swaragini love in slums of india and other with full of lust episode 13 (last episode)


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THERE WAS ONE WEAK IN THE LIFE OF COUPLES SWARA was fully recovered by sanky care and love,
one day veer comes to lucky house he tells everything about swasan relation
lucky smirks and ask where does swara lives
veer in xyz place
lucky- ok cool
veer- so what next
lucky- now swara you will see your love pain
lucky bossy tone now i am going to swara house
lucky takes his car, now his car stopes infront of his house
as he comes out of class he sees swara is going towards shop
he directly goes towards her and pats her back
swara turns and shocked to see him infront of her, her full body became freezed
lucky how was the surprise my freind
swara with shocked face lucky
lucky with dangerous voice yes baby, what you thought you will make boyfreind and i will not do anything
swara again shocked she shouts don’t dare to do anything to sanskar
lucky- why i can do anything
swara- questioningly means
lucky- it means i can make the life hell to your lover
swara- you can’t do anything lucky
lucky- i can do anything baby don’t dare to understimate my power and if you forget than see my gun main around

sanky house
swara sees person they were in normal people but they all had gun which they hided but they were showing to swara
swara sees lucky in angry voice and ask what you want
lucky- that’s my good girl
swara- tell me what should i do
lucky- go to your house back
swara was happy as well as shocked and ask are you doing favour on me
lucky- what you want that you can think
swara- and my sister
lucky- do you know swara you are very innoscent your sister neha is with your father and i gave her 5 years back to

your father but you never tried to find them
swara- happily thanks lucky
lucky- dont thank me now i am taking your most loved one
swara- mtlb
lucky- pack your beg and go to your house and do brek up with your boyfreind and leave him forver never try to come

close to him
swara was not able to digest that fact she says no i can’t do this
lucky- but you have to do this swara if not ready to see his dead body
swara- no please dont do anything
swara and lucky goes to sanky house
sanky without seeing swara you came i had put your tablets near mate you eat it
swara sees his care could not say anything she only cries by seeing his care
lucky sees them and says now your drama is over
sanky turns and get shocked by seeing lucky with her
sanky- how dare you womaniser to come to my house
lucky smirks dont dare to say anything i came here to take swara
sanky- whisper swara
lucky- yes
sanky- till i am alive no one can take swara from here
lucky- but if swara will want
sanky- just shut up
swara makes her strong and says yes lucky is saying correct because i found my father he is shekhar gadodia
sanky- no no swara say you are saying wrong you are telling in his influence, he places his hand on her hand
swara jerks his hand and says no i am going to my father house
sanky could say anything, lucky throws picture on the face of sanky in which swara and shekhar picture were there
sanky sees it and there was mixed emotion in his mind one he was happy for her that she got her father but other

side he was very sad that he is going to leave her
sanky controles his emotion and gives her fake smile i am happy swara that you got your father
swara- emotionless packes her bag without saying anything
sanky- comes closer to her he was in pain but he hides for his freind, he ask will you come to meet me
now swara packed her bag and says never i dont want to come to this slum
sanky- shocked swara what are you telling will you forget our freindship
swara in stern voice yes and signalls lucky to go
as she was about to go she found sanky holding her leg
sanky cryingly please don’t leave me swara please don’t leave me please say one time you will come to meet me
swara sees him she feels she anytime can burst out in tears,but she dont show any emotion
lucky worker leave his hand from her legs
swara goes towards car
sanky shouting swara please don’t leave us please don’t leave us, swara till now i never said this thing but today i

wanted to say I LOVE YOU SWARA I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH please dont break my heart, swara hears his confession becomes

happy but it was filled by pain of separation she thinks I LOVE YOU TOO SANKY but i have to leave you for you
sanky again comes towards his car where swara has closed window he cries and says please open the window swara

please don’t go if i would had done any mistake please say i will rectify please dont go please swara dont leave me

like this
swara sees him from window but does not open it
lucky sees there drama and signals driver to take the car
sanky also runs towards the car asking for forgiveness if he did any mistake but no one hears his word and car left

in high speed where sanky was sitting on road like lifeless body he was crying


i know guys all wants raglak divorce but i don’t think to show in this part and guys season 2 is just continuetion

of this story and is comming soon within 2 days and it will be shor story and better than season 1 so guys don’t

feel dishearted story will continued with different name because i wanted to give two ending happy as well as bed

ending so bed ending i gave now happy endind will be there soon
as i am sorry ragini fans could not show her and you will love her in season 2 of story

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  1. no u give less raglak scene and raglak story is interesting next season soon bcoz this not complete the story

    1. Pathan

      Guys raglak scene were not needed in this part and you know very well I gave equal importance to both readers and raglak scene will be very cute in season 2 just wait for it

  2. Tamanna

    Nice…. Ending is too emotional…. Eagerly waiting for season 2….

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and

  3. I know u r swara fan… Bt in this story swara is cruel girl.. She provide girls to lucky… She is equally responsible… So lucky nd swara both should get punishment for der deed… Sorry for being rude… Bt I felt bad with this end…

    1. Pathan

      I can understand ur feeling but it was not needed to show them and you know in this story both pairs had equal importance and I had given equal importance to both the pairs and raglak love story is good and I will take in next season

      1. I m asking about scene…. I m telling about der crime… They both r criminal…

  4. It’s really very emotional episode….Laksh is such a bad person… I hate him…. Nd feeling very bad for Sanskar…. Waiting for season 2….

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  5. Soujanya


    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  6. It was really vry heart touching, emotional….Tht Laksh is really bad…Poor Sanskar…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  7. Emotional endng yaaar…feelng bad for swasan…laksh is sooo cruel…missed ragini …waitng for season 2 bcoz as u said u”ll gve raglak story in it…u r really an awesome writter pathan .. 🙂 :)… waitng for ragini in season 2 …loved raglak n swasan…ur ff rockss… 😉

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

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