Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained


Hii guys… This is prateeksha. I have read many ff’s in this block but never had the guts to write a story of my own. But after seeing so many active participants, I always had an urge to write my own ff too but waiting for a good story to crop up in my mind. Now at last I got some ideas and thought to write a short story on it. Please I request you to comment so that I could have some courage to continue my work. Please bear my grammatical errors too…
Let’s start…

In one side…
A beautiful girl dressed in a sky blue long skirt and a baby pink top with curly hair is seen walking through a path with both sides covered with grass. It was a very fine morning with birds chirping which matches with the song hummed by the girl. She was in a very cheerful mode that makes the atmosphere a lot more pleasent than already it is.
She stopped in front of a large building bearing the name board XYZ ORPHANAGE written on it. As soon as she stopped in her track a group of small children came running towards her and she greeted them with her open hands. She was playing with all the children and is having a wonderful time with them.
In another side..
An handsome boy dressed in his blue Jean and tight t-shirt is trying to climb the compound wall of a huge mansion without anybody noticing him. Once he landed the ground he made sure that no one has seen him and tried to reach the door. After reaching he used the spare keys present with him to open the door but couldn’t. “O shit” he mumbled under his breath and took his phone out and started dialing it.

In one side…
A lady in her forties walked up to the girl and called out her name “Ragini”. (yes it is one of our female lead ragini). She turned around and smiled at the lady and called out to her “maa”.
Lady-Beta what are you doing here that too so early in the morning?
Rag-Maa, have you forgot that today is the first day of my college and I came here to meet my prince and princesses and to take your blessing.
Lady- yes beta I do remember it. But I thought that you would come only in the evening as you have to get ready for your college.
Rag-maa, have you forgot that every good thing in my life starts only from here with your blessing bcoz if it was not you and this place then I don’t know what I would have done.
The lady smiled at ragini and she gives her blessings to her.
(actually ragini was brought up in the orphanage and considers the orphanage head anupama as her mother. She currently resides in a hostel by working part time in a coffee shop for her daily needs. She visits the orphanage regularly and her every special day starts from the orphanage )
In other side…
“O God why he is not picking up the phone” said the boy. Suddenly the main door of the building gets opened and a lady stepped out of it with a Aarti thaal in her hand and get shocked seeing the boy.
Lady-laksh you???
(yes the boy is our laksh)
Lak-chachi please don’t shout or else I would get caught.
Lady-but when did you go outside as we saw you going to your bed after having your dinner
Lak-chachi wo… Actually I left for a party in midnight and if papa or mama gets to know about it I am dead. Please chachi please help me
(actually laksh is more pampered by Sujatha than ap and dp from the childhood so she
she couldn’t say no to his demand)
Suj – OK leave to your room before anybody could see you
Lak-chachi ur the best.
He was about to step inside but stop dead in his tracks. Sujatha also turned and gets shocked.

Precap:swasan introduction.

So guys did you like the introduction. As far the pairs concerned I don’t want you to wait because it is only swasan and raglak because they are my favorite and I love both of them equally. I try my level best to give equal importance to both the couple and if anyone finds as if I am swaying more to one side you can very well point it out to me. Sry for swasan fans. I promise that next introduction will be fully based on swasan.

Credit to: Prateeksha

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