the next sanskar was leaving and came to swara she slapped him and said you will never change she went from there sanskar was teary eyed and went and in home swara said that she is ready for marriage her parents were happy and the next day swara’s friend came for their honeymoon and went to a park while talking swara said that sanskar had torn the doll and her friend says it is not sanskar his friend did it she asks how she knows? She says I have listen by his friends talk and here sanskar was packing and kept swara’s photo his friends ask why is he keeping that photo and sanskar replied that he loves her and says about how it happened his friends suggests but he refuses and leaves for airport and in ooty a reporter comes and shoot the valentine day celebration and goes to swara and interviews all and swara says she should apologise sanskar but her friends says he left to us previous day and she cries at that time the reporter comes and interviews and she says the whole story and cries and in airport sanskar sees the TV the next it was raining and swara and her snoopy are crying in front of Ragini’s graveyard it is raining and suddenly someone puts umbrella he is sanskar she gets up and hugs him and they leave holding each other.

Life is beautiful and love is more beautiful with this I end my ff
I want to say that sometimes the person we know have other shade which we never see and in this story a love story has brought these two together

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  2. Hey ur oneshot is good but the stry is actually a Telugu movie called anandam story yaar…hope u dsnt know abt it…anyways gud try Teja…..?

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      She mentioned it dear see starting of the story

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  3. Do u mind telling the movie name?

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    This is a telugu movie anandam right?? Reading first two lines I got it !!nice one

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  8. I said that this movie is my favorite and I know the name but not mentioned it

  9. this is telugu movie anandam. awesome movie

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    Plz post marriage love story asap

  11. It ws good wid swasan…it ws my favorite telugu movie anandam…

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