swaragini love in slums SEASON 2 EPISODE 4

Guys first time in my history I wrote part from my mobile because I was travelling so I took stress and wrote part
Guys how are you and enjoy last second episode of my ff or I may extend one episode if needed and I am glad to see your immense support towards my story and sorry for ending soon but my other story is also running on tellyupdates so enjoy that one guys I am ending soon because these 10 days I will be busy in my counseling process so rather than being such irregular I thought to end but don’t take tension I will come with new ff soon
And I wrote this part while travelling
Episode starts with swara comes out of veer house and ask sanky to take car that they are going lucky house
Sanky- but why
Swara in strict tone I told you so please come with me I have urgent work
Sanky- OK seat
SWARA – angrily shouts lucky lucky
Ap comes out and says oh swara beta I am happy that you came to meet us I told shekhar ji to take you here
Swara – I am sorry aunty I have very important work with lucky please call him
Just then she hears a voice from back so what you want from me miss gadodia
Swara sees him with angry eyes and ask where is ragini
Ap – yes I was also asking about her but he was not saying anything
Where sanky was seeing all drama silently
Swara comes closer to lucky and again shouts tell me where is ragini

Lucky jerks her hand and shouts I throwed her out of this house and Bhopal

Swara shockingly what
Lucky – yes any problem
As he could complete sentence he feels burning sensation on his both cheeks one by one
All were shocked by seeing swara like that while sanky was thinking oh god I never saw this Avtar of swara
Now lucky holds her both the hands and shouts how dare you to slap me
Ap also says swara you can’t slap my son

Swara smiles scarsttaticaly and says oh your son the most heartless men of this world
Swara holds his collar and shouts do you know who is she
Lucky – confusingly what
Swara – she is kavya our kavya lucky
Lucky jerks her and says have you gone mad
Swara – so you will not believe me
Lucky – yes never in my life
Swara – with painful voice do you know lucky if you would had listen me before years than your life would be happy but you never listen of good people you always listen of those people who are wrong but it’s OK this time I brought the clip you will get to know whole truth
Lucky sees whole conversation of veer and swara as well as sanky
Tears starts escaping from sanky eyes by seeing the love of swara towards him he was feeling proud of her love that he really loved correct person. He thinks thank god I trusted swara if I would not trusted I would feel ashamed of myself for whole life that I didn’t trust on my love
While seeing the clip lucky fully shattered his eyes were showing each and every emotions, he had every emotion on his face one of hattredness toward himself, biggest thing is guilt of destroying life of his love once
Yes he gave the pain to the person who were most close to him, the person you whom he loves one swara as a Freind and other side kavya as a lover, he never thought in his life that he will have to face like this truth, he was fully shattered he sits on ground with thud only continues flow of tears was visible on his face, his mind goes to that time when he blamed swara for killing kavya, he was feeling ashamed that he believed that veer not swara, that day he still remember when swara and kavya went to see cliff and lucky came after sometime he see kavya Falling from Cliff and swara and veer were trying to save her but he misunderstood swara that she is trying to kill kavya as veer was doing his drama that don’t push kavya so he thought that swara pushed kavya From Cliff
And from that time his heart filled with hatresdness only for swara he did too much thing to give her pain and he succeeded first he separated her from her sister that he separated her from parents and after separation also he never missed any opportunity to give her torture, when swara got her love than again he separated her from her love
But the Most important thing is that the person for that he made life of swara to hell, to that person also he gave pain
He gave pain to kavya he remembers his torture to ragini he remembers her crying eyes in there intimacy that day he was happy but today her every drop of tear was reaching to his heart, he was completely broken he sees his hand and starts cursing them he says from this hands only I made the life of my loved once to hell from this hands I broke the heart of my lovers, he took pistol 🔫 and puts on his head he says it is only correct justification to your deeds now I don’t have anything I am empty my heart is empty I can’t live with this guilt from My whole life it is better to die before he could push dagger swara snatches it from him
Swara gives him tight slap have you gone mad how can you kill yourself
Lucky cryingly or what to do swara I have given pain to all my loved once I don’t have anyone right to live in this world
Swara – stop your kiddish act first of all we have to search kavya Di
Lucky – but I can’t go in front of her I gave her pain
Swara – please she will understand you didn’t know that she is kavya
Lucky -.with teary eyes what about your pain which I gave you in your whole life, I am biggest culprit of your had snatched snatched your childhood from 15 years you were living like orphan even if you have parents , you had your father to whom
You can’t say father , you craved for your father love because of me, you had your sister but you can’t call her sister you can’t hug her you can’t console her, I had snatched your family your loved once everything swara, I snatched your childhood, a girl of 10th class have to leave her house have to live life of poor had to struggle and fight against this world even if a child of one of the rich person of Bhopal, because of me you have to live poor life because of me you have to come on footpath, I have seen swara to you sleeping on road side but that time my revenge my revenge he repeated words continues overpower my mind, I have seen you shivering in the winter season you didn’t had anything that can save you from winter coldness but my heart really became stone heart swara I couldn’t see your pain at that time, the girl who lived her life like princess she had ac heater in her room had to sleep on footpath without any badsheet also, I also saw your hunger the madly way you ate food when you got after 2 days, I also saw you working like labour in the age of 15, where other children used to play other children are pampered in parents embraced but you had to do labour work you had to carry weight but everytime I became happy to see this, I killed your childhood swara I killed the old bubbly and fun loving swara, but after that also my heart didn’t filled, I brought you to club to do dance, I know and I saw many boys badmouthing you many times misbehaved you but I enjoyed everything, but one day you really ran away from that place I don’t know where you ran away but one fine day veer told me about your stay in Bhopal that you are living in slums and also love someone, again I played my cheap trick and separated you from your Love because I couldn’t see your happiness and brought you your life by snatching your love, now both were looking each other with teary eyes thinking about there friendship and lucky hatred but our poor sanky was also teary eyes by seeing swara painful life, but now his eyes Falling on there teary eyed eye lock, jealousy occupied in his heart even if in this serious matter he knows that they are friend then also he can’t see her so he came forward and speaks we should find Kavya, now both see toward sanky but lucky holds swara hand and give her gun, please kill me swara please give me punishment for what I did I know my all punishment will be less but please give me punishment please
Swara throws gun and says lucky now the thing which I lost can’t come again by punishing you, lucky feels ashamed on himself while swara says in broken voice, she continues see lucky from giving your punishment my lost childhood will not come, I will not get my parents love which I lost in my life, I will not get anything of my loses but now I don’t want anything of my life I want my best friend and my whole family with me so I will give you punishment but that will be you have to loyal for whole life with everyone you will not become devil
Lucky nods yes swara I will not become devil but I swara I gave you too much pain
While sanky was thinking oh god again this friendship drama started when they will stop it from 30 minutes they are talking about there useless past and nothing new is happening, both are lost in each other as they were the lover from childhood no no it can’t happen
Just then he sees lucky forwarding hand to swara so friends
Swara – best friend now we will never fight
Lucky -.yes
Sanky thinks oh god now they again became Friend this swara is not seeing me one time what she will do in future now for sanky most unexpected happened that they both friendly hugged and crying
Sanky thinks I know that both are in pain and are best friends but I can’t see them like this, he goes near to them and puts his hand on shoulder of swara and says we have to go to see ragini
Just when swara about to away from lucky her pendant was fixed in lucky button
Sanky sees it and immediately goes and remove her pendant from him, now he sees swara who was teary eyes, he hugs her tightly by not living a gap between them, he console her and says please be strong swara we have to find ragini
Swara while still hugging yes first we have to find ragini
Lucky now let us go and see that place where I left ragini
On the other side
Girl is shown in uncontiously in hospital and screams lucky I am you kavya I am your kavya………………………………………

