swaragini love in slums of india and other with full of lust episode 11 (ragini special)

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today part will run fast
episode starts with ap in hospital doctor called lucky to come to hospital with his manager veer by locking rags to room,
when he reaches already surgery of ap took place and doctor warned him to not to give her stress because too much bleeding took place in her head
lucky enters her room places her hand on his both hand with moist eyes mom what happened to you where were you going so ur accident took place
ap- beta i got very happy that you got married
lucky- shocked what mom
ap- yes beta i got to know and i saw that girl also with you i am happy that that girl is very good please bring her to me please bet i want to see her dont say no to me i know i did many mistake you dont love me but please bring her to our house to live and i want to see her now
lucky unwantedly agree to her and signals veer (veer is same person who was fake lover of ragini and who manuplted lucky against swara and swara beaten him) to bring
her here

veer nods and after 30 minutes bring ragini to hospital and tells her to behave properly with ap
in hospital ap sees her and hugs her tightly says oh such good girl you brought lucky she is very good ragini also hugs her with fake smile
ap- beta why you are looking pale
ragini hesitately nothing

ap to lucky beta she is very good and i think you are not taking care of her properly please bring her to home and i want ur both marriage happen as soon as possible
lucky again shocked and says what you are telling mom we married no need for all this
from behind a voice comes of dp and says no it is needed for ur both marriage to happen on our ritual
ragini by hearing this cry silently thinks god please save me from this monster i can’t live with him please bhgwan show mercy on me please
lucky again tried to justify himself but dp did not hear anything and told that he wants marriage to happen in temple once again because this news is leaked in bhopal so you have to do marriage, lucky did not said anything he was helpless but his evil mind knows what to do he thought something and smirked
where ragini was hell shocked and angry on lucky family, but she was helpless

pandit comes and tells marriage should happen tomorrow because tomorrrow is good muhurat so all agreed and next day marriage of both raglak heppend with all rituals
every step of round ragini was feeling that this is path of going to hell of her life, other girl feels marriage as new life new happines in there life but for ragini
this marriage is like a path of hell where no love no care nothing, she was only thinking god atleast show mercy on me now please somehow stop these marriage but mercy is very far away from ragini, now there marriage ritual is completed, she felt now she entered in hell, now it was time of sindoor, lucky takes pinch of sindoor and fills her forehead, ragini was feeling that it is the sign of red colour which will come out of her body from now in form her blood, now he takes mangalsutra and puts in her neck, ragini was feeling like it is rope which is tied to her head that she can’t come out of this hell, atlast marriage completed, both takes blessing but ragini felt that now they are giving blessing her that her life must be hell only with her monster hubby
now all were busy in there own talking and giving greeting to each other rags thought it is write time and eloped from there
ragini runs very fast on bhopal VIP ROAD rain was dropping on her body but she did not care she was feeling like she came out of jail, while running she dump into boy
boy while strugling to stand ask have you gonna mad
ragini opens her eyes and by seeing him gets happy and says SANSKAR
sanky sees her ohh rags DI you here
ragini started crying by seeing him lucky takes her to nearby garden and made her seat
sanky- now tell me what happened after our meeting
rags tell him everything what lucky had done with her and there marriage
sanky gets shocked and consoled her says please calm down
rags after crying for 1 hour she got calmed and ask what to do sanky
sanky says you should go to inlaws house
rags hell shocked ask what are you telling
sanky- ya rags i am telling correct
rags- but

