swaragini love in slums of india and other with full of lust episode 10 (super special and shock)

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guys enjoy super long episode till now and it is one kind of sorry episode to raglak fans and swasan fans that i dragged meeting of raglak very late
episode starts with sanky asking swara what happende to her cheeks
swara could not say anything she was out of words
sanky rubs her cheeks from his hand and ask what happened to u did anyone slaped u
swara- vo nothing it is just like that only
sanky- angrily tell me swara
swara- arey baba one lady was slapping someone and i came between them so i got slaped by her
sanky- angrily u swara what is the need of comming in betwween them or does anybody slap in this way
swara- by moving her gaze down and says i am sorry i will take care in future
sanky- what taking care in future, u dont know what i feel whenever i see u in this condition
swara- looking in his gaze with teary eyes ask why u feel bad whenever u see me in this condition
sanky- because I CARE FOR U SWARA
swara realy feels blessed by his care she hugs him tightly with lots of love sanky also hugs her with anger as well as in love and care

swara while hugging i am sorry sanky i am sorry i willl not do this mistake again when she was rubbing her hand on his back sanky moans in pain ahh
swara breaks hug and ask what happened to ur back
sanky- vo nothing swara
swara- i know u sanky
sanky no no but he could say anything swara unbotton his shirt and sees redness on her back angrily ask what is it sanky why this read scar happened today
sanky -vo nothing
swara angrily hold his hand and ask tell me clearly
sanky- vo
swara- eyes on him
sanky tells everything
swara- ohh how much heartless ur malik is just wait i will breing oil (vegetable oil) and i will aply it on ur wounds it will sure fast (poor people use this only)
sanky- its ok swara

swara- i know what is ok and what is not
she made him lay down on mate and applied oil on his back, after 30 minutes of applying sanky feels good so she stops and starts going away but she stopped when sanky
touches her hand
swara- what happened sanky
sanky seats in front of her his hot breath was touching swara’s breath, sanky takes out oil bowl and applies oil on her cheeks both were looking in each other eyes
very closely, swara feels his touch she closes her eyes in pleasure of sanky’s touch, sanky was just seeing her and applys oil on her cheeks, he also lost in her cute face
now he puts his hand on her west swara feels his touch but stil closing her eyes, now sanky could not take more he hugs her tightly and his hand were roaming in her
back feeling her body above the clothes while swara condition was worst sanky’s bare body was touching her she was feeling immense happiness from his touch, now sanky hugs more
tightly he places his head on her shoulder very romanticaly by feeling her touch swara could not take anymore she suddenly says sanky, now sanky comes out of his senses he
sees his position and immediately sits in front of her and ask sorry i was out of senses by not meeting his gaze on her

swara- its ok sanky
sanky- okk sorry again
both have silence but swara dont want silence she ask how is ur back
sanky- its fine by looking down
swara- please tell me name of ur malik
sanky- my malik name is laksh maheshwari but he is rude for all but his manager veer roy is very bad person i think he hate me today also that idea of giving me 100kg
plastic bag to me is given by him only, many time he gives more work to me
swara- was hell shocked as well as angry on veer and lucky
swara again ask u work in laksh maheshari company

sanky- yes sure what happnend
now swara is in full rage and hell angry on veer she says sanky that she has some work so she will come soon
sanky- hey swara in bhopal raining is going on from continues 2 days please dont go anywhere it is not good for ur healt
swara- please sanky i will come soon
and she went without hearing anything in full rage to veer house……………………
on the other side ragini angrily going in city at random place as she was going she bumps in one person and both falls on ground both heart beat starts beating both were feeling
something different feeling
one word comes out of boys mouth KAVYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………
ragini dont understand anything
boy hurriedly wants to see her face he moves her face to see him as both eys mate both shocked to see each other
ragini sees him with angry eyes, she sees the womaniser lucky came infron of her
lucky’s anger boiled by seeing her because she run away that day and he was searching her from 3 months to give her good punishment
now both stands up before lucky could say ragini slaps him hardly, again he was about to say lucky got second slap by rags

