swaragini love in slums of india and other with full of lust episode 9 (SWARAGINI FACE OF)


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freinds your irfan pathan is back so did u miss me or not or just missed my ff, guys how is ur health
guys i started new ff those who could not reAD please read its intro whose link i had given at the end of this ff and that story name is my unwanted relation with my husband freind
and for raglak fans i will also give good importance to raglak also so u raglak fans also can read story because in intro swasan were given priority so now i thought to
give equal importance to both pairs
guys i wrote this part in hurry so

episode starts with swara went to market for purchasing vegetables, as she goes she bumps to a girl
she hurriedly ask forgiveness from her as a girl open her mouth swara ses her and both are just freezed at there place, and that girl was none other than ragini
ragini becomes hell shocked by seeing the girl in front of her that is swara, a girl who ruined her whole life she was hell shocked as well as angry on swara
swara after breaking eye contact winks at her and says ohh vso miss ragini again came in bhopal to ruin her life
ragini gets more angry she shows her index fingure and says hey miss swara u characterless girl
swara- dont dhout on me
ragini- what will u do
swara- ohh u dont know what i can do by smiling evily
ragini get scared but she manages to spoke “i am not old ragini who will come in ur trap”
swara- oh i know u are not old but laksh maheshwari is same womaniser and do u know one thing he is searching u madly
ragini gets scared by much force she could reply wwhhhhat….
swara- comes near her and says yes baby in whole bhopal his goon are roaming if his goon will see u than what will happen u can understand
ragini starts sweating
swara removes water droplet from her face and says do u know he wants to take revenge from u because u spoilt his night and if he will find u, u will surely going in
hell got it
ragini was sweating but her inner voice says no ragini no no u cant become weak, u have to face world, if u will become coward again all will take ur advantage no ragini
no u have to be strong and bold, give a tight slp to this girl to show how much courageous u are, no ragini u have to slap her to show ur power
now ragini does not think anything and tightly slaps swara, and swara falls on ground by her tight slap
ragini in full rage shouts on swara u can call ur so called laksh maheshwari i will fight with him, got it and starts going, after 2-3 steps she again says remember my
slap and winks at her again starts going out
swara still seating on ground by holding her cheeks shout hey ragini IF IN 1 HOUR IF U CAN’T LEAVE BHOPAL YOU WILL SURELY CAUGHT BY LAKSH GOONS BECAUSE NOW I AM GOING
ragini while going shouts i dont care of u and ur laksh maheshwari
ragini moves towards other side of city
swara composes herself and goes towards her house

on the other hand lucky who was seeing that pic goes again in flashback
one fine day lucky was going towards there camp but 3 dogs were barking on his as he sees three dogs he gets angry that they are shouting on him
he takes out pistol from his pocket and kills all three dogs and smile evily if anyone will come between laksh maheswari will have to bear worst consequenses
this scenorio was seen by kavya she was heart broken the way he killed all three dogs, she was just standing statue and lucky notices her standing he gets worried cups
her face and ask what happened kavya
kavya gives him tight slap and says what u have done laksh why u killed this dogs
lucky by placing his hand on cheek replies because they were barking on me
kavya- so what if they were barking so u killed them
lucky- yes if anyone will insult me i will punish that person harshly because these are sign of becoming devil we have to do this thing to become devil
kavya- again slap him and takes pistol from his hand and says now i insulted u kill me kill
lucky- in verge of crying no kavya no please dont says like this i will die if u will say like this again
kavya- than why u did with this dogs
lucky- because VEER was saying that we have to becaome heartless if we want to become devil
kavya again angry on him why u want to become devil lucky why
lucky- because i just want to become devil once in my life, i want all people afraid of laksh maheshwari,
kavya- but why u want to become devil u dont believe in love
lucky- no never there is no love in this world, no brothere love no parents love, parents take care of children because it is there risponsibility not because
they love there children, so if there is no love in this world that what is problem of not becoming devil
kavya teary eyes what about me
lucky- stands numb he somehow manages to spoke a word out and says it is just best freindship and u are very good girl who always support me so i have soft corner only
for u and swara and no one else in this world
kavya cries by seeing her love like this, (guys kavya loves lucky unconditionely even if he is bed boy) she thinks no lucky no, one day u will surely recognise ur love
towards me and that day u will surely forget to become devil
lucky sees her crying he hugs ger and says why are u crying what happened to u
kavya breaks hug wipes her tears and says nothing but u have to promise me u will never kill animals
lucky- okk baba pinky promise
kavya gives him slight smile
lucky sees her smiling and ask ohh my kavya looks very beautiful while smiling
kavya blushes and all seen by swara ohh so couples are doing romance here
kavya again blushes, but lucky says ohh when u will stop calling us couples
swara- when u both will stop behaving as couple
lucky- stop it swara
swara- okk baba and u go and sleep
lucky goes
in present lucky eyes were full of tears he thinks that time kkavya was there to stop me today no one there to stand behind me

