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EPISODE STARTS WITH sanky stands up from ground his body was in immense pain but he know this type of hard work always occur in every weak
he started moving slowly slowly to take his shirt and drink water in godown
other side lucky comes out with full energy, his body was paining but that pain was giving him pleasure and increasing his happiness
sanky sees him smiling and thinks ohh u are smiling malik but wait i will take revenge from u what u have done with me and miscievious smile appear
on his face inrespective of his pain, the smile of giving pain to other us very different which can come even after we are in trouble because that
happiness is very different that heals our pain which anyone gives us, it is just pain decreaser smile and this was comming on sanky face
he thinks and gets nice idea sanky takes water and spread the area of godown where lucky usualy comes, there cowdunk was also present, sanky smirks
thinks u have given too much pain to me, i can not do anything because i am helpless but i can do prank to decrease heaviness of my heart of insult
and work pressure given by him,
lucky comes out of room as his daily routine he goes inside godown in attitude without looking on earth as his routine to show how much he is rich
to see workors, as he enters he falls on ground due to slipy surface due to water
and his shirt and face was borried in cowdung, but as we says IF WE FLY IN AIR WE HAVE TO RETURN TO EARTH ONE DAY, this was the same condition with lucky,
because he was in the same state he is walking without looking on earth due to ego of his wealth and he faced consequenses of his useless ego, by seeing’
lucky’s condition all workers heart became full of happiness, all there pain was redused by seeing him in pain, our sanky was smiling secretly wole heartedly
but poor lucky sees could not tolerate gaze of workers he immediately stand up and walk towards his cabin by with bent head, ya correct lucky went with bent head
that laksh maheshwari who never seen earth is walking through bent head, this is most embrassed situation for him, if he would not had his ego in his mind today
he would not be embrassed this much and this ego made him to look down in everybody eyes, so it is better never fly too much destiny can play game at anytime
after lucky went all workers laugh openly by putting there hand on stomach, today was first day in there life that they were laughing even if this much work pressure
this is real happiness they got that they taught good lesson to there malik
now everybody take there things and goes to there home
today sanky was most tired than other workers, he was walking towards his home with so much pain but there was smile today after complting half kilometer road he notices
one girl and uncle were standing outside the mall, they were looking here and there and their luggage he thought that they may need person to help them to reach their car
sanky monologues i think i should help them, it is good to help them if they will give money to parcel their luggage will be very good i will be able to use it my
work because slipper is tored from the toe side so that i can bring new slipper for me, but if they will not give money its ok i will help them my main motive is to help
them than other things are secondary if they give money or not in this thought process i reached to that uncle and ask uncle do u need help
uncle- ya beta please lift this luggage to my car
i happily took luggage and put to there car, yes my back was paining my full body was paining to work but we should help the people if they need now i put their whole
luggage to their car i asked to uncle so i am going
uncle- beta what work u do
me- uncle i am labour of grain godown
uncle- oh i am shekhar gadodia
me- i have hear u are very rich person
shekhar- yes beta
now sanky’s eyes fall on his daughter he feels her gaze was not confertable, she was lookingin different way my all thought process was broken by that girl voice
girl- hey boy if u need a good job take my house adress card please do come we will give good job with less work and much good selary than u are getting here
sanky takes it car and says thank you by moving his gaze to down (guys shekhar daughter name is neha who was sleeping with lucky)
shekhar takes out 500rupees and give to sanky
sanky- ohh uncle what is the need of this i just helped u (but his dirty mind wants that money because he badly needs)
shekhar- no beta please take this u helped us too much
sanky smewhere wanted this money but he dont want to take this huge amount of money he thought he will give 100rs so it will be okk but he had given 500rs which he could
not earn whole day when he worked hard this much he directly says uncle please give me 100rs not 500 i did not do work of 500rs
shekhar- no beta take it he gives him money and leaves there hurridely by saying if u need job u can come to our place, he daughter also comes towards me she sensualy
places her hand on my shoulder and says if u need job u can come and went
sanky could not understand neha’s charater but he did not mind it he was very happy that he got 500rs for this work he thought to take something for both of them but
his body was paining too much, spo he thought he will purchase tomorrow and went towards his house
on the other side lucky angrily wash his face and went to his room, he thinks till now i did not felt embrassed in my whole life, he angrily enters in his room
and throughs every thing of his room, he notices one pic,he hurridely grabes it and smile by remembering the incidense captured in this picture
when he was in 12 class and there school student went to picnic, he and his all freind went to picninc
swara was in 10th class, and kavya was his class mate