lucky’s anger reached to peak level because she insulted infront of all people his goons also come and takes her with them
car stops infront of lucky’s farm house all goons forcefully takes rags to lucky room and all left
ragini was hell worried she knows what will happen now her all courage was over now she was crying on her fate now she knows there is no scope of getting free from here
now she sees a person entering in room he closes room that is none other than lucky, he sees siting her on floor
lucky- ohh so u came back now i will take revenge of each and every insult done by me
ragini while crying please leave me i will not come infront of u and i am asking forgiveness what i did with u please leave me please

lucky comes near her and says no baby how can i leave u, today u will have to pay to ur deeds
he holds her from her hair and gives her two tight slaps and cluches her br*ast from clothes only and says do u know i was waiting a day when i will stay with u for night
ragini feels immense pain on her br*ast she was crying like hell
lucky- so did u get pleasure baby by my touch or pain
ragini while crying says please leave me
lucky more comes closer and his clutching to her br*ast increased too much unbearable for ragini, she just kicks him on his main point lucky moans in pain and stands away
from her he did not see her and call someone inside ragini feels too much worried that now he will make her life hell,

two boys comes takes ragini and binds her both hand to rope and her legs also now she was lying on bed her now she cant move her legs and hands
now both boys went lucky smirks on her and says so baby enjoy ur suhagrat with me
he comes on top of her and kisses one her lips and bites it blood oozes out from her lips, she opens her mouth in painhe takes chance and enters him tongue into her mouth
ragoini was feeling disgusted she pressed his tongue from her teeth he moans in pain he tried many times to take his tongue but ragini gave him too much pain, now lucky
kicks her in stomach and she leave her tongue now lucky’s anger reached to peak level ragini curses herself what she did
lucky tored her dress from knife and he tores her bra and panty, ragini feels disgusted that she is naked in front of him he removes his clothes also comes on top of her
and says now baby ready for punishment

he sucks her br*ast madly as hungry loin got his food after years, he sucked, kissed, and bited her everyinch of body, now his lust of mouth is over
now he enters inside her ragini cried due to immense pain in her inner thighs, blood also comes out, lucky did not here anything he raped her full night 2-3 times, ragini
was lying like lifeless body she dont know when she slept in night

in the morning both were lying on bed where lucky was hugging her tightly, both thee sleeps disterbed by sun rays falling on them
lucky opens his eyes and smile brightly and says now my punishment is over baby
ragini could not response her throught became dry due to moan in fulll night, she was only thinking when she will die, she wants death now because her dignity her
courage her charaxcter was lost she did not have tears oin her eyes because water of her eyes were over in full night, she was not bothering that she is lying nude
because every respect her virginity was taken by person who is smiling on her, her all emotions of life were over she had opened her eyes but it was similar like sleeping
she cant even move her hand she was lifeless
lucky says do u know why i hated u too much the biggest reason because when i see u, kavya memories comes in my mind that i hate most because i dont want anygirl who
can take place of KAVYAAAAAAAAA

ragini did not reply anything but she clearly saw pain in his eyes
lucky- says so now u can leave from here and i know u dont have power to stand up so for 7 days a doctor will come here he will check u and one nurse will also be there
to take care of u and when u will get fine u can go to ur house got it
ragini somehow manages to talk can u do one favour on me
lucky- yes baby
ragini- please give me poison i will die
lucky gets angry on her says are u mad u will die, i will not let u die easily my pleasure was not complete with u,
ragini gets shocked lucky rocked he wents away……….
on the other side swara was on full rage opens house doon and shouts veer veer veer
veer comes out of his room and smiles

veer- what happnened mam
swara angrily holds his collar and ask how dare u to give pain to my sanky
veer- ohh so mam feels very bad when we give pai to ur sanky
swara slapes him 3-4 times and ask dont dare u to take name of sanky from ur mouth
veer- angry but controls still sitting on floor and says i dont know swara which type of girl u are u leaved me and lucky for that poor cowdung slum boy
swara again slaps him and says dont dare u to say a word against my sanky
veer- ohh my swara baby angry on me, should i say to lucky that u love that poor boy
swara- shut up dont dare u to say anything
veer- ohh why u know if lucky will know about him that will be last day for that person because he cant do anything of you