Precap – raglak and swasan moments may be last episode of story
By the way guys did you like sanky jealousy it was really unexpected for you but I really wanted to give some light hearted thing within episode because it was too emotional so I added sanky part and in this way swasan scene also came and second thing today part was needed to show swara struggling life which she lived and I really felt bad for swara she lost everything in small age and tomorrow main part will be of ragini keep smiling always and enjoy last second episode of this ff


  1. xavia

    Chappy wz mindblowing……feeling pity fo lucky….he z really a jerk…hw cn any1 bcm so blind in revenge…..vl swara’s past z really painful…she really suffered alot…..OMG r uhh seriously gonna end ds ff …..i thought dat u r just kdng….hope soon u vl cm wid a new story…….m a big fann of ua ffs…

  2. Tamanna


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…. Really like sanskar’s jealousy….. But laksh shouldn’t be easily forgiven by ragini….waiting for swasan union….

  3. Kakali

    Today’s episode was painful.. i can’t even think that a 15 years girl gone thorough this much..who is like a princess.. bt she never gave up..coz she is SWARA..n this Laksh is now guilty n he has to b.. how can he be so blind in revenge!!! bt anyway i hv a small request .!!! i want that Swara n Ragini(Kavya) give him a very hard n big punishment.. like 1000 sit ups.. no food for one day, SWARAGSAN go outing without him etc.. u can give more if u want… hahahahha..to much na bt he deserves this… huhhhhhh!!!😤😤😤.. thnx Irfan😊 ..

  4. Riya

    Just amazing episode…. Fabulous marvellous…. Its really very emotional but good….U nailed it…How can anyone be this much intelligent I don’t know seriously don’t know…U r an outstanding writer… No one can beat u…There isn’t any ff writer who have the courage to beat u….If they try their best then also they can’t… I am damn sure about it…Irfan Pathan means Irfan Pathan only…Just lovely episode…. Waiting for the next episode…Irfan Pathan rocks….

  5. Shruti

    Oh yes what can I say??? Its jst amazing.. Superb.But a little bit emotional.. But don’t worry and also don’t take tension it was a fantabulous ep..I didn’t saw this type of ep as well as this type of ff as well as this type of ff writer ever…Irfan Pathan is jst amazinggggggggggggggggg…. No words to describe his mind and his thoughts…And also his writing skills is jst lovely….Irfan Pathan is always Irfan Pathan..

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