sanky- listen carefully yes i know he did incorrect with you but he married to you and you can’t run away from destiny it is decided you had to marry her but this is not reason i am telling you to go there but biggest reason is to show him a girl power to become a courageous ragini again which is not now, you have to become courageous and you have to make him suffer till now what he did with you and don’t become coward infront of him, you really has good chance now because now he will be with his family and you will also with his mother and father, they are good people i know them so he will not able to do anything of you, you can proceed your work
ragini it is best time for you to give him good lesson
rags some what understood but again ask him but i can’t become strong again i am afraid
sanky- ragini think when you came to bhopal there was no one to support you but you anyhow managed to live on footpath life but now i am there to support you his parents will surely support you and it is good chance to give him good lesson, now he thinks sometime and says but why you did not inform me when you came to bhopal
rags fumbles and says vo i forgot your home address
sanky by seeing her suspiciously or you dont want to desturb me
ragini vo….vo……vo
sanky- i know no need to lie to me rags but i think you did not accepted me as your bother whole heartedly
rags no it is not like that i am sorry sanky i am sory i will not do next time
sanky- ok good but i am telling you please go to that monster and show your power i will be with you everytime i will daily call you and will tell you new plan to make that monster realise his mistake
now ragini wipes her tear and sais now see the new face of RAGINI LAKSH MAHESHWARI
sanky- smile ya it is good now we will make him realise his mistake
ragini smiles and says you proved sanky as true brother i will never hide anything from you, you everytime stand with me when i needed most
sanky- smiles ya i am angry on you thst you did not tell that you came to bhopal but from now you will never hide anything from me
ragini- yes
sanky smiles says so starts mission laksh maheshwari
ragini smiles and gives him hifi
sanky standup

ragini- why did you stand up
sanky- i know you did not eat food from many days properly so i am going to bring food for you just seat here
ragini- no let it be
sanky- no its ok you are my sister it is my work to make my sister eat food
sanky goes and bring food for rags, today she eats whole food happily, he takes her to maheshwari menshion
ragini- i am very afraid what i will tell to them they all were thinking i eloped from there
sanky- says something to her she smiles and bids bye to her by saying happy married life
ragini also laughs and starts drama which sanky told……………………………………..
that will be revealed tomorrrow

precap- swara special episode
guys sorry for late update and to whome you liked most from today episode
sanky, ragini, lucky
big sorry for swara (i am also swara fan only) fan there was no swara today but tomorrow swara will be there
think what plan sanky told to rags just you all think and share if it will be good i will surely apply in next episode
i know it was not upto expectation but guys it was like needed part before raglak love story to starts and i know you may be feeling i am running fast about raglak love story than i wanted to tell you guys real story between raglak will start from now so i took these part fast go it guys……………..

guys i changed the name of my other ff and its episode 2 i updated with new name that is SWARAGINI FIXING BROKEN RELATION IS IT PURE OR IMPURE and whose link is

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  1. One riquest plz don’t make rags elder.

    .it’s look odd when sanky calls her di…

    1. Pathan

      Ok from now I will not write rags calling him di

  2. Waiting on raglak scenes, today part is nice

    1. Pathan

      Ok it will come soon

  3. So cute bonding between Ragsan….I loved them….Outstanding bro loved it….too good..waiting for swara special. …post soon….

    1. Pathan

      Ya sure I will post soon as possible

  4. Tamanna

    Hey it’s awesome….. Ragsan bond is amazing….. But please show swasan scenes also….
    Waiting for next one… Please update soon

  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved Ragsan bonding and loved both of them
    Excited to what is plan of Sanky
    Hope Laksh gets a nice punishment
    Waiting for the next one………..

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  6. Pavani

    Omg really u broked mee into pieces how can u make ragsan bro nd sis .I really want to see a good bonding btwn them but siblingss that’s not fair u can make them friends too.its.ok its ur story nd ur wish nd last but not least epi was nice but I think its a small one.

  7. amazing waiting for rag to teach lakshya a good lesson next part with raglak interesting scene

  8. waiting for rags teaching lucky a good lesson
    love rags and sanky relation i wish i had brother like that i know for that i have to be somewhat like rags which is next to impossible

  9. Hemalattha


  10. Superb episode

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur beautiful comment and keep commenting and liking story

  11. Yeah its gud…..In MP which language z common?????Actually I dont know bout it…..N bout d story how can I express tht its really awsmmmmm…..Jitna bhi bolu utna kam hai…..

    1. Pathan

      In MP we use Hindi only maximum but In villages people may use many languages like malvi and Many more but most used language in city and for every work is Hindi only so main language is Hindi only no other language

  12. This episode is really awsm…Sanskar is a real brother….Ragsan bonding is superb… Nd I have a question about my Biology subject…Can u help me????

    1. Pathan

      It is my email id so you can email me on this I will surely help you [email protected]
      And you can whatsapp me its number is 9406829519
      You can ask here also any means you feel comfortable

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