swaragini love in slums of india and other with full of lust episode 2 (raglak fans special)


GUYS TODAY I WAS THINKING TO DO TUFANI SO when i was writing i realy got good idea so read it did u liked my tufani idea and today is shock day for u guys
guys this episode is raglak fan special episode and tomorrow will be swasan fan special episode,
guys i had written one OS in the name of SANSKAR GUMNAM ASHIQUE OS please read it and search on google and if u want i will give link tomorrow

EPISODE starts with FLSHBACK of ragini
veer- atlast we reached our destination baby
ragini- yaa
veer takes her to hotel room and gives her small dress and says today we will go for modeling interview
ragini- okk but when she sees dress she found that it is upto knees only and says i can not wear it
veer- ohh rags if u can not wear it than they will not select u
rags- but
veer places his finger on her face and says if u trust me than wear it
rags wear it and feels comfertable where veer sees her lustfully
rags- shal we go
veer- ya ya ya
than they both goes towards the party as they reaches party venue
veer- so let us go
rags- i feels we came in wrong place
veer- no we are in correct places
rags- see here how boys and girls are kissing and all
veer- ohh it is normal na, do u watch movies
rags- ya
veer- so in movies also how much scene they give
rags- ya
veer- here they are just doing rehearsel of there shooting
rags- ok ok ok
veer and rags both enter the ve
rags sees many boys are watching her with lust she realy feels unconfertable and holds veer tightly he takes her in the middle of all the people where one boy was standing
and says MAM i brought new girl she is vergin and hot so should we sell to dubai directly or u want to sell her to LAKSH MAHESHWARI
girl turns her face and sees ragini from top to bottom and says realy hot girl and says no she is perfect for laksh maheshwari and sell her to him
ragini by hearing this becomes shocked and starts running outside but body guards holds her and says u can not go baby u have to bear more shocks
that girl says hey sand this girl to laksh maeshwari and say that SWARA has send a new girl for him
body guard and veer takes ragini forcefully to a pub which is owned by laksh maheshwari and takes her inside pub but poor ragini was just crying vigourusly and telling to
leave her but no one was listening her
they make her stands in between pub many boys comes towards her and starts touching her sensualy one was touching her leg some were touching her hand some were sensualy
but poor rags was trying hard to ask to live her but no one was living her and she was crying due to there digusting touch
just than one person comes towards her and all boys live her so she starts runnig but again bodyguard holds her
ragini- please leave me i want to go to home i will not do anything please leave me and says to veer veer i love u and i know u love me please tell them to stop
veer- ohh baby do not cry
rags- veer please tell them to leave, i will die today please let me go to my home please
veer- what is the need of going to home enjoy heaven today, ur verginity will be loosed
rags- how can u say that veer please do not do with me
just than she feels immense pain in her chicks and turns and sees one boy is standing in front of her with full of lust
she could not say anything she was numb by sudden act
boy- now stop ur non sense girl do not dare to utter any word infront of LAKSH MAHESHWARI
rags- how dare u to touch me u do not know what i can do
laksh laugh evily and says ohh bachu me to dar gya and he ask veer so SWARA MADAM send this girl
veer- yaa and she wants her reward
laksh- for this girl i can do anything for her
veer- okk we will talk later
he takes ragini and takes her in his room where ragini was trying her level best to live him she was pleadind to leave but he was not wearing anything
he closes room and pins her to the wall and says ur touch is tempting me
ragini cryingly please leave me but she stopped when lucky puts his lips on her he starts smashing her lips, he takes her lower lips kisses and bites them and
takes her upper lips again starts sucking her upperlips and bites it ragini was helplessly crying but he stops his work after a phone call he quickly recieves phone call
lucky- how are u
person- leave that girl
lucky- why u are feeling pity on her
person- please leave her i will do anything for it
lucky- i know u can do anything for it but i am sorry it is realy hot i can not stop myself and cuts call and switch off
he again comes towards ragini while ragini says please leave me and cries miserably
lucky- ohh how i can leave u, u are specialy sent by swara for me and i can not reject her proposel
ragini- please but lucky did not hear anything and starts kissing her he grabs her in his hand and starts kissing her wildly, fist he kisses her lower lips than
her upper lips passionately she was protesting but no use, he gets a goood chance and puts his tongue inside her mouth and test her whole mouth by his tongue, now he
was uncontrolable he takes one hand kneadles her br*ast above the clothes harshly, rags was shocked but could not say because her mouth is closed by his mouth and he
was testing her saliva. noe lucky was out of breath and broke kiss but still he was kneadling her br*ast and say u are realy hot baby, just than he hears one sound
he gets shocked leaves her and goes out of room to see
now rags get good opportunity and run outside through window, after some time lucky comes and sees she is not there he tells his bodyguard to run behind her
now rags starts running outside his club but his body builders were behind her
she was running like mad but she falls on ground and body builders coome towards her as they were about to touch her, one person comes and beats them
by seeing him bodybuilder says hey how dare u to beat us who is she for u and do not interfare in our matter but that person does not listen and beats all of them
harshly, all runs, he comes towards ragini gives her showl and make her stand ragini hardly says thank u and faints in his arms, that boy call doctor and takes her to
his home, after 2 hours of checking doctor says she is in trauma but she will be alright
boy- okk
sometime later ragini opens her eyes and screams but that boy hold her and says nothing will happen to u now rags calm down and says thanxx a lot
boy- okk its my pleaseure
rags- what is ur name
i will tell his name tomorrow

precap- ONLY SWASAN SCENE, may be 10% ragini scene
guys how was the shock of the story but please do not through tomatoes on me because u know only 20% truth, and to know further about story just be with me

DO NOT FORGET MY STORY KEEP READING and comment because it is treat for raglak fans with special episode
did u liked my tufani twist
think who called lucky, who saved her, and is that girl was our swara

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  1. u r giving neet 2 right

  2. Deeksha

    Nice dear…

  3. Yashasvi

    hey bro OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! ur toofaani idea is something really toofani. i was hell shocked that swara send her , i think sanskar helped her!!!!!!!!!!!! btw ALL THE BEST FR UR EXAMS , STUDIES R MORE IMPORTANT n ya i’ll always read ur ff.thxxxxxx fr raglak fans…………… LUV IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice….pls want swasan scenes…n ur os is superb…really heart touching os….

  5. so the person was sanskar & she is not sanskar swara she is some other swara.. this veer & laksh I kill them..

  6. I’m fan of raglak but this laksh!! I just hate him

  7. raglak story is awesome plzz continue with this track

  8. It was just mind blowing…..Poor Ragini…..I feel vry sad 4 her…N Laksh is vry bad…..N if u don’t mind then I think tht it z urs chudail (Swara)…..Plz don’t angry vth me my friends…Bcz I hate Swara…..

    1. me too i too hate SWARA but i like helly

  9. Good episode……

  10. Pavani

    Hey my guess is right yipee

  11. omg…SWARA…Swara do this..but why?who is the boy?may be sanky.poor ragini..itne sare ???cant wait..btw superb chepy..

  12. Amazing episode…Raglak scenes r just awsm I love Raglak… But also feels sad for Ragini nd Laksh is a devil…. But still I love the scene…..

  13. V.nice ff
    Love rags

  14. Aasthu

    SWARA ???????? may be some other person with the same name………….I want to kill that Laksh…………..eghhhhhh he is sooooooooo disgustijg…………….

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