swaragini love in slums of india and other forcefully (intro)

guys i am IRFAN PATHAN with new story for u due to ur request so it will be a love story but this story is inspired from real life, this story is taken from that world

about whome we all neglect, about those person who has different culture from us and i will work on two different love story one is of slums of india, so freinds did u

thought about indian slum people did we cared about them answeer is no so guys first story between swara and sanskar will revolve around slum of india
so do u think in which extent they love to there partner ??
do these people go to dates ??
do we care about workers of her house??
did we thought about there life ??
this story will also revolve around curosity of these poor people, there dreams and many thing

IN THis story both will work as a labour and here u will see intensity of there freindship and there love story
note- this story revolves around real life insidence so please read it u will realy enjoy the story
little bit intro u can see here
swara comes to sanskar house
sanskar- do u know i brought suit for u and gives her suit
swara- and for u
sanskar- my malik had given me new paint shirt for diwali so i will wear that but ur work is to do stiching work of my dress
swara- but i brought one jeans for u and shows him
sanky excited JEANS
swara yes
sanky but that will be very expensive why u brought
swara- ohh my bodhu freind u do not know about me i know many tricks
sanky- tricks
swara- when i went to shop at that time i put blue colour in my hand and when i was selecting i liked one jeans so i moved my hand on this jeans and asked shopkeeper

did colour of this jeans will vanish or not shopkeeper told no it will not vanish its my guarantee so i told him to show in water and when i rubed water on jeans that

that blue colour comes out and poor shopkeeper thought its colour is vanishing so i told him if he will give in200 rupees i will take it so h agreed, so my freind did

u liked my trick
by hearing this sanky laugh whole heartedly and says thank u i realy had one jeans which my malik gave and other u brought jeans but that jeans is tored at my knees

swara- give that jeans
sanky gives her jeans so she tores that jeans at 3-4 places and says sanky see it had become new with new fashion
sanky- wov u are amazing so freind i will give u party
swara- party wov how much money u have
sanky- 50 rs
swara- wov maja ajaega
think guys what will they do in 50rs to know that read story

guys i realy want to say that this story will revolve around there lives to whome we neglect u willl also see there dreams and antiques and u will realy love there

antiques and many antiques will be same as we do in our hostel and daily life so please read this story it is realuy different type

here lucky will be womaniser he used to buy girls from slum people he uses them for month and throughs sometime due to some reason he marries girls but gives divorce

after month after completing his lust
in this story u will realy love ragini character because her character will change from shy girl to courageous girl and many more

LUCKY- hey baby neha today u are looking very s*xy so we should start our work
neha- what is the need of asking
lucky takes deo sprays to his whole body and comes above neha
neha says from where this rotten egg smell is comming
lucky- ya
than smells increase and she get to know it is comming from lucky she jerks him and says u are smeliing like rotten egg so lucky smells and shouts ohh
ragini comes from door and says did u like my DO SPRAY of rotten egg smell, my handsome and beautiful husband so remember if u sleep with anyother girl than

consiquenses will be worst that this
lucky – how dare u to do, why u are behind me i want divorce why are u not giving, are u not afraind of my s*x tortures
ragini- when i did not want to marry u why u forcefully married me so live married life mister

guys raglak love story will start from there meeting marriage and etc
think guys why ragini is not giving him divorce and did u liked ragini’s bold avtar
how there love will blosson where lucky wants divorce to her and he do not like her and same with ragini to know read story
freinds do not think it is rona dhona love story these are happy happy love stories and u will realy love it because these storis will revolve around real life love


guys i wanted to ask one question please select one option which u prefer
1) should i make sanky rich by taking past that he was stolen by goons from a millioneer and he will become rich after 15 episode of story and u will realy love track

because u will know how a person feels if he becomes rich and it will affect his and swara’s relation and there will be more drama in this story after becoming rich,

did his family accept swara or what will happen
2) not to make him rich let him be poor only just make him middle class person

freinds if u realy have suggestion than please give to me i will realy work and please read story u will realy enjoy
NOTE- both pairs will be given equal importance

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey bhai owsm, sooooooo nice yrrrrr luved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n i would like to choose 2nd one b’coz dnt knw if he becomes rich he will feel that swara is a low caste, kya bharosa.

    1. Pathan

      ur thought is correct

      1. Yashasvi

        thxxxxxx, i knw….hehe. just joking

  2. wow..awsm ,superb,amazing intro.. btw when will u post next part?? And u go with option1..make sanskar rich…

    1. Pathan

      okk i will think

  3. Megha123

    Very new & ininteresting plot
    Make him rich & then continue
    Just waiting for the epi

  4. Pavani

    Its superb concept I don’t know u r really patan or not but that doesn’t matter ur concept is awsome nd I love rag much so liking to see her bold avatar nd I hope u will give equal imp to both

    1. Pathan

      ya i am pathan and my name is irfan pathan and thanks for liking my story and keep commenting i will give equal importance to both the pairs and u will see many shades of ragini

  5. Hi, make sanskar as a rich guy,but it did not affect our love,but little change in activities and habit, but he love swara will not be changed. Because slum people became rich,that time they character will be different, so it will be interesting, so that time he what kind of problem will be face its really nice to read.

    1. Pathan

      ya u will realy love it when he willl face problems when he will become rich

  6. Aasthu

    Hey Pathan…..I liked Rags bold avatar……….it’s very nyc………..Laksh deserves it………make Sanky rich………

    1. Pathan

      okkk please commenting

  7. raglak story seems interesting, I like ragini boldness

    1. Pathan

      ya there story has many up and down

  8. Hey awesome concept…..very nice….make sanky rich

    1. Pathan

      okkkkkkk ji

  9. Awesome
    Make sanskar rich
    Update swaragini love me soon

    1. Pathan

      thanxxxx keep commenting

  10. Great story concept for both SwaSan and RagLak. Can’t wait to read more xx

    1. Pathan

      thanxx and keep commenting

    1. Pathan

      thanxx and keep commenting

  11. Don’t make sanskar rich instead make swara rich….and sanskar shouldn’t know it after many episode sanskar should know about swara accidentally

    1. Pathan

      i likes ur suggestion and also implimented in story and keep commenting

  12. Y don’t you change laksh’s character as sanskar’s and ragin’s character as swara’s and laksh and ragin as servants of sanskar’s house and swara’s ……and doesn’t like this friendship so he should torture swara like hell

    1. Pathan

      freind my sister told that ther are many story hear in which sanky is womaniser so i took lucky as womaniser but do not take tention it will be interesting

  13. Hai it was awesome concept but I like prefer let sanky b middle class only coz in most of story they show like that only by within song r single episode so better show middle class life of day wages with full of love & happy..
    This kind of man (laksh) deserves a wife like ragini really how can a true man can force on woman then he need his punishment by his life of torture… I think the concept of raglak is whr laksh lust to rag & approach her then with his behavior she insulted him so for revenge he married & torture for some day & now trying to get divorce but now she is refusing to give it..
    Whatever but really loved the promo & u have every good & asking as for option by that u continue ur work means y dnt u do that both in 2 ff with ur 2option just my request then its Upto u…

    1. Pathan

      thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhh
      for ur beautiful and wonderfull comment and suggestion

  14. Pathan

    to make 2 ff i will ask to other people

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  16. Plz make him rich n I loved region avtar

  17. Just awsm…. Loved it…

  18. Nyc epi..

  19. Nyc epi….

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