on the other side
swara goes to sanky house and ask atif did he came
atif- no didi he did not came
swara- okk so today i will make food of ur house because he is late
swara makes food and atif went to neighbours house
after making food swara thinks oh now my work is over
knock sound of door comes she understand it will be surely sanky
she opens door and sees sanky very tired
he immediately enters in house and sits on mate
sanky- what happened why u came here in night 8pm
swara- because u did not come so i made food for u u may be tired
sanky- ya swara i was realy very tired today thanks for making food
swara- when u will stop this labour work sanky
sanky- what to do swara in our slum area there is no any good job which i can do all peoples are doing this labour work
swara- ya sanky u are correct but i am worried for u, daily u have to lift too much weight
sanky- ya swara i was also thinking of good job but u know na these rich people traps us
swara- how
sanky- voh these rich people made me sign on paper of contract in which i had to do work for 1 year
swara-ohh got such a rude malik
sanky- swara he is not alone, all rich malik uses these chip tricks to trap poor people like us and we had to do work anyhow, we cant complain in police also
because they everymonth give huge amount to police so if we will go to police, they will arrest us only by making some cases and do u know many malik makes agryment
of life time only, and i have seen many old people who are going to die had to do work under this maliks
swara- ya u are correct sanky it is very diffeicult to live here
sanky- what about u, u daily goes to make food in rich people house
swara- ya
sanky- do u have anyproblem in that work
swara- no sanky it is not like that i am happy in my work
sanky- okkk and ya my agreement to malik is going to end within 7 days so i will find new job
swara- yes it is good, many goverment vacacy are comming na they are just advertising us
sanky- no swara they are just name sake i dont know where all vacancy goes, in our area there is no any facility is there because these big officers just write the names
of workers and take money in there account only, all are just fraud
swara- but how they will do work if workers dont work
sanky- they usualy do by machines and call some workers and made them work fro whole day and give only 100rs where govt, gives 200rs
swara- ohh
sanky- yes swara we can take example that our place many wells are digged, govt. told to get digged by workers only no jcb allowed but these officers to save money
writes name of fake workers and make to do all work by jcb
swara- its okk i will bring food for u
sa swara moves he sees redness of her cheeks
sanky- pulls swara towards him, moves his hand on her cheeks and ask why these cheeks are red
swara gets shocked…………………………..

PRECAP- new shade of swara, raglak meeting special may be forced romance, sanky thinks for job, again same swasan romance pakka tomorrow i will show there romance

GUYS i had upladed new ff so please read its intro it is verygood story because i found that many readers of this story did not read intro
guys by intro dont think this is aving story but this is based on merrital life and u will get to understand after marriage the importance of this story and it also shows
blackside of rich people and about maany marriage affairs even if in middle class peoples if u have time so read this story and its name is MY UNWANTED RELATION WITH
MY HUSBAND FREIND AND its link is http://www.tellyupdates.com/unwanted-relation-husband-freind-intro/

guys how are u all and today episode i wrote in very hurry so i could not express anyone emotion properly, please forgive me

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  1. Oh no…Swara is negative….??…but I like it..Ragini became bold…superb.. Sanky and Swara convo was superb…
    Too much of suspense yaar…Laksh past and swara’s negative side….
    Waiting for next epi….

