SWARAGINI- love is a responsibility (Intro)

Hello everyone.. This is sathya..actually I was a good reader of SWARAGINI Limitless love but I really felt very bad when harini didi stopped it. I loved her plot very much and so I wanted to continue it.. I mean the same story but adding few cute moments. I will try my best to impress as many of you know the plot. I will start writing the fiction if I get positive comments..here after it will be updated as SWARAGINI- Love is a responsibility (as harini wanted to change)

thankyou…the story begins from episode eleven where piyush entered in ragini’s life.. I am not bothered about any comments as it will be not interesting anymore but as writing fictions is my passion so I will definitely update every episode..I found this to be a good platform where I can improve myself and share the ideas with you. Thank you for being patient to read the above matter and please do comment. Needed atleast ten..thank-you and love you all

Credit to: Sathya


  1. Veena(Vini Ross)

    My humble opinion is,better to write a new one,cos u can take the track in ur own style,I feel existing track will pose a lot of limitations, but,pls listen to ur heart and go ahead.

  2. sethooty

    Hi sathya , Sree harini is now continuing her fan fiction which was stopped. So there is no point to continue with same story. U plz start another one

  3. Sathya

    Actually I have uploded this one day before yesterday and I was updated now. I had already withdrawn the idea of writing as harini has stared and thank-you everyone for commenting especially veena di. Love you all

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.