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guys enjoy super long episode and as yesterday pavani di told ragsan stands for ragini and sanskar, i am asking does it mean that taking ragini and sanskar and lover or
as couple just like intercrossing pair am i correct or not
hey sruti no need to say sorry u have rights to get angry on me because u are just like my sister so no need to be formal if u are angry u have all rights to scold me okk

episode starts with ragini reaches to BHOPAL, she goes outside the railway station and thinks this city ruined everything of my life and destiny again played game
with me, i forced to come to this city, i started going on the road but i do not know my destination i do not know where to go what to do i am totally blank, i felt
like my stomach is empty, ya i did not ate food from yesterday i went to shop bhai please pack roti sabzi of one thali, he packs and ask money, i asked how much, it is
50rs he stated, i said okk i took my beg and starts searching money, i paced my hand on my head ohh shit i do not have money i came to bhopal without ticket but now
how i will fill my stomach from where i will earn money, ohh god kya karu i quickly stood up said bhai i am very hungary please provide me food i do not have money bhai
person- hey there are many begar in this world if i will start doing samaj seva my restaurant will be closed, but i pleaded again bhai please only one roti please give
me i did not ate food from yesterday please
person takes stick and says if u will not go i will beat from it, ragini immediately runs away she was very hungary, so she again went to other hotel she also pleaded there
but that person held her and took her to temple forcefully and made her seat near begars says now sit here and ask money from people going to temple than u can get money
it is ur best place, ragini sits with thud and cries vigourosly on the stair of temple thinks my one mistake changed my whole life why i ran away with my so called
boyfreind, she was crying by placing her head on other stair she was thinking how badly society treated her when she came to her house after that incidense

1 day was completed of ragini living in sanky’s house, sanky took care of her very nicely
next day sanky ask- hey ragini where ur family leave and how u traped here
ragini told everything to him while crying says it is my mistake
sanky- no it is mistake of ur fate but ragini please go to ur parents house
ragini- how can i go there, they will not accept me because i ruined there reputation
sanky- i know ragini because of u there reputation is ruined but they are ur parents they will accept u
ragini- but i do not have courage to stand in front of them i want to die now i am a burdon
sanky- no ragini u have to be courageous u are not burdon of anybodies life god has given u a life u can not destroy in this way u have to live ragini u have to live
u have to show to world that u can fight with them, now u have to fight for ur self respect ragini because this socity will taunt u u have to give answeer to all this
society people, u have to become courageous now for ur life- ragini we can not end our life there are many things to learn and many things are waiting for u, u can not
become weak by this incidense, every body do mistake ragini it does not mean u will die,
ragini likes his suggestion and says ya i will go to my house
sanky- i am very happy u have taken correct decition but please note one thing there society will try to harm u because EK BAR JAB DAG LAG JATA HE USE MITANA BAHOT
MUSHKIL HE RAGINI but u have to become courageous, u have to fight against this all world u have to stand for ur parents
ragini- yes sanskar thanxx for giving me right suggestion, u are younger to me but u are raly matured
sanky- it is not like that ragini because ur life was smooth till now so u did not see anything but my life had many up and downs, i had to suffer too much in my life
because i am poor without parents so….. just leave it now get ready for going to ur house
ragini nods positivity
sanky writes his number on paper and says take my number
ragini- why
sanky- i do not know how ur family and society will react after ur arrivel so u may be in trouble any time so u can call me at my number wheever u are in problem
ragini overwhelmed by his care and gets teary eyes
sanky- why are u crying now
ragini- u are just like god for me who saved my life and u gave me such a goood path to live in life
sanky- nothing like that so can i call u didi
ragini- yes u can u are more than like brother for me thanks for helping me
sanky- ohhh now stop ur ekta kapooor drama
ragini laughs on his statement
sanky sees his pocket he did not get money because his money is used in ragini medicins and all he calls atif and ask him to give his money saving galla, he breaks it
ragini- why are u breaking it u should save money
sanky- vo u are going to ur house and u do not have money so i am giving u money by breaking my saving money
ragini feels bad because of her he have to broke his galla and tells why did u do this i could had arrange money from some where else
sanky- u are saying in the way that u have many freinds living in bhopal
ragini smiles slightly
sanky- now take this moeny and go to ur house and i will pray for u that ur family accepts u and if u need any help u can call me without hesitation
ragini unwillingly takes money and went to her home town KHAJURAHO to meet her parent,
now she reached khajuraho when she goes infront of her house many people gather around her and says lo agai muh kala karke
person- see this shameless girl came, we should give her tight lesson because if we will not give her goood lesson other girls willl also do same mistake
so beat this girl
all started beating ragini with sticks till 30 minutes ragini parents tried level best to stop but thay all stop when ragini becomes unconcius with pool of blood

ragini suddenly seats properly by thinking about how rudely they were beating her, when she seat she found that some 1,2,5,10 rs coins are placed in front of her
she touches that money and cries hardly and curses her fate because she thinks there was one day when she used to go with her family she used to give money to poors
who sits on the stair of mandir but today she is sitting on that place she realy feels weird she feels disgusted, she do not want to take this money but she is
helpless she is helpless because of her stomach she is very hungary she can not walk propely because of hunger she unwillingly tkaes money and buys food as she sees
food she eat like madely as she saw food first time in her life while eating she also remembers her good days when her mother used to make different type of dishes for
her because she was very nautaky type of girl in food she never ate pulses, she used to eat atleast 3 types of sabzi at one time but now today she is eating pulse sabzi
in that way she loves this sabzi- ya because today she realy felt the real test of dal, today she liked this dal too much which she hated other day, ya it is destiny
which changes any time in any hour we can not think about it, we do not know what will happent in next minute in our life and that is also happened woth ragini
she neaver knew that one day she will live like begar who used to live like princess in her house…..
ragini eats whole food and cries slowly slowly and smiling on her condition one time she thinks she should go to sanky house to get help but she do not want to becaome
selfish he already had helped her too much in her life now she can not take advantage of this goodness but sanky i will keep ur suggestion in my life, u told me to
fight against this socity see i am still fighting i will not do suicide as u told i will become courageous yes i will stand on my own feet i will….

