swaragini love in slums of india and other with full of lust intro part 2

hey guys yesterday cina gave me idea to make swara rich so i realy liked her idea so i thought to make swara rich and it will be realy increase more drama in the

story and guys for sanky rich i will write different story for that in the name slum boy changes into millioneer so guys yesterday night after readin her comment i

got this idea please read it
swara after becoming rich
she goes to bathroom and sees western latrine coloured in orange colour, she thinks it is orange colour stone murti and says hey bhgwanji this rich people do not know

where to put bhgwan ji stone and they kept in bathroom did they do not have shame bathing infront of bhgwanji chhichhi chhi, she folds her hand and says hey bhgwanji

murti please forgive us
just than her father comes and laugh by seeing her antiques and says beta this is not murti it is latrin
swara- hey how it can be latrin\
his father takes he rout and says for u i have indian style u can go there
swara- okk but did sanky came to meet me
her father- swara please forget him he is slum boy and his standard is also very less than that our workeer so please beta stop asking about him and i searched good

alliance for u
swara- no papa how can u do i will not marry anybody
one day swara comes and tells to his father that she is ready to marry
her father- i am realy happy beta and that boy is very rich and his name is LAKSH MAHESHWARI
other side lucky comes towards ragini pins her to wall and mover his finger sensualy and says hey baby i am going to marry new girl that is also daughter of very rich

person, one side i will get his money and other side i will get hot and s*xy girl ya she is realy hot and she will give me very good pleaseure baby so do urself what u

can do to stop marriage i will surely marry her
rags pushes him an d falls on ground and says if u want to marry her u marry i do not have any problem
lucky shocked and says what………
guys i want to say that do not think this track will be rona dhona, this track will be realy funny and happy wala track
guys think why ragini and swara told yes for marriage
now what will happen to love birds swara sanskar and ragini laksh so keep reading
guys i want to ask one question guys her i do not read story for this i am realy sorry because i am boy and i am writing here only due to many people told me to write

and i love story writing and i am writing to increase my writing skill and i am realy realy realy sorry i am not reading ur story but guys my sister reads story on

this forum
so my question is here in which extent writers can go in romance please suggest me or what type of romance u want in story option are
1) intense
2)good good romance
3)less romance
4) no romance
so guys please give ur suggestion if u can
and prologue of this story will be uploaded tomorrow pleas read that

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  1. Soujanya

    Awesome…. As your wish u give romance

    1. Pathan

      okkkkk jiii

  2. Pavani

    Nice one dear ur story is interesting nd iam happy to see a boy writing an ff by hus always used to say uu ladies naa u waste time in all these ha ha ha its nice to see u writing tnk u dear .nd about romance every time it is not necessary to show intense romance nd in my view I like emotional romance by their actions .

    1. Pathan

      thanxx pavani ji for ur beautiful comment and ya u are correct many boys says to girls that she waste time, and i realy did not watch this serial may be in weak i may watch it if i get time because this my sis is diheart fan of this serial so i am writing on the behalf of her and thanxx for ur wonderfull comment and keep commenting

  3. Tanu

    awesome …intense wala between swasan n on raglak yr choice

    1. Pathan

      okkk thanx for comment and keep commenting

  4. About romance is ur wish we dnt mind about it..

    1. Pathan

      okk ji keep commenting and thanx fo comment

  5. Megha123

    Awsm part. …………andaru romance as u r wish.

    1. Pathan

      thanxx for commenting keep commenting

  6. nice but very small part ..make it little bit long pls..and i want intense wala romance..

    1. Pathan

      okk i will make longer epi it was intro

  7. Intense wala romance b/w both couple.. IRS awsm bt short..

    1. Pathan

      okk i will upload longer one tomorrow

  8. Alisha

    Interesting! I really liked it. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode and Sanskaar’s entry. Hope the love bird stay together and yeah, we want intense wala romance. ??
    Keep writing! ?

  9. Write romance but which is suitable for 10 to 15 years because there r many readers who r underage
    Even I m also under 15

  10. Yashasvi

    hey bro owsm epi, so sweet yr, u knw many boyz a that watching serial is waste of time, i hope kabhi woh yha aapka ff pde aur unhe aakal aye…hehehe, n about romance ur wish bro.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Y don’t you change swasan character as raglak character and raglak as servant in swasan house and best friend of swara but sanskar doesn’t like the friendship and have to torture swara like hell

  12. Thank you for choosing my idea…but I think vrithika’s idea is more interesting than mines

  13. i want intense+romance

  14. First of all sorry 4 late commenting bcz I m bzy in my studies… By d way epi was outstanding lovely… Lvd it…Waiting 4 d nxt 1…

    1. I choose option 1…

  15. Awsm…..I have no words to say…… Nd I want intense romance between Raglak bcuz I m not interested in SwasanSwasan….. For Swasan it is ur wish……


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