swara- just shut up ur mouth and i know lucky is not animal like u
veer- u dont know swara how much animal he became when u leaved him, his best freind to whome he shares everything even if he loved kavya than also he had first priority
u in his life, his so called wife leaved him
swara- wife my foot it is just for name sake he did ti get deal we did not get married got it and second thing i will go to lucky when i will get good proof
against u
veer laughs loudly ohh my love swara u know what u are realy very mad how he will believe u when u will say against me, i think u forgot i am manager of maheshwari
empire and right hand of lucky
swara- this is reason i am unable to prove my innoscense but dont forget one thing i am only the person to whome he gives first priority in his life

veer- ohh i know my baby that’s why i made such a good plan that lucky hates u but my bad luck he never touched u he never forced u, i dont know what magic u had done on
lucky but what to do my love i throwed ur kavya di from cliff and ur name came that u throwed her because u love lucky oh very poor
swara in determination i know my kavya di is alive she will come to us one day got it and soon i will prove my innoscent to my lucky and see it my lucky will surely leave
veer- ohh i know uj mahan swara u can do anything for ur sister ur sanky and ur lucky that’s why to give u pain lucky kidnapped ur sister neha
swara- just when i will get my sister neha i will go to my father house and i will surely give good punishment to u
veer becomes angry he holds her hair

swara takes out his belt cunningly and she says
swara- i think u forgot something, by hearing this he immediately removes his hand from her hair
swara taKES belt and beat him and says this is for giving pain to my sanky
secon shot this is for bad mouthing agains my sanky
3rd shot this is for saying he is not eligible for me
4th shot this is for taking his name from ur blood mouth
sth shot this is for separating me with my freing lucky
6th shot this is for making my lucky devil
7th shot this is for ur separating me from neha

she throws belt and says the sin u did with kavya di for that i will give u tight punishment
swara goes angrily and again warns him to stay away from sanky and went from his place
after going of swara veer smiles u know swara u are big fool u dont know neha is not kidnapped by lucky, he just gave her to shekhar uncle but he told u that she is with him
and i u will leave ur house ur family than he will protect her if u will enter in gadodia mension he will kill ur sister (guys this is reason she is away from her family)
but u never thought to check whether neha is in gadodia mension or not but its good u dont know(in this way lucky is giving her punishment because he cant give from his own
because she is most best freind of lucky) but i am very afraid if swara comes in lucky’s life than everything will be over, i have to do something to stop swara because
every word of swara is like order for lucky

on the other side doctor checks ragini and many nurses were appointed for her to take care within 2 days ragini became well and lucky got good and very rich client of
london and they wants good people who are married to work with them and lucky wants to take this opportunty and he do court marriage with ragini forcefully, day starts
passing like this ragini was living like lifeless body daily lucky used to come to complete his lust from her but now he does s*x with care towards her, but everyday
ragini used to cry from her fate, after 4 days lucky makes ragini to go to client but he dont want anybody to know about it but this news is leaked and her mother get to know
that lucky married a girl and she hurriedly goes to his farm house to see girl but got accident in between, her mother condition was very bad……….

on the other side a big mension is shown a person is crying seeing a pic that is shekhar
shekhar while crying says to neha, do u know beta from taht day when u all three were lost i became lifeless body but sfter some year lucky found u and brought u
from that day i dot one ray of life but i still misses my swara and kavya, do u know beta kavya was elder sister of u both and swara was youngest from u, she was very
kiddish but dont know 6 years before i lost my two daughter i lost beta i lost my swara and kavya,
on the other side 7 days passes sanky was finiding goood job and swasan freindship and love was increasing more and more
guys for u i took my 4 hours to write this part because i wanted to sorry to fans of swasan and raglak, in swasan fan i did not show goood role of swara till now but from now
swara role will be very active
guys i know from episode 8 and 9 were boing

i also updated my other story prologue if u did not read go through this link-http://www.tellyupdates.com/unwanted-relation-husband-freind-prologue/

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