swaragini love in slums of india and other with full of lust episode 1

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EPISODE Starts with high rain and busy streets of bhopal where the screen shifts to a boy who was fully drenched in rain and covering his hut with plastic and other boy is sitting inside hut and says sanskar bhya see water came inside hut
sanskar- ya atif i know just help me to cover our hut with this plastic
atif- ya bro
sanskar- atif i was realy busy in my work that i forgot to cover our hut with plastic
atif- yaa bhaya
than they both covers the hut with plastic as they enter in there hut they found that there room was fully messed up by water
atif- bhai now we have to take water out of our hut
sanky- ya atif so he took wifer and cleaned his house
sanky- now our home is ready so seat here i will make food
atif- okkk bhai
sanky sees flour and dal where he found that floor was messed with water
sanky seats and says ohh god now what we will make our whole floor is drenched in water
atif- what bhaya
sanky- yes and in this rainy season no shop may be open
atif- ohh no problem bhai we will make DAL khichda
sanky- okk
just than a voice comes and says no need to make any khichda and all
sanky turns and sees a beautiful girl who had proud smile and says SWARAAAAAAAAA
swara- ohh i brought food for u both
sanky- come seat on the mate
swara- so u both useless boys, my mom told u yesterday that cover the roof of ur hut with plastic but u did not listen and told that raining will not happen for 10 days
sanky- makes pout face and says ohh sometime shri shri 1008 sanky baba ki bhavishyawadi galat ho jati he
swara- now stop ur drama and first go and change clothes and eat food
sanky and atif changes his clothes and seat on mate…………………
remaining tomorrow

screen shifts on other side a girl is sitting on the bench of railway station and raining heavily and hears a voice TRAIN GOING TO BHOPAL ARRIVED AT PLATEFORM NO. 2 OF KHAJURAHO RAILWAY STATION
by hearing this girl runs towards plateform 2 TO catch train she was half drench with water as she did not have umbrella
she catches train and seats in one seat and thinks BHOPAL HAS SNACHED MY ALL HAPPINESS OF MY LIFE, AGAIN I AM GOING TO GET MY ALL HAPPINESS WHICH I LOST, and her thought were intrerupted by a lady seating in front of her ask beta why u got drenched
girl- aunty i do not have umbrella
lady- ur parents did not give umbrella to u
girl by hearing name of parents she starts crying and says my parents had thrown me out of house
lady- beta but why
girl- i have done beggest mistake in my life due to which my parents had thrown me out of house
lady- but what mistake
than a girl puts her head on side of seat and thinks….
3 months before i was very happy that i am getting my love as my life partner, who cares about my career so i ran with him when i reached station
person(remember guys he is same to whome rags was talking in prologue)- let us go to bhopal ragini
ya tha girl is our crying baby ragini
ragini- ya let us go but i am feeling bad for my parents VEER (that boy name is veer)
VEER- when u will become successfull model and when we will marry than we will come to khajurao again to meet ur parents and will ask forgiveness
ragini innoscentl will they forgive me
veer ya my sweetheart how they can angry because u are there daughter
rags- yes
veer- so let us go to bhopal to fulfill ur dream my sweet heart
rags- yes so we both went to bhopal but i do not know it was the biggest mistake of my life…….
guys for today it is enough and think what may happened with rags in bhopal

PRECAP- ragini flashback continues, swara’s past
how was the episode if u want to give any suggestion regarding my story please comment without hesitation

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  1. plz try to add more raglak scenes

    1. freind i will give equal importance to swasan and raglak

    2. i will give equal importance to both the couple

  2. Yashasvi

    hey bro owsm as always. glad that u continued with the 1st one n ya was superb!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!! no words dear… u r really great handling 2 ffs n that too post ussually regularly unlike me…..hehehehe…………..

    1. Pathan

      THANXXX for ur comment my sis and how is ur health and it is very difficult to handle two stories

  3. Pavani

    Hmmmmm I think he sold her to laksh who brought her for pleasuree just a little guess nd very saddd noo raglak sceness nd haa don’t call mee jii u can call mee diii

    1. Pathan

      thanxx for supporting and commenting di and i realy did not decided what is the past of ragini i am frankly tellling di till now i am just thinking

  4. ittu sa part ….. make it little large..btw yes its nice

    1. Pathan

      okk i will make it longer

  5. Nice….:-)

  6. Megha123

    Awsm loved it

  7. Hey bro…Its awesome dear….But too short…Waiting for next part…

  8. Deeksha

    Nice… Continue soon

  9. Akshata

    Awesome update……but make it longer

  10. superb
    more rags scenes

  11. Episode is lovely….. But plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t separate Raglak…. Its a request…

  12. Its 222 awsm bro…..N how z ur health???? N Riya z my 2in sis…..U Indian?????If tht then which part of India u r?????

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