    1. Ys I read ur intro… But have no idea about tittle…I think its better u choose some intresing tittle…..

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and u will get to know whole truth within 2 to 3 episode and I am happy that you are regularly reading my both story

  2. Yashasvi

    wow bro awesome epi!! OMG! wt happened to swra . very excited fr swara’s new shade and raglak’s meeting !!!! u r amazing! and i read ur intro it was also awesome! bro how u write yr..i really idolise u!!!!!!!!!

    luv u bro! and no words more , jitna bhi bolu kam he!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hats off to u!!!!!!!

    1. Pathan

      Ya because after knowing another shade ur confusion may clear maximumly and keep commenting on this way

      1. Pathan

        Thanks for ur beautiful comment rags

  3. Hey bro as usual it is nice happy to see bold rag and iam enjoying to see swara negative ha ha “things that make a relation strong” I think the name u kept was nice but as u asked I just thought it will suit and its ur wish next

    1. Pathan

      OK di for ur beautiful suggestion and everything will be cleared soon because I can’t give long suspense to readers and Di what happened to ur registered id

      1. Ha ha I commented from juju’s phone soon

  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Loved Ragini’s boldness
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and about ragini boldness tomorrow will be end of her boldness and keep commenting and liking story

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  5. Akshaya

    Bhai please post tomorrow pakka promise

    1. Pathan

      OK my sister I will surely post tomorrow if I could gate time and thanks for liking my story and for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting

  6. Mind blowing episode bro….How was ur xams bro?????Nd yes I missed u very very very very very very very very very very very much….Nd missed ur ff also… I m fine how r u????Nd I read ur new ff’s intro nd also gave comment there nd u replied me….Nd this episode is amazing… Waiting for the next episode bro nd too much suspense…. Swara is negative nd Laksh is very cruel… Anyways bye take care of urself nd stay blessed….

    1. Nd yeah I think the title is perfect for the story

    2. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment my sister and stay happy my exam was good thanks for ur suggestion keep liking my story how ur school are going on

      1. Hey bro my school is going well…. Nd I have xams from 4th August…But don’t take tension I’ll manage to give comments along with my studies…. Nd what didi will do I don’t know nd don’t get confused about who is didi…Shruti is my didi… I call her didi bcuz she is 2 minutes older than me…

    3. Pathan

      Oh very good sanskar my sister have

  7. Jwala

    it was awesome.. Please post your other ff soon.. Please waiting for it

    1. Pathan

      Today surely I will post

  8. Jwala

    and I’m suggesting name “was it my sin? ” or “broken glasses of Relations” or “am I still pure”

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur suggestion jwala

  9. ragini is just awesum love her

  10. Again no RagLak scenes?…..SwaSan scenes r nyc but its 222 boring vthout RagLak…..I m missing u a lotttttt more than ur ffs…..Bcz I hvn’t any bro….N if ur xms r over then how z ur xms?????? N d other ff z also nyc…..N d name z also nyc….No need 2 change d name… N I m fyn n how z ur health????? N I want 2 give u an info bout me n my sis tht v know Hindi better than Bengali….. Bcz in Asansol Bihari,Marwari n Muslim zyada hai Bengali se….N now I think I hv 2 stop my bak bak…..N I think main 4th August se 10th August tak comment nhi de paungi…. Bcz I hv xms…
    Stay blessed…..

    1. Pathan

      OK no problem if u can’t comment and no need to take tension of commenting for me it is enough that u read story thanks for missing me my sister and my exams were nice and thanks for ur care towards me

  11. nice..waiting for d nxt one..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story and I will surely update soon

  12. Soujanya


    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story soujanya

  13. Maddy_02

    Awesome I liked it soo mucch…post soon…Ragini nod side I liked. …Swara negative Omg. …bit loved it…awesome

    1. Pathan

      You will get to know soon and keep liking my story and thanks for ur anayssis

  14. Shruthis

    swara is negative ..ohh different shades of swara…but that tight slap scene was great …
    i loved ragini’s boldness and hope this continues 🙂
    read your new ff too i loved it 🙂
    keep going 🙂

    1. Pathan

      Ya I will make her bold and swara one more shade is waiting it will be revealed soon and thank for commenting and liking story shruthis

  15. Mica

    swara become -ve ? omg i luv it, soo funny

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