on th other side swara and sanky had done patch up
sanky- so let us live to my house for his birthday
swara- ya
swasan both reach to sanky house and made eat food to all poor children and when all children left now only swasan and atif was there
sanky- so atif u told me na about ur pizza
atif- ya ya bro with excitement
sanky- okk i brought for u
atif- excitement where it is bhai
sanky brings it and says now eat
atif- no bhai we all three will eat
sanky- okk
atif opens pizza and was very excited he quickly start eating eat
sanky- hey how are u eating like this i will show u correct method of eating
swara- do u know how to eat
sanky- hey swara i do not know but one thing will be clear that rich person may be eating from there kniife and spoon
swara- ya may be
sanky- so we have to behave like rich while eating this pizza
swara- but why to behave
sanky- hey rich people only eat pizza so we should have little bit standard na
swara- ya u are telling correct so now show us
sanky takes knife and he starts cutting in pieces but he notuced cheez is on the bread(guys he feels like that )
sanky thinks and says i think we should remove that chees from bread
atif- why bhaya
sanky- this is new style may be that rich person may take out this chees from bread
atif- but bhai my all freind eat wthout taking out this chees
sanky- no but if we will remove this cheez from this bread na, than we will add chees according to our requirement when we will eat
swara- but how u think that rich people may eat in this way
sanky- ohh u do not have common sense
swara- what commonesens
sanky- did u see in tv that whenever two rich person drincks tea how there wife ask (he acts like that) kitni chini milau (how much sugar to add), kitna dudh milao (how
much milk i should add)
swara- ya they tell like this
sanky- so this concept only i had taken here, in pizza also there wife may ask how much chees u want to add in ur bread
atif- ya
sanky- so did u like sanskar maheshwari trick
swara- ya
sanky- ohh do not be jealous u both i know god had given me very good mind,
atif- bhai stop ur drama and please separate this cheez from bread
sanky- okk now he starts separating chees from that bread in this process many time that bread had been cut and it is fully messed (u can think bichare pizza ki halat)
atif- bhai it is fully messed
sanky- ya koi bat nhi he removes whole chees and breaks bread into pieces
atif- bhai it is fully messed
sanky- no bro now u eat this pieces with chees
than they all eat cheez by there own technique from knife
ya from knife they take bite,
atif0 bhai it is very boring please can we eat desi style
sanky- ya u are correct it is also very difficult to eat in this style
now both brothers wink at each other and starts eating with there both the hands
poor swara was busy in struggling to eat with knife (many time that bite falls on ground again she takes it and adjust her face and was eating) when she sees both of
them eating by making fool at her, she immediately takes whole chees which was separated and starts eating sanky and atif glares at her and forcefully tkaes her hand
from her mouth and takes remaining chees they all eat there so called pizza by fighting and all till 1 hour

after one hour it is evening time sanky comes towards atif and swara who was seating in other room with one dish
swara sees him and ask what is there in ur hand
sanky- food
swara- what
sanky comes towards her and opens curry by looking curry swara and atif both becomes too much happy and jumps
sanky- now stop jumping and seat here if now i will eat everything
swara- happily from where u brought meat curry, we can not afford it
sanky- i know but today when i was working at my malik house i saw they made meat and all were eating happily saliva came in my mouth by seeing eating meat beecause
we never get this type of good food so i went and started doing work but when they completed there eating malik called me and told that this curry is left so if u want
u can take ur home because we do not eat food of other time i happily brought here for u
atif happily wov bhai i am very excited so let us start eating i can not control myself
they all eat food by sharing with each other happily
guys there are many people in this world who do not able to get good food but we 2-3 types of curry and we never eat other time left food but there are many people
in the world who realy becomes very happy by seeing that food which we do not eat, think about it

precap- full of shock, swara new shade, lucky entry, may be raglak meeting, sanky gets job and tomorrow 55% swasan part and 45% raglak part because today raglak had more
completed with this chapter guys this full chapter had many moral of our life and it was full of food which we waste
guys did u like sanky royal style of eating pizza
i wrote super long episode for u please read it and i know there are many mistake please pardon me becaose i do not have power to do proof reading
did u like today episdoe if u liked please do comment and encourage me
guys did u like sanky character in this ff and u will realy love sanky charater

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  4. Awesome, excellent representation of raginis situation and kind hearted sanskaar ,new thing in your fan fiction that it consist moral at the end then others fan fiction which is seriously touches heart

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    1. Pathan

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  10. Today no raglak part only ragini part is described but well written that’s the true when girls once stepped out of our house this is punishment they will face if our fate is good then our parents accept it’s our luck must say.. This is good moral of who r disparate to get ride from thr family.. About sanskar he is really very intelligent & knw more about standard & rich people.. Doing excellent job bro keep doing it..

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  14. Wow superb story yaar….salutes you for this concept… After reading first para..am afraid r u going to sanskar Ragini as pair…omg…actually I was habitat to read swasan raglak fictions …wen here start fan fictions…for me its difficult to read interchanging pairs… Thanks a lot…
    Today epi…This is life and true face of society…sad for Ragini..
    You r amazing writer… Keep writing Dr…

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  15. nice. superb pizza scenes anna. (hey bro i’m from tamilnadu. we used to call elder bro as anna. can i call you like that?)

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