Swaragini – love and rebel..


Scene 1 @gadodia house

A woman is praying wearing a red saree and all hairs open.she is sharmista along with hr a aged woman is also sitting she is in a traditional rajasthani look..she is dadi.they complete their puja and come in the courtyard..
Sharmishta~ maa main swaragini ko bula leti hu nashte ke liye..
Dadi- hey bhagwan ye dono ab tk so rhi h..
A room is shown which is beautifully decorated..two gals are sleeping on the bed covering their faces…
Sharmishta- swaragini utho bacha ..she pulls awY the blanket

Swaragini- haa maa aap chlo hm aate h ..
A girl is shown wearing short jumpsuit.and smiling ..she shakes her hairs she is swara..
She gets a call from her frnd nd she says that she wants her to meet smone and she says ok.

She wakes up n gets ready.she wears damaged jeans a white shirt a black coat.she has wore a black bracelet and straighten hr hairs .she is looking so smart.she comes and sits on the dining.
She is talking to her sister ragini who is also so glamorous.she is wearing a yellow suit.and made a puff.
Swara-maa aj mjhe der.hogi to chinta mat krna.
Sharmishta- thik h shona.

Scene 2 a cafe
Swara comes and tries calling her frnd.a handsome boy cums and does the same as swara.he is sanskaar
Their frnd is same and tells them about each other to.meet.they both reluctantly nods yes.
Swara- hi
Sanskaar-hi am sanskaar
Swara- hi me swara nyc to meet
Sanskaar- cum have a seat
They sit .
Sanskaar- u luking smart.
Swara- hmm..thnku
They talk so much and are lost
Aftr sumtym waiter comes fr tking order.
Sanskaar asks swara to order.
Swara orders.and Sanskaar appreciates the food .It becomes night.
Swara gets a call from home and tells to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar- ok shall I drop u if u don’t mind.
Swara- y not y not
Sanskaar opens the door for swara.
In car Sanskaar turns on the radio.and swara offs it .she says to talk rather than listening to radio..he nods and start talking.they reach badi and as swara comes from the car she gets stuck and falls.Sanskaar rushes to her .she is crying in pain.he takes her in his arms and rushes to hospital.doctor gives the medicine and asks her to rest.he takes her in arms and she sleeps.her lips are touching Sanskaar’s neck and lipstick marks can be seen.they reach baadi and Sanskaar puts her in the couch kept in the courtyard.she wakes up.Sanskaar is going.swara says from behind frndzz..Sanskaar says frndzz they both shake hands.


Sanskaar comes and laksh sees the marks and asks Sanskaar secretly
Laksh-q bhai aaj grmi le ke aaye ho kya..
Sanskaar-lucky kya bol rha h tu.
Laksh-chlo chlo ye lipstick sb bata rhi h
Sanskaar- kya lipstick ..
Laksh click a pic n shows to sanky.
Sanskaar-arre nhi bhai aisa kuch nhi h ..
Laksh sees the selfies in Sanskaar mobile and says- choice achi h..
Sanky smiles and says pta nhi yrr pr ussw door jaane ka man ni kr rha tha aaj. They both hug and laksh says all the best.

Precap- ragini and laksh love at first sight.swasan luv confession to their respective soul.

Credit to: alia

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