he had crush on both swara and kavya he was devil from childhood only
they went to goa and swara was seating near see shore
he sees one boy came and was flirting with her he gets angry he went to that boy, he took him to other side unnoticed by other and beaten him harshly he could not walk
but swara stopped lucky to beat him and pleade him to forgive him, lucky forgave that boy in one condition that she had to make his head lie on her lap near the beach
with him, swara dont had any option she agreed so he left that boy, now both were seating near beach lucky head was lying on swara’s lap
lucky- sees her with full attractive eyes and ask so my swara baby is abgry on me
swara- yes what is the need of beating him
lucky- i dont like that he touches u got it
swara- i know its ok but lucky please stop ur devilness, ur devilness is increasing day by day
lucky- no swara i like to become devil and do u know becoming devil is very different experience
swara- no lucky please stop thinkingof becoming devil
lucky- ohh my baby just i will become devil and when i will do my work than i will become good person
swara- it is wrong conception got it
lucky- ohh swara now stop ur non-sense about this devil and all
swara- ok but keep my words in ur mind says by caressing his hair
lucky- okk baba
swara- so how is uncle and anty
lucky- u know na swara at my house we all are busy in our work only my mom is busy in her work and my father is busy in his office work, we dont get time to talk to each other
swara- but at dining table u all used to meet
lucky- no swara first we used to meet but now a days they thought not to waste time in eating with each other so whenever we are free we used to eat food
swara- u dont feel that u are going away from ur family
lucky- u know very well swara at my house from childhood only i was alone i had many workers so they took care of me and my parents dont get time from their own romance and
office world
swara- i know but u did not felt that u are away from ur family
lucky- ya swara in starting i used to crave for my parents love but now i dont feel that, i feel the life i am living is good, no botheration no any body’s interpretation
just only me what i want i can do, i have my own life, my parents gave me credit card and they never ask me in which way i am using so u know if we have money than
we can get what we want and we can fulfill our passion
swara- u know lucky u are fully wrong because the parents love is very different which is something else which every person needs
lucky- ohh dont say like this i used to feel that parents love we must have but as i grown up i felt i am happy in my own life, because that type of parents will interfare
in our personal life, we have to daaily come to our house on time in strict way, if we go anywhere we need to ask them, daily we have to eat food with them, if we get
less marks we have to hear there scolding these all are very useless things it is just cage only and see my life full of masti only
swara- thinks i know lucky it is not ur fault it is fault of ur parents who did not gave u love which every child get, from childhood u never knew the real love of
parents so u are fully coorrect at ur point of view but i just pray for u that uncle anty understand there mistake and gave him a love which he was craving from childhood
i know lucky how much u were craving for ur parents love from childhood i had seen in ur eyes till 8th class u daily used to cry that my parents never come to take my result
they never ask my report card, they did not saw my school till now, they never came to pick him atleast he was in nursery class so this made lucky live in his own world
and he starts meeting with bad boys of school and learnt bad habits from them because no one is there to stop him nor his parents because they are busy in own world
now he started liking his life without parents love now he feels parents love is useless thing it is just burdon but what i can do i am also helpless and this is reason
i never becomes angry on his antiques and his bad behavior i know if i and kavya di will leave him he will become worst person, he will go to devil world
her thought process comes out by sudden jerk given by lucky
lucky- ohhh what u are thinking
swara naughtily i am thinking about kavya di
lucky- little blushes
swara- ohh my best freind is blushing
lucky- please stop it we will talk about her later
swara- why
lucky- stop it and do u know my freind was telling here there are many bars so he told me that they will go
swara- thinks his so called freind will make him devil one day but she wants him to stop from all this and she knows her tricks she getup immediately with jerk
lucky- ohh swara what happened to u
swara did not says anything she goes other side
lucky- swara please listen na i know u are angry on me
swara- yes now dont block my way
lucky- okk please dont angry on me i can not see u angry my freind please, i will not go to bar pakka promise with put face and seating on her knees
swara sees him and melts ok i am forgiving u
lucky- swara please dont say this thing to kavya
swara- why u are afraid of her, ohh the most wanted munda and biggest devil of our school is afraid of kavya di
lucky cups her face and says ya i am afraid of this thing that i can not live without u and kavya di, u both are very important person of my life who gives me correct
path, who realy loves me without any selfish motive and all other freinds are behind my money
swara gets teary eyes by his statement and nods in yes lucky gets good chance and kiss on her chicks and runs away and says did u like the prank of ur devil freinds
swara gets shocked but thinks he is realy annoying boy flirting with 2 girls but for me he is my best freind who realy needs love and i must stand with him…….
