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swaragini love in slums SEASON 2 EPISODE 3


guys as you all know very well this story will end on episode 5 so only remaining 2 episode are there so enjoy it

and big sorry from my side because i am ending this story because guys i will be highly irregular may be i may

update episode weakly so rather than this i thoght to end this story soon
LINK of all previous episodes of this story –
episode starts with swara going to veer house,
in front of his house
swara comes out of car and orders sanky to out only
sanky nodded and was seating in car
in veer house
swara goes to veer house and starts tap recording
veer- so swara gadodia came to meet me
swara angrily how dare to say about sanky to lucky
veer- so my baby is angry one me
swara- stop your drama first of all tell me what is going on in your mind and where is kavya di
veer- i told she is died
swara- i know she is not dead
veer- you know very well she falled from cliff
swara- i know but recently i got to know she is not dead
veer- so what
swara takes out pistol and puts on veer head
veer in fearfull voice what are you doing swara
swara- if you will not tell i will kill you
veer- swara please don’t do please
swara- now tell the whole truth
veer- ok i will tell you
swara still holding the gun and veer replies vo swara you are correct she is not dead
by hearing this swara gets happily shocked she immediately ask who is that girl
veer- you also mate her
swara shockingly what
veer- swara do you remember that girl to whom you saved from lucky
SWARA- who
veer- that RAGINI……………………………………………(shock laga)
swara- what how can be that girl
veer- yes your kavya si fells from cliff, than some localite sees her and takes her to doctor and doctor examined

and told to do plastic sergery, there was one person of there village who don’t have any daughter and they want to

have one girl child and were most rich in there village so they decided to take kavya there daughter, and also they

did too much inquiry but could not find about her real identity so they took kavya with them and did her plastic

sergery and named her with new name that is ragini, she forgot her all memory and as time passes i decided to trap

her and she came in my love trap and after that you know very well
swara- what and she thinks of flashback
when ragini was taken lucky club where for completing his lust, swara called him not to do anything for it i am

ready to bear your torture (i think you remember lucky got call when he took ragini took ragini to room), but lucky

did not hear her because he wants to complete lust from ragini and swara was hell worried for her so she

immediately gone to his place and made voice to desturb lucky so when he went out of room she broke the window with

help of worker and ragini escaped from there easily
swara shockingly that girl was my sister
veer- yes baby that is reason i brought her but you all made our plan fail and helped her to escape
swara teary eyes how dare to do this with her, swara puts her hand on her head and thinks oh god i did big mistake

by making her afraid to run away from bhopal (guys in market when swaragini met at that time swara acted to be

negative and she want to make her fearfull so that ragini can go away from this place because she was knowing that

lucky will harm her)
swara seats the place with thud tears flowing from her eyes
veer comes closer to her and says winnigly the person from whom you want to save her she is wife of that person

swara shockingly what
veer she is with lucky
by hearing his words swara goes out of his house by running……………………………
other side
ragini was happily seating in her room and proudly saying so ragini today you realy gave good lesson to this laksh

maheshwari, oh god such a good work i did poor felow could not sleep whole night and these all her praises were

heard by lucky
he angrily comes and tells from behind congratulation ragini for your win
ragini in flow oh thank you thank you
but just than she realises who told from behind she got scared and fumbles vo vo vo ovo vo…………
lucky coming closer what vo vo vo
ragini cryingly please forgive me
lucky- never ever
lucky takes out his belt and beats her, after beating her took her forcefully towards his car made her seat in car

and takes car to distance from bhopal
he opens the door and throws her on the land
and shouts now your drama is over, don’t dare to come here again got it and left her………
ragini cryingly hey bhgwan why is always happens to me, she cries and moves on road, she did not notice and truck

only thud sound can be heared and ragini falls on ground with pool of blood…………………………..

PRECAP- lucky get to know truth, his guilt, raglak union, swasan moment
PLEASE NOTE RAGLAK FANS don’t tell less raglak scene, because before saying this you must not there were no swasan

scene and this full episode was only based on ragini only and her life , neither on swara nor on sanky i think you

got my pov
did you like my shock

  1. nicee love ragini

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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  2. Soujanya


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  3. Oh god what a shock!!!!!!!!Today u nailed it….Hats off to u and ur mind bro…. Ragini is Kavya…I didn’t imagine it in my dream also…Seriously I am a big fan of u and ur ff…And yeah one more thing I like your shock a lot seriously…No words to describe…How can anyone be this brilliant??? Can’t understand…Just keep writing like this and I am eagerly waiting for the next episode specially for Raglak union….Stay happy…

    1. Pathan

      Ok don’t praise me this much I can’t take it any more and keep commenting and liking story keep supporting me as you always do

  4. Sorry for typing mistake its this much brilliant

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      It’s OK I am not like you I don’t bother about spelling

      1. Oh hello Bengali baba its not spelling mistake its typing mistake… And I am not like you who always wants to tease people… I praised you a lot and you are saying like this… How rude…And one more thing why you can’t take it anymore I always use to praise you…And today also I did the same…You Bengali baba😝😝😝😝😝

    2. Pathan

      Oh I am not rude miss angry bird by the way
      Oh thanks for praising me

  5. Not only shocked I m hell shocked!!!!!! What a shock!!!!!!!Can’t take it anymore….. Seriously u nailed it….What a mind u have….Just awsm….Lvd it very much….Waiting for the nxt 1..

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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep supporting me always as you do

  6. don’t end this is nice story continue plzz next part soon

    1. Pathan

      I know Nikki I understand your feelings but now I will be busy in counseling so I will not able to take time I am getting too difficulty to manage fixing broken relation and this one so I am thinking to end this ff but soon I will come with much more batter ff than this one and I will also give os for raglak fans and thanks for ur support toward my story

  7. Hemalattha

    amazing part.waiting for next part

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  8. ohhh godd!!! what a shock😱😱 was mind blowing… super duper awesome… loved it.😊😊

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  9. Oh… This is story… Nice… Now it’s clear swara save ragini… Bt lucky deserve a gud punishment for his deeds

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  10. Shock laga shock laga. Awesome you killed it . I mean you nailed itt. Next part soon .

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  11. Nice updates soon please

  12. Pavani

    Raglak union this much early y soo nd I really don’t want RAg to excuse Laksh that easily he should do some hard work hope u got my point y r u in a hurry to end this

    1. Pathan

      Yes do he will not able to get forgiveness easily and I will give many things in one episode or may extend for 2 episode for lucky forgiveness and I want to hurry because now a days I am not able to get time and this story may go for weakly update so it will not look nice so rather than updating weakly ending is better and I really have many good ideas of new story and that I will take later after my these 10 to 15 busy days gets over

  13. Ragini is kavya!! Never expect this twist, you’re amazing yar

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  14. Tamanna

    Nice… Really shocking!!!!!

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  15. Interesting twist.Loved it

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    Nice update dear

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    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment

  17. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Totally shocked
    Loved the epi
    Waiting for the next one…………….

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  18. Awesome

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  19. Wat a update… Loved it

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