lucky in present had teary eyes and thinks u dont know swara and kavya i used to go to bars without ur knowledge and these were the starting days of my life of becoming
on the other side ragini (guys her day will start from same day morning) gets 148rs she was thinking now what to do of this money, she thinks in 148rs dairy milk silk big packet will also not come, ohh this money is
nothing in front of old ragini but i am living in footpath life ragini u have to utelise this money, she sees one corner shop (means thela in our language), she sees POHA
and JALEBI, she never went to corner shop before because she used to think that this type of shop dont have higines but today her destiny wants her to go to this type of
shops today she forgot hygiene and all she goes towards shop but firstly thinks i dont know how much it will cost she just stand near that shop not looikng towards it
so that she can heard there talk, she got to know that poha is of 10 rs and jalebi is also of 10rs, so she goes to him and ask him to make oneplat of poha and jalebi
uncle- beta how much jalebi u want
ragini thinks oh god we can eat jalebi how much we want in 10rs, ohh vow
ragini- uncle please give me 10 pieces of jalebi now if i will need more i will ask u
uncle-okk he weighs 10 jalebi and gives to her
ragini sees jalebi and thinks i never ate this jalebi due to calorie problem and all but now i am eating eat
she sees other people that first they are taking eating one teaspoon poha and one bite of jalebi (guys this style is famous in our mp), she sees it and eats
she thinks ohh how much tasty it is she eats in that way, today the girl of rich person is eating food in the way of poor people or middle class people today she
forgot that useless words which mostly rich person use is standard and class of living life, she realy enjoyed the food which she never ate by thinking about her
useless figure and fitness because if we are getting food of 2 times hardly we will not think about useless fitness, they will be happy that atleast god had given us
2 time food to eat they will thank to god but we never thanks to god we only thinks one thing today this curry taste is good yesterday its taste was not good and all stuff
we can not eat one type of curry we will eat 2 type of curry and all this things we do and same old ragini used to do if she found todays food is not tasty she will now eat
she wants chicken she will get on her demands, now she is happy today she is eating and all poor people eat food by thinking about money how much it cost how much not
and we eat by our demand and we just fulfill out LUST for food not our stomach
ragini happily do her morning breakfast with poha jaleby, she realy liked the real india taste today, she now felt that she is DESI GIRL, becoase before this she used
to eat bread jam on her breakfast which dont have taste, she just eating to mantain her standard in society without thinking the real taste, ya many rich people eat bread
and all just for showing there standard but today she ate realy a good breakfast now she stands happily and ask bhai how much it cost
uncle- beta 10rs for poha and 20rs for jalebi
ragini thinks ohh he is making her fool
ragini- how dare u to make me fool u gave that uncle jalebi in 10rs and me 20rs ohh u uncle making me fool
uncle- are beta he took 100gm jalebi and u 200gm
ragini- dont make excuse u only told me how much u want so i told i want 10 jalebis and u uncle making me fool i am not fool
uncle- hey girl why u are annoying me morning please give me money
ragini was stubborn she did not hear but some people make her understand and she understood and gave him 30rs and says sorry
uncle- are u new beta
ragini- yes uncle i first time ate poha jaleby so
uncle takes 5 to 7 jalebi and packs it and says take it beta u can eat it from my side i think u are not confertable with new surrounding take this jaleby gift from my side
ragini takes it and started walking on road with teary eyes but today she realy felt very different experience when she gave money to uncle because today she gave the
money which she earned from herself and the happiness which we get to see when we earn money first time is very different and unique experience by seeing that money which
ragini was feeling (guys did u get that experience)

precap- swaragini meeting, swasan romance and swara’s care for sanky, lucky’s past life
moral- ESPECIALY FOR GIRLS now a days it is time of working women but girls i hate those working women who forgets there responsibility towards family children husband
and all just busy in work and making money, i am not telling to not to work but i am telling if we are working than also our first must be priority our children husband and family
if we can not concntrate on our children than u must resign ur job because for u nothing should be important that ur family and children and then work, but there are many
women i appreciate who manages both work and there family and it is best thing
many time i saw many parents are realy busy in there romance that they forget about there children
this makes there children going to bad habits and this is the one of the important reason of increasing bed people of our society, because that type of children are out of control
other thing and we realy needs a freind like swara who understand his freind from core of heart even if he has many negative things it is real and true freindship which
swara has towards laksh and there is need of freinds like swara
i had replied to each and every comment please read in last episode and i will surely comment today also
have a nice life………………………………………………………………………………
it took 3 hours to write me because i dont want to dessapoint u after going

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